Dubai Company Formation Offshore-JAFZA

Offshore company formation under the Jebel Ali Free Zone offshore companies regulations in Dubai is considered as an important step towards tax reduction and wealth protection for both individual and corporate investors. The offshore company formation in Jebel Ali Offshore, as per the international offshore regulations, enables entrepreneurs, investors and corporate groups to benefit from streamlined business procedures, fully furnished office spaces, top notch facilities and services at a reasonable cost.

With over 15 years of experience in providing offshore services in Jebel Ali and Dubai, the leading Offshore Service Provider, Vigor Business Setup and Company Formation, has achieved an impeccable reputation for effectiveness and efficiency, while continuously adapting to the evolving global business trends. Our offshore companies are set up in accordance to the Offshore Company Regulations issued by the JAFZA. We have a team of legal professionals that is extremely qualified and plays a vital role in assisting clients with offshore company registration in Jebel Ali Free Zone. We also offer these services at competitive costs.

In the past years, tremendous progress has been witnessed in the volume of offshore companies established and registered in Dubai and Jebel Ali Free Zone. In 2011, a total of more than 394,600 companies were registered in Dubai and Jebel Ali Offshore, representing a growth of 57% compared to 2009 – the year when the financial crisis took its toll on Dubai’s economy. In 2012, 204,008 companies have been already registered in Jebel Ali Offshore up until October only. JAFZA has proven to secure prime credibility for offshore companies in Jebel Ali, leading to a remarkable growth and extraordinary progress of Dubai as well as JAFZA in the area of offshore business.

The Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulatory Authority (FCO) was appointed by the Executive Council of Dubai Government to oversee and regulate the activities concerning offshore companies in accordance with Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Commercial Companies Law No. 4 for the Year 2004. The FCO maintains an updated database of offshore companies as per their status of incorporation and modification or cancellation so that any information concerning them is readily available for any person.

Open an offshore company in Jebel Ali, Dubai and look beyond. Offshore companies in UAE and offshore companies in Dubai are the backbone of the International Business Organization. These international business entities, have varying advantages and benefits attached to it. Establishing Offshore Companies in Dubai or establishing offshore companies in UAE will help you reduce your cost, and increase your business with lower expenses in a hassle free way. Also, Forming Offshore Companies in Dubai or forming offshore companies in UAE will help you benefit and utilize by availing services, trading internationally, operating multiple branches within UAE, own assets/properties and claim franchising.

Dubai, being the fastest growing investment hubs in the United Arab Emirates, is considered as a dreamland for foreign investors due to its uniqueness and overseas status; tax exemption; liberal government laws and policies; political and economic stability of the jurisdiction are some of most prominent reasons why company formation in UAE is incredible choice for investors. Offshore company incorporation in Dubai, UAE is an ideal for businesses in United Arab Emirates (UAE). It provides the unique flexibility to manage and operate a business from Dubai offering extra advantages such as sound political and economic stability, tax benefits, budget friendly operations, sound legal framework, excellent growth prospects and other E-Services available on demand from DIFC. Dubai, the business center of the UAE and an offshore company incorporation in Dubai means two things: flexibility and freedom to do any types of business, and most importantly – complete tax exemption for 100 years from personal income tax.

Offshore company formation in Dubai seems to be a must for those foreign investors; as the way to register a business in Dubai is very easy and uncomplicated. Incorporating offshore company in Dubai is cost-effective and a profitable investment option, especially for those investors who are interested in the real estate and share markets. As an offshore company incorporation specialist in Dubai, we handle all key procedures to incorporate your offshore company in United Arab Emirates.

Some of the key advantages of choosing VIGOR business setup and company formation services will give are as below:

  • Protection of your asses globally and locally
  • You will be offered complete privacy and all information shared with us during your company formation are kept anonymous and treated as top confidential.
  • The ease of you doing business through platforms provided will help you facilitate and grow your business in UAE globally reaching out to all parts of the world.
  • Due to being tax heavens and minimum taxes, you have greater chances of increasing your profits.
  • All Accountants and auditors 4are provided by our in-house experts which you guide you and keep your returns filed and showcase a true picture of your financials.
  • You will be having most of the privileges of a registered business person as forming a company in mainland and freezone.
  • Capital requirements are bare minimum and easy to achieve along with no miimum capital requirements to be kept within the banks.
  • 100% ownership without any interference or involvement from third parties. You would however be required to keep a secretary and a director to manage your company. These roles needs to be fulfilled by a UAE resident holding a UAE Residence visa.
  • The liberty to open a UAE Corporate bank account within any local and international banks.
  • Vigor business Setup and company formation services is appointed and approved agent for offshore company formations hence all expertise related to legal, accounts, and other support services shall be provided in-house.
  • The convenient location of JAFZA will help you connect to domestic and international companies
  • UAE has strived and achieves a milestone by forming a treaty with Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with 40 countries around the world.
  • Forming a offshore company also offers you the privileges to invest, hold or sell properties within Dubai.

Get in touch to know more and we will provide you with the best and free consultation to get your offshore company setup and running with matter of days.