Travel & Tourism Expert-How to become a Professional in 2022

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The travel and tourism industry in Dubai UAE is an ever-growing industry. People in their millions visit the city yearly due to the stunning architecture, beautiful sceneries, great shopping spots and other shopping sites. This boom in the Dubai tourism industry makes a travel agency business profitable. The government of Dubai has also put policies in place to ensure the growth of the travel and tourism industry and enhance its image all over the world by putting safe protocols everywhere to ensure the safety of its visitors. An earlier guide was published to help you understand the travel and tourism business better. Check this guide on Travel & Tourism Expert to get started.

What business activities can travel agencies in Dubai engage in?

  • Travel agencies in Dubai can:
  • Sell plane tickets
  • Provide accommodation to visitors
  • Sell tourist packages via websites.
  • Provide support during visa issuance
  • Create and market tourist packages through various channels

To establish an officially recognized travel agency in Dubai, you are required to have a travel agency license. Three types of travel agency licenses are issued in Dubai. The company owner will decide his preferred business activities and then apply for a license that suits the business activities best.

The licenses include:

  1. The travel agent license
  2. The inbound tour operator license
  3. The outbound tour operator license

1. The travel agent license

This type of tourist license legally allows you to sell airplane tickets outside the United Arab Emirates and provide visa support to clients. This type of license also allows you to book hotels and car rentals.

2. The inbound tour operator license

This type of license legally allows your travel agency to arrange local tourist trips. Arrange international exhibitions and arrange international conferences.

3. The outbound tour operator license

This type of license allows the travel agency to sell tourist services within and outside the country. The outbound tour operator license also allows you to arrange international conferences.

What are the documents needed to establish a travel agency in Dubai?

  • An application form
  • A clean criminal record certificate
  • A valid passport copy of the company owner
  • An economic and technical feasibility report for the project.
  • A No Objection Letter from the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • A work experience certificate

What are the requirements for a Dubai tourism license?

  • A travel agency must be established as a Limited Liability Company(LLC). Prior to June 1, 2021, a travel agency owner would have been mandated to find a local sponsor who will own 51% of the shares in the company but the UAE government has granted complete ownership to offshore companies. You can learn more about that
  • The manager of the travel agency is required to have a minimum of three years experience coupled with a bachelor’s degree or a five years certificate as a manager if the manager has a secondary certificate.
  • A travel agency with an inbound tour operator license has to receive an irrevocable bank guarantee from a bank in Dubai under the Department of Tourism’s name.
  • A travel agency with an outbound tour operator license must get an irrevocable guarantee of Dh 200,000 from a bank in Dubai under the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing’s name.
  • A travel agency that engages in all three business activities must get a bank guarantee of Dh 400,000.
  • The travel agency is required to get the approval of the Department of Civil Aviation.
  • A feasibility study is mandatory for tourist companies applying for an inbound or outbound tourist operator license.

What are the steps in getting a Dubai travel agency license?

  • Submit the name of your company to the Department of Economic Development(DED).
  • Fill the application form and ensure it is duly signed.
  • Once you receive approval, you will be given a form for a site inspection of whiv=ch you are required to supply all details about.
  • Notarisation of the Memorandum Of Association(MOA).
  • You are required to go to the Notary Public with your partners (if any) and sign the court agreement.
  • Ensure your tenancy agreement is ready.
  • You should receive your license once you have finalized the documentation process

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