How to Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai, UAE

How to Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai

The UAE is well known for its business opportunities, but it is also famous for its healthcare facilities. Being one of the top developed countries, the medical facilities here in Dubai are world-class and highly advanced. Even people from other countries, visit Dubai for various treatments and check-ups.
When it comes to business opportunities in the healthcare industry, you can still find promising outcomes in this country. Dubai has one of the best hospitals in the city that provides prime medical services for both private and public sectors.
So, if you are a foreigner and want to know how to start a healthcare business in Dubai, you can come to the right place.
Whether you want to open a private clinic or a complete hospital in Dubai, the ministry of Dubai will favor you by providing a business-friendly registration process.
But before anything else, let’s read a little about the different types of healthcare business setups that exist in Dubai and how you can find which one is best for you. You can also take the help of Vigor consultants who will guide you throughout the process of registration.

Why you should start a healthcare business in Dubai?

Dubai, UAE is an ideal location for starting a healthcare business due to its strategic location and booming economy. The city has a modern business structure and great access to both medical resources and technology.

  1. You will not only get complete ownership of your company but with that, Dubai also offers exemption from taxes, be it income or corporate taxes.
  2. If you are importing medical equipment, you do not have to pay any customs duties fees.
  3. Dubai’s large expat population means that there will be a steady stream of potential patients who need quality healthcare services.
  4. Your business also gets a huge opportunity to collaborate with other alike businesses working in your field.

With the right business plan, it is possible to set up a successful healthcare business in Dubai that provides excellent service at competitive prices.

The different types of healthcare business in Dubai, UAE

There are certain types of healthcare business sectors where you can invest if you want to start a healthcare business in Dubai.
Healthcare in Dubai is a rapidly growing sector, with a variety of businesses offering a range of services.
The different types of healthcare business in Dubai include:

Professional development education/training:

It is one of the top priorities of all the healthcare sectors to provide the best quality services. Be it hospitals, clinics, or any other medical community. It is only possible with having a well-trained and highly skilled medical staff.
One option for you is to start a training company for all the fresher healthcare professionals via short-term courses and training in different areas including social, behavioral, clinical, professional, and clinical skill development.

Ambulatory service providers:

Also known as outpatient clinics, the ambulatory service business in Dubai is a great business idea as it caters to those patients who have small wounds, or minor surgeries and do not have to stay at the hospital overnight. Rather it can be treated without going to actual hospitals. Opening this type of healthcare company in dubai can be profitable as less business people are aware of this and there is a huge margin to grow and expand in the UAE with minimal healthcare investment.

UAE medical publishing business:

This sector talks to both medical professionals and medical students. This industry works on medical journals, handles medical databases, medical books, and advancement and clinical research papers in the medical field.

Private healthcare sectors:

Opening a private hospital or clinic can be a lucrative business setup as most of Dubai’s population always looks for high-quality services, be it food, education, lifestyle, or healthcare. By acquiring the relevant license, and permissions, you can start a private clinic healthcare business in Dubai.

Healthcare consultancy services:

With the number of medical facility centers and medical facility providers increasing, the need for medical and healthcare consultancy is rising. By providing direction and advisory services to medical professionals on how to stay above the rest, you can have a solid business in medical consultancy.

Education providing services:

Start a junior medical college, medical university, or technical healthcare education sector in Dubai to cater to the rising number of students who are interested in studying medicine or want to pursue a career in healthcare.
All these different types of healthcare businesses in Dubai work together to ensure the best possible healthcare is provided in the country.

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What documents are required to start a healthcare business in Dubai?

Starting a healthcare business in Dubai requires certain documents to be submitted. These include:

  • The Trade License
  • A Memorandum of Association approved by shareholders.
  • A tenancy contract proving the legal address of the business in the united Arab emirates.
  • A professional license from the Department of Health
  • All healthcare businesses must register with the Dubai Health Authority and obtain an authorization certificate from DHA.
  • It is also important to acquire the necessary medical equipment and licenses for medical and healthcare technologies and staff members.
  • Failure to comply with Dubai healthcare regulations can result in hefty fines or even the closure of the business.
  • An investor visa is required for all foreign ownership who wish to open a healthcare and wellness center in Dubai
  • All documents must be notarized and translated into Arabic if required by DHA. This ensures that all paperwork is valid and compliant with local laws before submitting it for final approval.

What steps are involved to start a healthcare business setup in Dubai? 

Starting a healthcare business in Dubai is a complex process that requires careful planning and preparation.

  1. The first step is to obtain a business license for your legal entity from the Department of Economic Development (DED). This is done by submitting an application form, along with supporting documents such as a copy of the company structure, proof of financial resources, the medical company name, and details of the company’s board of directors.
  2. After receiving approval from DED, it is important to apply for any relevant permits or licenses that may be required depending on the type of services offered by the business.
  3. Once these steps are complete, it is necessary to register with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of free zone authority.
  4. Now, it’s essential to acquire professional indemnity insurance in order to protect your business in case of any legal disputes related to medical malpractice or negligence.
  5. Get attested legal approval at the HDCC office.
  6. Apply for a private clinic or hospital license in Dubai.

With these steps completed, businesses can begin offering their health-related services in Dubai.

The cost of starting a healthcare business in Dubai

Opening a healthcare business in Dubai can be expensive, but lucrative. The costs associated with setting up a medical business include obtaining a trade license, finding office space or renting a clinic, hiring staff, purchasing medical equipment and supplies, and applying for any necessary permits or licenses.
Depending on the type of business you are planning to start a healthcare, you may need to register with the Chambers of Commerce & Industry or obtain special certification from the Ministry of Health.
Keeping in which jurisdiction you are opening your healthcare business, whether it is a limited liability company or in the free zone, on average the expenses of the healthcare business in Dubai can be between AED 40,000 to AED 50,000.

Final words on the healthcare business in Dubai

The healthcare business in Dubai is growing rapidly and the future looks bright. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to make a success of their businesses in this fast-growing sector.
The government has taken steps to ensure that healthcare facilities and services are of the highest quality. Dubai is an ideal place for those who wish to establish a successful and profitable healthcare business. As such, it is definitely worth considering if you are looking to invest in the healthcare business in Dubai.