UAE Employment Visa

Open your door to the world of freelancing with the Dubai freelancer permit. This license is perfect for those who are on a spouse or parent’s visa and only need a freelance permit to work as an independent person to carry out their business in Dubai or Business in UAE. The freelance permit is issued to applicants who do not require sponsorship from a company or employer. In addition to the freelance permit, freelancers will also be required to obtain a trade licence and professional registration to operate in Dubai. This will ensure that you have the maximum amount of support with regards to insurance, taxation and other essential areas. If you’re looking to apply for a freelance permit in Dubai.

The Vigor Business Consultant and Vigor Visa Experts Freelance Visa team will walk you through the application process. The process is very straightforward and takes only a few minutes to submit an online application. Once your application has been approved, we deliver your freelance permit and accompanying eligibility letter to your home or office within 10 days of receipt of payment. We then monitor the renewal of your licence twice a year and notify you one month in advance as required by law so that you can plan ahead with peace of mind. Those who do not have the financial support of their parents or spouses can apply for a freelance visa in Dubai, which is a three-year residency permit that enables them to live and work in the emirate. Some of the key sectors in which you are capable of obtaining a freelancer visa are in education which is sponsored by Dubai Knowledge Park, media which is sponsored by Dubai Media City and technology sector which is sponsored by Dubai Internet City.

In Dubai, getting a freelance permit and visa has many advantages. For starters, it gives you the freedom to work for a variety of businesses. If you’d like to work in any of the above-mentioned fields but don’t want to work a 9-to-5 job, to become a freelancer in Dubai might be the best option. Furthermore, since a freelance visa in Dubai is so inexpensive, you can charge even less for your services. Setup costs are much lower with the GoFreelance kit, and there is no need for office space, enabling more freelancers to focus on its core competencies. You can bring family members to live with you in Dubai if you have a freelance visa. Keep in mind, however, that your freelance permit and visa do not allow you to hire people. In Dubai, obtaining a GoFreelance license and a freelance visa is now an easy process involving just a few steps. To obtain a freelance visa in Dubai, you must first apply for a freelance permit or license in the emirate.

Some of the Basic Documents required from your end in order to obtain a freelancer visa includes:

  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae of your professional career.
  • Passport Size photograph with a white background.
  • A minimum Validity of your visa for 8 months along with 1 year validity of your passport.
  • A reference letter from the bank maybe required to prove your financial capability.
  • A UAE sponsor, be it from a company, family or others must provide you with No-Objection Certificate.

A specific requirement for working within education sector would be to provide a proof of some form of academic credentials and approved locally by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For a media company, you will have to showcase some form of portfolio of creative artis and work. You may be able to obtain a no-objection certificate from your parent or spouse’s sponsor in order to get a visa. The certificate is needed to prove that you are financially supported by the person you live with before applying for the visa. However, this will not save you any time if you are already on a work permit obtained through your sponsor. You will still need a NOC in order to apply for it. Whether you are a visa holder in Dubai and need support with immigration and work permits, or a company that wants to hire a freelance worker in Dubai, we can help. Our expert team of Vigor Business Consultants, Company Formation and Business Setup team and consultants are available to assist you with any question that you may have about your move or employment here in Dubai.

Some of the other cities where you can also apply for a freelancer vise is in Ras Al Khamiah Economic Freezone commonly known as RAKEZ, and in Fujairah Creative City which is also a popular freezone and in Ajman Free Zone AFZA.

Some of the major concerns or questions revolving around being a freelancer in UAE or having a freelancer visa are addressed below:

What is the meaning of having Freelance Visa in Dubai or UAE?
A freelancer visa gives you the liberty to conduct your own business at your will within the jurisdictions and laws of UAE. It is like an official visa just like your residency permits and allows your to sponsor your family easily as well. It is a low cost visa on your budget to dip your feet into the business in UAE.
Is freelancing legal within UAE laws?
Yes, UAE laws have made it flexible for any individual to do freelancing work officially without fearing of being in the grey area. You can register yourself in the mainland or within any freezone in UAE and become an official freelancer in the UAE and perform your business. The most example is of becoming a consultant, make-up artist, chef and so on while ensuring all legal licensing procedures are carried out as per the laws in UAE.
How easy to get the freelancer visa Dubai or anywhere else within UAE?

It is a simple, easy and straight forward process which can be easily explained by our Vigor business consultants as well. The individual has to decide whether he wishes to purse his freelancing skills within freezone or mainland, apply for the right license as per their activities, pay the required amount of fees and get started immediately after having all your documents approved. The process can last within 2-3 business working days and our Vigor Business Setup consultants will ensure everything is in the right order hassle free.

Are there any special taxes which needs to be paid once you become a freelancer?
No, there is no special tax bracket that you fall into if you wish to become a freelancer in Dubai or freelancer in UAE. The usual 5% VAT is applicable as per customs and duties set forth by Dubai Customs and you can officially charge 5% VAT as well to all your clients. This will just like a regular business license in UAE with few limitations. As per the UAE VAT Laws, your business is supposed to be registered and taxes collected needs to be paid forward if you cross the minimum threshold of 375,000 AED per annum.
Will I be able to open an official UAE Bank account once I get my freelancer visa?
At the moment, you can only open an official bank account if you were to open a company with Ajman Free Zone (AFZA). However, you are free to operate from a personal UAE bank account as well if you wish too.