IT Business Setup in UAE- Where and How to Start Today?

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If you have been an expert in the Information Technology sector and are planning to establish your own IT company based in Dubai, this might be the perfect time for you to start your IT Business Setup in UAE . The IT industry in Dubai and the UAE, in general, has been booming and has left an everlasting impression especially in the year 2020. Even in the face of the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus, the IT industry in Dubai has proven itself to be resilient and has stayed strong. This industry was one of the first sectors that were able to audible to the ‘new normal.

Why it’s important to establish your own IT business in UAE, Dubai?

Establishing your own IT Business Setup in UAE, Dubai might just be the answer to your questions. The UAE and its free zones offer state-of-the-art advanced infrastructure conducive for setting up an IT company. The modern working ecosystem in Dubai and the free zones make it almost too easy for IT companies to flourish. As a software company in Dubai, you can have multiple business relationships and activities both locally and internationally to start IT Business Setup in UAE. You can easily form a tech company that focuses on app development. You can choose to establish an IT company that specializes in biotechnology, finance, cryptocurrency, stocks, trading, and a whole lot more. Your options are endless. The ultimate decision now is where to open your IT business?

Where to Set Up Your IT Start-Up?

A crucial decision to make is the location of your IT company. There are practically 2 major options: Dubai mainland and the free zones. Although there are more than 30 free zones in the UAE, it is good to note that most of the free zones will offer the same benefits with some minor specializations. The notable difference, therefore, is establishing a business in the mainland or the free zone.

Mainland IT business setup requires a local partner or a sponsor that owns 51% of the company. Business in Dubai mainland is fast-paced and you need to be on your toes at all times to compete with other business establishments. The opportunities are endless as well in the mainland because it is the central hub and the heart of the UAE. You will be able to connect with local business clients but have to incline your business towards an international outlook.

On the other hand, setting up an IT company in one of the free zones is advisable for startups. It is cost-effective compared to the mainland business setup. Each free zone will have its legal framework and you will have to adhere to their requirements before operating in the area.

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Top 3 Best Free Zones for an IT Company:

You can establish your software company in any free zone in the UAE.  But these three are top favorites of IT companies as they offer advanced and state of the art technology.

1. Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (or the DSO). The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority is a free zone in the UAE that is specifically designed to have a hi-tech ecosystem. It offers a wide range of technoparks and considers the ONLY technopark in the UAE that has a living and working integrated community. It boasts of the low cost of operations for businesses, state-of-the-art infrastructure, Tier 3 data center facilities and you can fast track your business set-up.

2. Dubai Techno Park. This free zone is another top pick for IT companies. IT was established in 2003 and has been growing as a technology sector of the Emirates ever since its establishment. It has a 21 million square feet area. There are 133,000 employees to date. This tech hub is home to different MNCs which specialize in technology, innovation, and tech research. It is located between the Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali seaport.

3. Dubai Internet City. The name speaks for itself. This free zone is Dubai’s leading zone when it comes to technology. It is home to more than 1600 companies. Amidst the unprecedented global disruption last 2020, the free zone was still able to host GITEX Technology Week 2020 which showcased how technology has supported the region and how technology will reshape the future of Dubai post-pandemic.

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All you have to do now is take your pick as to where you want to establish your IT business. Dubai and its free zones company formation have always been friendly to investors and start-up companies who are willing to take the chance of establishing a business in the country.