How to Choose the Best VAT Consultant in Dubai-Simple Facts You Should Know

How to Choose the Best VAT Consultant in Dubai
How to Choose the Best VAT Consultant in Dubai

One of the most frightening things in any small or big organization is filing returns, finances, and managing tax-related issues. Therefore, with all the technicalities involved in redesigning tax-related issues in a company, business owners are compelled to find the Choose the Best VAT Consultant in Dubai in to handle their company transactions.

If you’re looking forward to hiring the best VAT consultant for your company, we got you covered. In this article, you’ll get the simple facts you should adhere to when selecting the best consultant for your business.

Additionally, we at Vigor Business Set Up in Dubai ensure smooth and productive business growth for our clients. You can contact our professional consultant to help you choose the best consultant for your business setup in the UAE. However, the following are the best tips you can use when selecting the best VAT consultant in Dubai;

  1. Company’s Reputation
  2. The legitimacy of the firm/consultant
  3. Expertise
  4. Their Customer Support Towards Clients
  5. Budget

You must acquaint yourself with the above tips because you’ll be required to select one of the best tax consultants to handle your transaction in Dubai. And so, ever since VAT was introduced in Dubai, you must comply with VAT rules and regulations in the UAE for the success of your company.

This makes it compulsory for all business investors in the UAE to know a few things about value-added tax through their tax consultant. Additionally, an increase in business opportunities in Dubai leads to the emergence of many VAT consultants in the vat marketplace. Thus, without the beautiful experience needed to hire the best tax consultant, you might ruin your business a deal.

To solve this problem, the best consultant will be required to manage your company’s transactions appropriately. Nonetheless, how will you know this is the best tax consultant for your business?

Let’s dive in;

How to Choose the Best VAT Consultant in Dubai

Before you familiarize yourself with the best tips to choose tax-related consultants in Dubai, what is a VAT?

Typically, Value Added Tax, commonly abbreviated as VAT is an indirect tax imposed on goods and services across different countries in the world including UAE. That means; the value-added tax is always charged on suppliers’ commodities purchased and sold at every step of the supply chain.

Therefore, in this case, the government will collect the money from the company when customers purchase or sell their goods and services.  After this, you’ll get a receipt reflecting all the activities done plus the value-added tax of each item.

Now that you know what VAT entails, here are the best ways to select a super VAT consultant for your company’s transaction this year;

Company’s Reputation

The reputation of the company is one of the best ways you could implement when choosing the right VAT consultant for your company’s business transactions. Talking of reputation you can consider things such as the company’s performance, both online and offline reviews from those who’ve worked with the firm in Dubai.

You’ll be forced to ask some of your neighbors or friends to get authentic reviews that will help you gauge the performance of the Choose the Best VAT Consultant in Dubai firm. Remember, a slight mistake in your tax-related issues might lead to huge destruction in your entire business.

Therefore, it is advisable to ask about the performance and the company’s reputation before choosing any consultant to work with. If this seems an uphill task, you can liaise with our professional business consultant at Vigor to guide you on the right procedures.

The legitimacy of the firm/consultant

This is another important aspect you’d want to deem fit when planning to recruit a tax consultant for your company. How legit the company is matters a lot since the consultant will be dealing with your company’s transactions.

Therefore, you’d want to find out if the company or the consultant you want to select is approved or licensed by the UAE authorities. The license in most cases accords the company honorable credibility to its clients in the marketplace.

Thus, it is important to select a licensed company because it is illegal to deal with an unlicensed company in the UAE.


Who would you prefer to handle your company’s transaction, an experienced VAT consultant or a beginner in this field? As far as we know, hiring beginners in this field is not a problem; however, will you trust them with your company’s financial transactions?

Generally, several companies will prefer to hire an expert tax consultant to manage their financial records because of the experience they have in this field. Another added advantage of professional consultants is that they can advise you on some of the best ways to handle your VAT or tax-related issues within your company.

That means; the professionalism of the company is a grave matter to have in mind before hiring them. Thus, you can check their educational credential such as the CPA, accounting, and finance Bachelor’s degree the consultant holds for the position.

Their Customer Support towards Clients

Selecting a VAT firm for your business transactions comes in handy with the customer supports it offers its clients. Customers are always jovial when they get full attention from the company or individual even after completing the given tasks.

Therefore, the customer support of the company plays a monumental role to determine the type of VAT Consultants Every Business firm to work within your company. Generally, some might complete the assigned tasks and never be seen again.

Thus, checking how reliable the company’s services are will help you get a clear picture of whether their customer support is super good or not.


The cost of a VAT company consultant is another factor you need to put into consideration. Different companies come with a certain figure depending on their skills and other factors that might lead to either a consultant being expensive or cheap.

All said and done, as a business owner, you need to select a consultant who suits your business budget. Don’t look for an expensive company just because they provide remarkable services when you can’t afford their cost.

However, these factors might be hard to execute, especially if you are a beginner. If you want help choosing the Choose the Best VAT Consultant in Dubai for your business, you can reach out to our expert consultant at Vigor to help you in every step of your business setup in Dubai.