Definitive Guide on How to Start an Online Educational Business in Dubai

How to Start an Online Educational Business in Dubai
How to Start an Online Educational Business in Dubai

Online education in the UAE has a sparkling future. Thus, this makes it easy for investors to start an online education business in Dubai, as there are more demands for education in the country. A recent survey disclosed that, on averagely, 83% of employees in Dubai would leave their offices to seek better training opportunities. Therefore, if you’re an expert in any in-demand subject, starting an online course in Dubai would be excellent.

However, it is neither hard nor complex to start a business in Dubai; what you’ll need to do is follow the laid down procedures for business set up in Dubai. That’s said; the following are solid ways you can use to start an online educational business in Dubai;

  • Look for a company to set up a partner.
  • Select the online educational model for your business
  • By use of KHDA rules, choose a business name
  • Register your online academic business
  • Choose an appropriate location
  • Get an online education business license
  • Promote your Online Business

Similarly, the online education business is becoming more popular in universities and colleges in Dubai. In fact, Theophilus K. Gokah, in his article, E-Learning in Higher Education– Opportunities & Challenges for Dubai, proposed that factors such as advanced infrastructure, government initiatives, changes in demographic profile, and an increase in IT in Dubai are the main factors that contribute to the expansion of online education in the UAE.

To Theophilus’s study, it is a trustworthy online educational business and is one of the most profitable businesses you can ever think to start in Dubai. However, it might seem easy to execute Dubai’s entire business setup process. Still, this might be one of the hellish experiences when legal matters are involved, especially if you are a foreigner.

Online Educational Business
Online Educational Business

Therefore, you are not alone if you wonder how you’ll maneuver your way out and master all the legal requirements needed for a business setup in Dubai. The majority of foreign business investors find themselves in this mess. Nonetheless, Vigor Company Formation in Dubai comes in handy to help all businesses set up in Dubai to have a successful business as they start their company Dubai.

We have a professional consultant armed with all the relevant skills to help you execute and guide your business on the proper procedures to comply with the UAE rules and regulations. The only secrete to a successful business setup in the UAE is to adhere to their policies in a different jurisdiction.

How do you start a successful online educational business in Dubai? Several investors interested in the online academic business are looking forward to getting a solution to this problem. And so, before we discuss some of the points to look into when starting an online business, here are noteworthy points that might help you understand this business in-depth.

  1. Advantages of starting an Education related Business in the UAE
  2. Requirements for a Teaching License
  3. Where to Situate Your Online Educational Business
  4. Documents required to start an online education business in Dubai
  5. Cost of starting an online educational business in Dubai

Advantages of creating an Education related Business in the UAE

There are myriad benefits to venture into the educational sector in the UAE. With an increasing number of students looking out for better studies, online education has become in the limelight for everyone who wants to seek additional training in a particular field.

However, beyond the growing nature of students in Dubai, the following are some of the reasons why you should start an online educational business in Dubai;

Conducive Business Environment in Dubai

Needless to say, Dubai has been deemed the land of endless business opportunities. Additionally, it comes with improved infrastructure, making it easy to start a business and push it to the next level.

In addition, Dubai has an increasing population, especially of different nationals. Thus, this makes the demand for education increase at a supersonic speed.

Simple and Easy Processes of Starting a Business

The regulatory bodies in the UAE have simplified and made starting a business in Dubai so easy. In fact, the ministry of education in the UAE imposed a legislature for establishing a teaching licensing system to ensure that all institutions are managed and conducted correctly.

Increase number of Foreigners in the UAE

There is no other country with a large number of expatriates like the UAE. In fact, there are over 200 different nationals that constitute almost 85% of the total population in the UAE. Therefore, starting a business in the UAE tends to be profitable due to the large number of people living in the country who will need various services.

Other benefits of starting a business in Dubai might include the following;

  1. Government intervention
  2. 100% company ownership, especially in the Free Zones
  3. The strategic location of the city

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Requirements for a Teaching License

Are you aware UAE has its licensing system for teachers? Therefore, if you want to become a teacher in Dubai, you must familiarize yourself with some of the licensing requirements to be safer with the UAE authorities.

