ZonesCorp Freezone

ZonesCorp, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports, is a multinational economic development organization based in Abu Dhabi. It is the market leader of purpose-built Economic Zones in the United Arab Emirates, having been founded by the Abu Dhabi Government in 2004. To boost the sustainability of UAE economic freezones, ZonesCorp collaborates closely with AD Ports’ industrial zones. The economic zones of ZonesCorp are organized into vertically integrated clusters in compatible industries that bring upstream and downstream companies together to enhance efficiencies, generate value chain benefits, and provide a forum for industrial growth incubation.

In terms of investors, ZonesCorp has experienced consistent growth. Its zones now house over 880 facilities, including some of the world’s most important industrial players in a number of industries. ZonesCorp has added Abu Dhabi Ports to its array of industrial and free zones, completing the business model provided to potential investors and attracting a new wave of investors. The zonecorp has been divided into three zones which are popularly known as ICAD 1, ICAD 2 AND ICAD 3. ZonesCorp’s cutting-edge infrastructure technologies and business-friendly climate help companies run more efficiently and at lower costs.

We deliver a wide variety of plot setups at affordable leasing rates. For all industries, a consistent supply of water, electricity, and gas is essential. Zonecorp Freezone provide our investors with a continuous supply of these utilities at market-competitive rates. All goods made in our zones are duty-free in the GCC and all other countries that have ratified the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement. Companies and workers can also gain from income tax exemptions, duty exemptions on raw material imports, and free repatriation of earnings. Although we are constantly looking for ways to improve our zones’ operating costs. Some of the key advantages of creating a business setup in Abu Dhabi within ZoneCorp Freezone are:- 

  • Tax-free income with no restrictions on repatriation of profits
  • Import duty exemptions on machinery and raw materials
  • Tariff-free access to more than 22 countries across Asia, Europe and MENA
  • Competitive lease and utility rates
  • 3 month rent free period
  • + 3 month deferred payment
  • Lease rate: AED 125/- per sqm.

Zonecorp freezone provides extensive value-added services to our clients, fostering efficiencies and encouraging collaborations. Some of the services include:

  • Land services (Including: New land application, Land reservation, land modification and land cancellation)
  • Utilities – Power, Gas and Water (Including: New applications, upgrade and downgrade options)
  • Engineering services (Including: site planning, plot levelling and demarcation, site visits, review and approval of architectural plans, soil testing, and Building Permits)
  • Worker Residential Cities Services (Including: planning , tenancy agreements, land awarding, permanent / temporary worker accommodation, construction permits, quality control)
  • Foreign Labour Services (Including: fast tracking of paper work and approvals)

During project conceptualization, set-up, construction, and operation, Vigor Business Setup and Company formation services provides fully equipped one-stop Investor Services Center and Foreign Labour Services Division serve our investors’ end-to-end needs. Vigor Business Services provides expedited government approvals for all necessary certifications and industrial licenses, as well as in-house international labor services to expedite the hiring process. At Vigor business setup, we strives to make the process of starting a company in the UAE as simple as possible so your company is established within days and your business is ready to start. Most notably, our clients can rely on us to provide guidance and assistance anytime they need it, and we will do whatever we can to help you succeed for your company formation. 

ZonesCorp Freezone