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Vigor Free Zone Company Formation Services provides you with the knowledge to form your company in Dubai, UAE’s free zones. We handle all of these responsibilities of business setup in Dubai free zone. We can give an expertly seasoned perspective on how business formation works within these unregulated areas that are specially designed for businesses like yours looking forward to success.

With our help in free zone business setup Dubai, Vigor helps raise profits by simplifying complicated procedures until we find out what type of legal entity structure best suits both parties involved – which will allow them less tax legally while running their enterprises successfully!

Company Setup in Dubai Free Zones

Free Zones in the UAE is a great way to set up your business in Dubai free zone because they have lower taxes and fewer restrictions on employment and imports. It’s also beneficial if you want access to new markets without having these mainland rules apply! There are currently about 30 free trade areas throughout Dubai, with more being planned so that will mean less hassle when starting here as well, and this makes setting up a business in a Dubai free zone beneficial since:

The environment is conducive for Dubai Free zone company formation

Dubai is located halfway between the east and west, linking trade from both sides of this world. The availability of seaports and airports makes transportation for Dubai free zone company formation and makes it easy with planning being quick too! Many eco-friendly places offer an environment that’s biodiverse all while being environmentally progressive in their economy – what more could you want?

Dubai has one of the lowest value taxes worldwide with a rate of 5%.

At 5%, Dubai has one of the lowest value-added taxes in the world making Dubai a great place to establish a company in.

The policies on importation and exportation are simple.

Goods imported into Dubai free zones are exempted from customs duties. In addition, re-exports from Dubai free zones to third market destinations outside the GCC Customs Zones do not pay customs duties.

There’s 100% repatriation of capital and funds.

Companies in Dubai do not pay any direct taxes on corporations. This makes a 100% percent repatriation of funds possible.


The conditions of setting up a company in many of the free zones are the same.

In any free zone, you decide to set up your company in Dubai, the circumstances are the same.

There is full ownership of the business

Under free zones in Dubai, you have full ownership of your business. A single individual can also set up a company in Dubai free zones unlike other types of company settings.

There are no currency restrictions.

Transfer of funds is very easy in Dubai free zones as there are no currency restrictions.

How to Set Up a Company in Dubai, UAE Free Zones

To set up a company in any free zone business setup UAE you need to:

Get your business license

Dubai issues five types of licenses. The type of license to be issued depends on the type of company to be set up. The five types of licenses are:

  1. Professional License: This type of license is issued to service-providing companies. For example, handicraftsman.
  2. Commercial License: This type of license is issued to companies that will engage in trading activities.
  3. Industrial License: This type of license is issued to industrial or manufacturing companies
  4. Tourism License.
  5. Freelance License.

Get your UAE Residence Visa:

You will be granted a business setup in UAE free zones investor residence visa for your business. This permits three years of stay in the UAE and requires renewal thereafter, as well as other documentation such as an LSA or partnership agreement to apply with immigration authorities on arrival at Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Open a Business Bank Account:

A Freezone company bank account opening is imperative if you want to continue operating in the country for business setup in UAE free zones, but it isn’t enough on its own. You also need certificates of incorporation and memorandum for each free zone where your business has been formed as well as residence visas or another type of document depending on whether they’re opening an offshore or domestic branch

What are Some Free Zones of Dubai?

Some Free zone in Dubai includes:

Business Setup in Dubai

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A very profitable free zone in Dubai is Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) or Jumeirah Lakes Towers Free Zone. It has been voted Global Free Zone of the Year for four years in a row. Currently, it is home to over 15,000 companies, with at least 170 joining monthly. 

It is open to a variety of legal business activities. It is ideal for all kinds and sizes of businesses of its wide range of flexible office solutions. These include flexible desks and multi-story office blocks.

Why Choose Vigor Freezone Company Formation in Dubai?

Here at vigor business center, every company operating within a UAE free zone is required to obtain the appropriate trade license. This one-year certificate will be active as long as it’s renewed yearly, and companies can either go about renewing their licenses themselves or hire professionals like those offered by Vigor Business Center- who are experts at handling all aspects involved with getting these important documents ready before time runs out on your current permit! We offer the most valuable mainland company formation, offshore company formation, and Free zone company formation Dubai services to set up your business perfectly.