Dubai Media City Freezone

The Dubai Media City Free Zone began as a media hub, but has grown to be the third largest Free Zone in Dubai. Within its stated boundaries are well over 1,300 companies that have chosen to use DMC’s business services and infrastructure to meet their business needs. Committed to a culture of excellence in the media industry, DMC is committed to the development of free zone. Dubai Media City Free Zone® is easily accessible by both road and sea, with close proximity to the Jebel Ali port and the new Dubai World Central airport.

What currently houses over 1300 companies including the headquarters of international media organisations and broadcasters such as BBC, CNN, Reuters, APTN and Bloomberg, has over a million square feet of development land earmarked for much more growth. The DMC Free Zone Authority works hard to realize this vision, and currently there are about 135 companies from leading international markets such as India, the U.S., China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iraq operating in the DMC Free Zone. These established companies cultivate an international environment so as to contribute to the region’s and the world’s media output in all respects.

Next to local regional media companies like Saudi TV 1 & 2, Al Jazeera Childrens Channel, the Abu Dhabi-based Orbit Showtime Network and Al Arabiya News Channel, as well as BBC World, CNN and other leading global media organizations. The DMC Free Zone is the most reputed media city of the region. It is a very attractive business address in terms of privacy, security, infrastructure and a well-educated workforce.

We offer several tax incentives through which we are able to effectively compete with other competing cities around the world. DMC is located in the heart of the Middle East region’s dynamic economy. DMC allows media companies to bring their business to Dubai, one of the region’s busiest and most sophisticated centers of commercial activity. Home of major media production companies, ad agencies, and broadcasters, DMC attracts high net worth individuals from over 80 countries and is a global leader for the media industry.

With the largest concentration of buildings in the world dedicated to media and broadcast activities, DMC offers over 800,000 square meters of prime real estate for the media industry’s fastest growing needs. With Dubai Media City, be closer to your business prospects and in the right place to do business. This premium location is an interactive destination which empowers your company with all the tools for success.

Whether you decide to open a LLC, branch company or a general freelancer, DMC offers all kinds of license for its Dubai Media City Freezone. All license are issued for one year only . DMC commercial permits are issued and renewed annually and subject to payment of the applicable license fee. Addition, changes or deletions may be made at any time during the validity period of the permit upon payment of the additional fees mentioned below. The DMC must be put on the company’s letterhead, invoice, contract and other documents.

Whether to request the cancellation of an existing DMC and how to process it. At vigor business setup services and company formation, our business consultants will assist you with following:- 

  1. Filing an application to incorporate your company as a first step to business setup. 
  2. Submitting all the relevant documents required by DMC to review. The customer will review all information and submit a confirmation letter. 
  3. The last step for company formation will be receiving it, and signing all relevant documents while paying all the fees will get your commercial license issues and ready to start your business. 

Contact us today to find out more information and all relevant documents which are required to get your business setup ready and become part of the most diversified business destination in the world. 

Dubai Media City Freezone