UAE Family Residence Visa

Dubai Family Residence Visa

A family visa will let you bring your immediate family with you and live all together in the UAE. The scope of the family member who is granted a visa and permitted to enter the country under a family visa varies according to the sponsor’s rank in UAE. Foreign professionals such as doctors, engineers and professors are entitled to bring their wives, children (including adopted) and parents with them on a UAE residence visa.

A Residence Visa in UAE, can be classified in four different types of visa that are issued to the foreign families living in UAE. The residence visa type you get depends on your relationship with the sponsor and with the UAE government. Each family visitor visa type is different from one another, when applying for a family visa you should consider which one suits your situation best. The family visa in UAE is issued for the spouse and children and not for another family member. The dependents may or may not have an occupation while residing in UAE; they are entitled to get education, medical aid and possess some valid documents. Before getting issued with a family visa in UAE you have to make sure that you fulfill all of these requirements. Know all the aspects as to what are the health and education documentation requirements to bring your family to UAE on a family visa. Additionally, you may also need to show financial proof of earning to support everyone residing in the UAE. The below-mentioned is a manual guide to help you in deciding whether UAE family visa is suitable for you and your family.

The principle of this visa type is that only families will get UAE family visas. In fact, a spouse or unmarried children won’t be allowed to join the resident and will be asked to go back to their home country. Managing Director of PwC, Middle East in a recent statement stated that a fresh amendment to UAE’s sponsorship law is refreshing news for expatriates who are keen to work in the Emirates and get their family settled. PwC experts anticipate that the fresh rules would be effective by July 2019 as per reports issued from Abu Dhabi. An expatriate resident has the right to sponsor a close relative or family member for their residence visa to the UAE. However, there are some limitations that need to be observed. This includes additional visa fees and competent roles not eligible for family residency. Effective 02/03/2019, the sponsor can now apply on behalf of employees irrespective of the job category. There is no restriction on how many dependents an expatriate employee can sponsor to the UAE. But, he/she must fulfill the requirements of his job category – that is either managerial, supervisory or lately professional.

A family member who is sponsored to Dubai can stay for up to 90 days. If the visa holder wants to extend his visa validity period in the UAE, he/she can do so upon paying a fee of AED 100/- per month for each dependent. The current law permits ages as old as 77 years old, while the revised legislation now accepts the age threshold to be 74 years. If the father is unable or unable to sponsor the children, the mother is permitted to sponsor the children.

Medical Fitness Test for Obtaining UAE Residence Visa

The residence visas are issued on the basis of the medical examination that is conducted by authorized medical centres in the UAE. These examinations can be done for an individual or for the entire family. The extent of the medical tests will depend on which visa category an application belongs to. The examination fees are also allocated according to different visa categories. To evaluate your eligibility and status, you are suggested to contact one of the authorized health centres listed below, and get your physical body checked by a UAE approved doctor.. A list of the health centres that conduct all required medical examinations for a UAE residence visa are posted on the MCIT’s website. The list includes the information about the location of each centre, the type of medical examination it conducts and also any other additional documentations that is required to be submitted along with the application, such as a blood test or an HIV test.

A UAE residence visa examination requires the applicant to undertake a series of medical tests which must be completed within a particular time frame. These tests should include blood group, HIV surface antigen, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis screening, urinalysis, chest X-ray and clinical examination. Eligibility to get a Medical Exam done include: – Passport must be valid for at least another 6 months after the completion of the visa application procedure – A duly filled and signed application form with the ‘No Objection Certificates’ from their employer, sponsor and their family doctor.

Documentation Requirement

Some of the basic list of documents which includes but are not limited too are as below:-

  • Children’s copy of passport
  • Wife’s copy of passport
  • Passport size photo of wife
  • Passport size photo of children
  • Wife’s medical approval certificate
    medical approval certificate of the children if they are above the age of 18.
  • Proof of the employment agreement of the husband and salary certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Occupancy agreement
  • Last month’s service bill
1- How to get a Dubai Business Visa or UAE Business Visa?

