Start a Poultry Farm in the UAE; Complete Guide by Vigor Business Set-Up

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Are you an industrious farmer looking for a lucrative place to start a poultry farm? Starting a poultry business is a profitable idea you can embrace, especially in Dubai. In fact, the poultry products in the UAE fulfill roughly 50% of the demand. Therefore, starting a poultry farm in Dubai needs subtle procedures and structures to execute the entire process.Thus, if this is your longing to start a poultry business in Dubai, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the poultry business in this guide. Our expert at Vigor Business Set-Up has done thorough research to help you follow the proper steps when launching your poultry business in the UAE. The following is what you need to know to launch a successful poultry business;

  • Choosing the Plot
  • Business Name Approval by DED
  • Plot examination by the Dubai Municipality
  • Obtain a Trading License
  • Approval by an Expert Veterinary Doctor

When followed to the latter, the points mentioned earlier will successfully land you a productive business in the UAE. However, how can you start a business if you know not what it entails? According to Mitra, Arpita, “Poultry Farming: Prospects and Impediments in India.” Poultry farming is a type of animal husbandry that deals with domesticated birds kept primarily for eggs and meat production.

The article suggests chickens are the most reared birds because of their low-income startup and better profits with chicken rearing. Thus, it goes without saying, starting poultry farming in Dubai is one of the best decisions you would have made this year. Nonetheless, with lots of paperwork and documentation, you may need an expert consultant to guide you through the aisle of this business setup journey in Dubai.

Thanks to our professional consultants at Vigor Business Set-Up, who are well-informed, will all matters on how to start a business in Dubai. You can reach out to us and enjoy the success of your business. That’s said; let’s discuss in-depth the steps to start a successful poultry farm in the UAE;

Steps to Start a Poultry Business in UAE

Choosing the Plot

One of the appropriate steps to consider first is the location of your poultry farm. You’d want to scrutinize many things before choosing a location, such as the measurements of your poultry structure, the land’s topography, and more.

Also, the drainage pattern of the land is super essential to examine before settling on a specific place to put your poultry farm. However, you can set your business in an urban area, near a public road, or a public area.

Additionally, sometimes it can be hard to zero in the mapping and the topography of the land if you are not competent enough to do so. In this case, you can literally hire a professional to guide you on the best part to take.

Therefore, after setting up your farm successfully, the land must be approved by the Municipality Environment Department for poultry farming in Dubai.

Business Name Approval by DED

Once the Municipality Environment Department approves your plot, you are set to register your poultry business name. In case your business is located on Dubai Mainland, you can register it via the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. On the flip side, you can locate a possible jurisdiction provided your business is located in Free Zone.

Plot examination by the Dubai Municipality

This comes after you’ve registered your plot; found an ideal location for your business, and half of the process is catered for. Therefore, when all this is done, you should inform the Municipality to examine your land according to the rules and regulations of the Municipality Environment Department in Dubai.

Plot examination by the Dubai Municipality is out to prepare your business to start production.

Obtain a Trading License

As a business investor, you must understand the UAE policies concerning the business market. Generally, you can’t start a business in Dubai without having a professional business license. Therefore, to start a poultry business in the UAE, you must secure a professional poultry trading license.

Generally, a poultry trading license will permit you to conduct your poultry business activities either in Dubai Mainland or the Free zone.

Approval by an Expert Veterinary Doctor

Unlike other businesses set up in Dubai, the poultry business must be approved by a specialized veterinary doctor to start its production. Therefore, you’re compelled to appoint a veterinary doctor who has passed the Health Authority examination in the UAE.

If, in any case, you encounter difficulties appointing a vet doctor for your business approval. Contact us, and we will help you secure a vet to get your business up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions about Poultry Farms in the UAE

How much investment is required to open a poultry farm?

The poultry business is always considered a capital-intensive business. Therefore, many factors will determine the amount of capital to invest in a poultry farm, such as the scale and size.

And so, the amount needed might range from Rs. 5,000 crores to Rs. 10,000 crores.

How much does it cost to start a commercial poultry farm?

Building a poultry farm in Dubai from scratch might be expensive. Therefore, a Vigor Business Set-Up single unit might roughly cost $200,000 to $280,000 and above. This might incorporate equipment, construction, plumbing, preparation, and more.

How much profit does a poultry farm make?

Generally, you’ll be expecting a monthly income of roughly $2 000 if you have a considerable number of layers on your poultry farm.

Which poultry farming is most profitable?

The most profitable poultry businesses you can enroll in Dubai include the following;

  • Chickens; chicken rearing is the most profitable poultry business with the low investment you can Vigor Business Set-Up embrace in Dubai. Due to the in-demand for meat and eggs, chicken rearing popped out through the clutter of all poultry farming to subscribe in the UAE.
  • Turkey; turkey rearing is another poultry business to start in Dubai. It comes with a low-income anyone can afford.

Final Thoughts about Poultry Farm in the UAE

Poultry farming is a lucrative and good business to start in Dubai. With the help of Vigor business set up company formation, we will help you structure your business following all the rules and regulations established in the Dubai marketplace.

Why not give it a try!