UAE Professional License

Professional License

The professional license services in Dubai, UAE has launched its services in Dubai and has started working on all spheres of business allowing non-companies to apply for licenses with the authority and register new establishments faster than ever before. Professional license services in Dubai, UAE has launched its services to improve trade license procedures to help businesses start up and operate smoothly. This is due to the fact that so far, professionals had little choice but to register their businesses as companies or operate illegally in the UAE. Now, they are able to register their businesses under the streamlined rules of a professional license which will contribute positively towards economic activities and wealth creation for individual companies. Professional license in Dubai is a new type of license which gives the right to start a business in any industry.

The license is divided into six categories: Consultancy services; Carpentry; Artisanship; Beauty saloons; Printing and publishing, and Repair services. An applicant applies for one category and can select specific business activity within that category. The essential benefit of this license, as compared to the trade license, is that the applicant can choose any number of activities from within a selected category, and there is no limit to the number of licenses that can be applied for. The professional license in Dubai, UAE can be easily avail by applying for the relevant simple procedure. The professional entry licensing scheme provides a new way for foreign professionals to set up their own businesses in the UAE. This scheme is easier to apply and also offers an exclusive window for start-up dedicated to experienced business people, as well as, new professionals and foreign investors who are interested in trading with the UAE market and creating jobs for the local community.

Nowadays UAE is a hub of cutting edge technologies world wide, After the regulations of UAE government, a professional license is only given to an individual or a single-ownership company. We at Vigor Business Setup offer services to attain and secure a professional license in Dubai. Here at Vigor Business Setup, we offer a myriad of services to make your dreams into reality. As we are experts in our respective fields, we can aid you in obtaining a professional license to start your business or a civil license if you already have a company running and wish to expand. With Vigor Business Setup, we provide you with a wide array of options and services to help setup your business in easiest manner possible. We help businesses in generating a professional license for their profession from Dubai Government. We assist you with all the documentation requirements and assist you with prompt services. Vigor Business Setup has the expertise to make your business plan effective. We will help you through the process of understanding, writing and implementing your business plan.

Some of Key questions are addressed below:-

1- What is a Professional Business License?

In order to open a professional firm that provides services to customers in the UAE, you must first obtain a professional license. It might be a technical learning center, an art center, or something else entirely. The certificate will certify that you are legally permitted to engage in the specified activities. Your company will also be included in the authority's papers. It would also be useful in the event of any legal complications or conflicts that may arise in your business.

2- What are the benefits of choosing a Professional Business License in the UAE?

Professional licenses have a distinct advantage over commercial and industrial licenses when it comes to foreign investor ownership rights. When a foreign investor owns 100 percent of a company, he or she qualifies for Sole Proprietorship. Professional licenses in the UAE are granted after verification of the applicant's educational qualifications and skill set. As a result, individuals without the required qualifications are unable to open a skilled business in the UAE. Even if the investor has 100 percent ownership rights, a local service agent is needed to complete the legal paperwork. The local service agent has no rights, claims, access or monitor your company's equity or operation. In order to use the agent's services, the investor must pay an annual service fee.

3- What is a Civil Company and what does it have to do with Professional Business License in UAE?

The company is categorized as a Civil Company if the ownership is shared by more than one shareholder or partners. In order to operate in Dubai, some facilities or trades require a Professional License. While the companies' activities come under the category of professional services, the number of practitioners involved qualifies them as a civil firm.

4- Are there any special approvals required to establish a professional license in the UAE or Professional License in Dubai?

Prepare a detailed overview of the business operation in order to receive initial approval for a professional license in Dubai. Assign a service representative to complete the official paperwork in a timely and orderly manner. You're now in a position to get the Department of Economic Development's initial approval (DED). Make a reservation for a trade name that is important to your business. Following the submission of documents, the DED grants final approval.

5- What are the basic Documents required to setup a Professional License in Dubai?
  • A official application form shall be provided to you which needs to be filled as per the business activities you choose in Dubai or UAE. 
  • Passport copies of you as a business owner or your business partners. 
  • A NOC maybe required and subject to approval based on the activity you choose. 
  • Any supporting documents such as travel documents, certificates showing your professional qualifications and other relevant documents maybe be asked by the Department of Economic Development commonly referred to as DED.

6- How long does it take and what further procedures are required for this?
  • From a legal interpreter, draft a local service agent agreement that appoints a UAE national as your company's service agent. Obtain the services of a notary public to certify the agreement form. If the agreement is written in Arabic, a legal translator's seal is not needed.
  • A Memorandum of Association also known as MOA has to be jointly prepared with the local service agent. 
  • At the presence of notary Public in Dubai Courts, the owners or spouses must sign the Court agreement. The Municipality is in charge of approving tenancy contracts. Obtain consent. At the Department of Economic Development, provide the corroborated forms, owner's passport copy, and NOC (if needed).
  • Check the payment voucher and pay the license fees. In Dubai, service providers, consultants, and experts are praised and supported. With the help of an experienced business setup consultant, you can easily obtain a professional license in Dubai, UAE.

Once the entire process is finished, you will now have complete 100% ownership of your company and can conduct business legally in the UAE. You can then focus on your business while your local service agent shall cater to all your necessary legal proceedings such as vias, getting approvals and so on. 

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