And so, for you to be deemed a qualified teacher in the United Arab Emirates, you must have an authentic Bachelor’s degree or have studied for 4-years in the university in this field. This rule caters for both private and public schools located in the UAE.

 Other requirements for a teaching license include the following;

  • Genuine educational certificates
  • Proof of medical fitness certificate from reputable UAE healthcare
  • A criminal clearance record

The best place to apply for a teaching vacancy in Dubai is through the Ministry of Education’s Job Portal. On the other hand, it is recommended to reach out to the school administrator for private school job applications. They’ll send your details to the Ministry of Education in the Northern emirates. Similarly, you can also ship to KDHA if you miss the Ministry of Education.

Where to Situate Your Online Educational Business

This is one of the subtle moves to execute when starting a business in Dubai. One of the best things about the UAE is that it provides all investors in Dubai a place to choose for their business setup. Therefore, according to the nature of your business, you’ll have to locate your business either in Dubai Mainland or Free Zone.

These are the two possible zones you can place your business. However, each zone comes with specific rules and regulations. Also, the jurisdiction governing them is different. So, how will you know you’re fit to start a business in Free Zone or Dubai Mainland?

Startups might find it hard to acquaint them with everything needed in those zones. If you’re the one, worry less. We at Vigor Business Set up in Dubai assist aspiring investors in launching their business and achieving all the pro services needed in their business journey. Feel free to reach out to our expert consultant to help you with your business banking activities, licensing application, documentation and other company paperwork.

Therefore, getting a helping hand might help you make a prudent decision on where to start your business solely on your business model, mission and activities in your company.

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Documents required to start an online education business in Dubai

When applying for an educational business setup in the UAE, you’ll be compelled to come along with some of the documents to measure the standards needed by the UAE authorities. Thus, look for no other documents; here are the particulars needed;

  • Passport copies
  • A KHDA letter of approval
  • An appropriate visa
  • Mainland company or Free zone application form
  • Tenancy contracts for your office space
  • Shareholder certificates
  • Memorandum of association

Cost of starting an online educational business in Dubai

The general rule for starting an online business in Dubai is roughly 15,000 AED and 50,000 for all initial costs and licensing fees.

However, the cost of starting an educational business in the UAE might differ depending on the materials needed for construction, and the instruction in place, among other factors. Other items you’ll want to consider include;

  • Software licenses
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Content creation
  • Buying of educational material
  • Internet connection
  • The hiring of other employees

However, to have a precise cost of starting an education business in Dubai, get in touch with Vigor business setup in Dubai for more information.

Education Business in Dubai
Education Business in Dubai

Proven Steps to Start an Online Education Business in Dubai

If you’ve decided to start an educational business in Dubai, the process is straightforward. Check them out;

Look for a company to set up a partner

Seeking help from a business company partner in Dubai is always the easiest step. A partner in Dubai will help you with form filling and other relevant items needed when submitting your business application form.

Additionally, a company partner will help you speed up your application process, unlike applying without anyone’s help in the UAE.

Select the online educational model for your business

Once you’ve secured a partner to help you conduct all the company set-up application process, it is high time to choose a business model for your educational business. Note you must select a model that tallies your business activities.

Thus, the UAE allows you to choose either a sole proprietorship, LLC or any other model permitted in Dubai.

By use of KHDA rules, choose a business name.

Choosing a business name is not a no-brainer as far as UAE naming conventions are concerned. Your business name must comply with KHDA rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education in Dubai.

Therefore, if you are on a low budget, you can conduct background research to find out what’s needed in the UAE in terms of business name. On the flip side, seeking help from a professional consultant might also do you good.

Register your online educational business

Once you’ve selected your business name, you’ll need to register your online education business following the KHDA policies.

After the company’s registration, follow the following steps to complete your business set-up journey;

  • Select either a Dubai Mainland or Free zone
  • Get an online education business license
  • Promote your Online Business

For more information about starting a business in Dubai, Contact Vigor Business Set Up Company Formation in Dubai.

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