Dubai Science Park / Dubai Energy and Environment Park

Dubai Biotechnology and Analysis Park is a free zone dedicated to devices improvement and research. Employees are involved in pilot tasks and public awareness campaigns to stimulate the development of the sector. To this finish, one venture entails manufacture of solar avenue lamps which might be employed off-grid utility via their workforce registered employer PTL Solar in cooperation with Enpark.

It is also a member of TECOM Investments Science Cluster and aims to provide research, development, manufacturing, construction and sales of high quality clean energy products such as solar power systems and also to develop new solutions for social and environmental issues. We undertake research projects with our corporate partners in order to endorse the applications of renewable energy. Enpark is a one-of-a-kind business-to-business office park being developed by Dubai Science Park in the area of Dubailand. The new innovative park will be among the most advanced business districts in the Middle East and North Africa.

It will meet the modern requirements of the commercial market, property sector, educational institutions and research labs in a world-class location. We provide space and support for scientists and engineers, a research study facility, innovation programs and facilities, as well as the ability to collaborate with main business and academic partners. Today, Dubai Science Park offers the ideal functioning surroundings for technology based companies and start-up firms, who may not wish to develop in the congested city or remote industrial areas. Every one of these organizations will have direct access to the UAE market – the best possible environment to grow and promote innovation.

The Business Friendly Freezone of Enpark is an economic free zone purposefully built to provides easy and innovative ways for foreign investors to do business. The applicants will also enjoy most other benefits commonly provided by freezones around the world such as relaxed licensing requirements, no income or corporate taxes for 20 years and zero-duty import of machinery through customs duty within freezone. As Enpark is a free zone so it offers 100% tax-free ownership, full repatriation of profits and capital, no currency limitations, comfortable leasing & licensing, speedy visa processing, intellectual property protection.

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Dubai Science Park