Dubai Internet City Business Setup

TECOM Investments, a Dubai Holding subsidiary, owns Dubai Internet City (DIC). In October 1999, Dubai Internet City was established, and in October 2000, it opened its doors. Dubai Internet City is now one of the world’s leading technology business and community hubs, catering to high-tech companies and innovative start-ups that represent Dubai’s vision. The DIC directory has developed into a regional giant hub for innovative industrial companies. Although continuing to draw global brands, DIC freezone has laid out a roadmap to help startups and ambitious entrepreneurs drive innovation. After all, the in5 innovation center, a world-leading tech startup accelerator, is located in Dubai Internet City.

Thanks to Vigor Business Consultants Now, you can start your tech startup or business in the Dubai Internet City building. DIC freezone to benefit from the many support and infrastructure facilities that are accessible!

Advantages of set up your business in Dubai Internet City:

Some of the primary advantages of setting up a company in DIC Freezone is:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • No tax on the corporate income for 50 years
  • No tax on personal income for 50 years (guaranteed by law)
  • Freehold offices for sale and lease at competitive rates. Flexible office solutions
  • DIC has a pre-existing infrastructure geared towards information technology companies

Types of License to start your business in the Dubai Internet City Free Zone:

Some major types of business license you need for DIC Freezone Company Formation are:

  1. Software-related Activities could be related to installing, modifying parts of software, creating brand new software for any company commercial purposes. 
  2. Internet business activities involving the creation and/or distribution of web or multimedia material Distributing products or services over the internet, such as by offering an online forum and serving as an intermediary for several companies or individuals, are examples of other activities.
  3. Telecommunication and Network business activities relating to designing, installing, updating, and/or running networks, as well as offering similar facilities for operating network-based software or services for oneself or for others.
  4. E-Commerce license refers to activities involving the selling of individual services and goods to third parties through electronic media such as an internet search engine, portal, website, social media, and so on.
  5. IT business service activities include security solutions, translation, training, and organizational learning, as well as activities related to creating and/or delivering structured repeatable IT-based services.

To handle all the companies in Dubai Internet City license fees, we strive hard to make it the best for you.t

Business Setup in Dubai

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Setup your business in DIC

There are TECOM free zone company setup advisors in Dubai who are willing to answer your inquiries about the setup cost of Dubai Internet City or the documentation required for trade license renewal in Dubai (lest you need it in the future). It should not be forgotten, however, that they can be contacted by you to fully manage your DIC Freezone business setup. Before you open a firm in the Dubai free zone, they will make sure you have everything ready, including the amount of your Dubai Internet City license fees.

As a result, it is important to highlight that the best team should be in charge of your affairs, as this will either lead to success or failure when it comes to Dubai Internet City companies

Dubai Internet City company formation

Software businesses operating in DIC Freezone leverage on an active ecosystem and provide the ideal gateway to the Middle East and International markets. DIC is a world-class network created to aid in the growth of business for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) businesses.

Why choose us to open a company in DIC Freezone?

Our Business Consulting DMCC will help you take advantage of the chance to establish your business in DIC Free Zone. We will assist you in selecting the best corporate structure for your business and deciding on the most effective business opportunities, and ensuring that the business licensing process is smooth and is in line with UAE laws. Contact one of our experts in Business Setting Up to get an estimate for your free!

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