Business Setup in SHAMS Free Zone

Sharjah Media City (Shams) was founded in January 2017 as a hub for the growth and development of creative and media businesses. Shams Freezone Sharjah covers a broad array of business activities accessible for those wishing to start their entrepreneurial venture in the UAE, with the aim of being a world-class media center for creative facilities and services. It provides business licenses for a wide range of business operations at very low costs. In a short period of time, this Freezone’s popularity has spread across borders, and it now houses businesses from over 160 countries.

Key advantages of Sharjah Media City (Shams) Freezone

Some of the key advantages of setting up a company in SHAMS are as below:- 

  • The minimum cost without a visa is AED 8,050
  • Various choice of different business activities ranging from service, trading, industrial. 
  • The only free zone where you can get 6 visas for the shared desk option
  • No Minimum Deposit is not required
  • SHAMS free zone doesn’t restrict based on any age. 
  • A physical presence isn’t required for you to set up a company. 
  • Easy Appointment of Corporate Directors and Corporate Managers for your enterprise
  • The entire business setup and company formation can be done online. 
  • All your official documentation upon completing KYC will be issued within 3-4 business days subject to approvals. 
  • Companies can easily be formed as limited liability companies or LLC. 
  • Housed strategically in the heart of business in UAE hub location. It is 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 5 minutes from Sharjah Airport
  • 100% foreign ownership in Sharjah Free Zone
  • 100% duty exemption for import and export of all goods
  • 100% exempted from all commercial deductibles by the state government
  • 100% repatriation on capital invested and profits gained

Major Categories of SHAMS Freezone License

The 3 major categories of license you can hold within SHAMS are as below:

  1. Service license:- allowing you to create, re-create, turn, and distribute various types of services The provision of services as a primary purpose and the use of products to deliver a service are also protected by the service license.
  2. Industrial license:- You might start a company that deals with merchandise making, re-production, restructuring, and manufacturing.
  3. Trading License:- Selling goods inside the Shams Freezone or importing and exporting goods are both options. Movement of products, wholesale and retail sales of goods, and the making of services related to the selling of these goods are all covered by the trade license. The final stages in the delivery of products are wholesale and retailing.

Get Supporting Services for SHAMS Freezone Company Setup

Vigor Business Setup and company formation services can help you with the following:

  • Company formation application form preparation & Submission
  • Document Attestation & legal translation
  • Chamber of commerce, notary, foreign affairs attestation
  • Company Establishment Card and Immigration Clearances
  • Residence Visa and Emirates ID of the investors and employees
  • Sponsorship Visa Cancellation and company de-registration
  • Customs Registration and obtaining required clearances for trading
  • Amendments and Renewal of Trade License
  • Shareholder document preparation, Memorandum of Association, PO.Box Registration
  • Financial Audits and Report preparation

Business Setup in Dubai

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Location of SHAMS Freezone

For Company Setup In SHAMS Free Zone, SHAMS’ headquarters are in Sharjah, and it has a branch office in Dubai to meet clients’ urgent needs. The procedure of incorporation begins with the filing of a name approval document, as well as a passport copy and passport size photo of the Shareholders/Directors. Here, a single shareholder company is allowed, and the shareholder, director, and individual in charge of the company may all be the same person. Under the company, a single shareholder is eligible for an Investor Visa, while multiple shareholders are eligible for Partner Visas.

Investors are issued three-year visas after the company is established, which can be renewed without difficulty after that time. Since the company in the SHAMS Freezone is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), the shareholders are only responsible for the value of the stock they own in the company. 


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