The following are the requirements for obtaining a Dubai business visa.

The applicant for a business visa should have specialized business experience. The applicant must demonstrate that he or she has prior business experience.

The applicant should either own or have owned a company in the past. This is recommended not mandatory. They should either have been a director, shareholder or a manager in the previous company. The applicant should present a history of being an owner of the company and actively managing it as well while maintaining a good track record.

Have plans or ideas for starting a company in the UAE. He or she should be willing to relocate to the United Arab Emirates in order to start a company. In the UAE, an applicant may apply for a business visa regardless of their country of origin and Vigor Business Setup and company formation consultants will help you ease the process.

2- What is the procedure to apply for a business Visa?

A Dubai-based incubator backed by the Emirates authority could approve the applicant's proposal. AREA2071 is the current incubator in Dubai. After the proposal has been approved, the applicant may complete the Visa application process on the Federal Identity for Identity and Citizenship website. The steps for submitting a visa nomination are outlined below.

Create an account on the official website, Golden Business Visa. 

Log in to your account after it has been created and begin the nomination process. If the visa candidacy is approved, the applicant will receive an email with a connection. Continue with the remaining steps, such as document submission, by clicking the same connection. In the event of non-acceptance, the applicant must repeat the entire process after a three-month cycle.

3- What happens during the process of getting a Business Visa?

The acceptance of the visa nomination enables the applicant to complete the remaining formalities on the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship's official website. After the website formalities are completed, the applicant will receive an email with the final instructions for obtaining a Business visa.

If the applicant is not based in the UAE, a temporary visa for a period of six months will be issued. The applicant will use this time to move to the UAE, learn about the business environment, and settle in. Prior to the expiration of the temporary visa, the applicant must convert it to permanent residency. During the process, the Vigor Business Setup Visa consultants will keep you updated and posted about the results and also assist you with any other requirements you may have.

What are some of the key advantages of getting a Business Visa?

The following are the two key benefits of obtaining a Dubai business visa:

  • The holder of a business visa may move to the UAE for a period of six months to complete business-related tasks.
  • The business visa is a multiple-entry visa. The company's senior employees may be nominated for citizenship by the Dubai business visa holder. It is possible to nominate up to three employees.
  • The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has established specific rules and regulations for dependent sponsorship. The visa holder is expected to follow the rules to the letter.

The Government of India provides a facility for the overseas workers/employees to sponsor their parents to come and live with them. The duration of stay is not fixed. The sponsor must pay the security deposit and other fees stipulated for the two parents of our overseas worker. The application to sponsor can be made only after respective parent get the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their concerned department/authority. The period of stay would be one year. After paying the security deposit for parents, their visa is sponsored by the employer and they will be allowed to stay in the UAE for one year.

The renewal is subject to the same conditions as for the initial visit. There are no conditions to the salary of an employer who is not the resident sponsor. Neither is there any condition as to whom the employer should be, and whether or not he should be a UAE national; however, the employee must possess a valid work permit. There are certain duties that a sponsor must fulfil which depend on what type of visa has been issued by the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department to the foreign employee, and whether or not the employee is employed in private or public sectors.

Minimum Annual Income Requirement for a salary-based Clearance Certificate is AED 20,000.00 per annum or Dhs 19,000.00 per month for Dubai Resident Sponsored Applicants. The above mentioned figures are gross annual salary including benefits i.e. leave, transportation allowance, medical insurance, and accommodation expenses etc.

AED 20,000/- and 19,000/-(exclusive of accommodation) for single and married expatriates respectively is the minimum income condition AED 20,000/- and 19,000/- (exclusive of accommodation) for single and married expatriates respectively

You can contact our Vigor Business Consultant agent who will help to get your family visa without any troubles. And you will be provided with a free consultation from our side. A chance to stay with their family members, relatives or friends in UAE is why many expats come to the country.