About Vigor Corporate Service

We established the Vigor Corporate Service with a core intention to help newbie entrepreneurs with Business setup in Dubai. Business set up undergoes loads of complicated, intimidating process and hindrance that are indeed time-consuming and agitating. Considering that ground, we understand the need for an expert consultation provider to ease your path with the right support and guidance.

We also provide a wide range of additional services that cover a number of tasks such as payment gateway processing, corporate secretarial work, formation of special purpose vehicles and registered company formation agents, company auditing and accounting services, company protection against winding-up petitions among others. Our packages include business setup, mainland company formation in Dubai, company trade name reservation, business trade license and permit application, formation filing, logo design, email and phone setup, plus much more to help your business setup and business formation in Dubai while ensuring to reduce the cost of setting up a business in Dubai. In case you decide to register your business with us, you will benefit from customized corporate solutions that can speed up the registration process of your new company in the UAE and Dubai. 

With our special package deals, you can enjoy an express incorporation service that provides everything that you need to start your business in Dubai and avail the lowest Dubai trade license cost. Take note that with this package, you will still be presented with a high-quality business set up from a legal firm and registered agents that have well over 15 years plus experience in establishing any kind of business license such as Dubai mainland license or Dubai freezone company formation. Considered by many as the right business set up option for companies in need of a quick formation, our special packages offer complete solutions while keeping the overall cost of set up low be it a freezone company or LLC company formation in dubai. Our consultations are complimentary and have the advantage of being fast, friendly, and flexible which will guide you to the lowest Dubai freezone company setup cost.

We also provide an array of other support services that will help you conduct business operations smoothly. Our Vigor Offshore Company Formation Division registered company offering commercial services such as incorporation of offshore companies in Dubai, formation of offshore companies in UAE, Offshore company formation in Ajman, Offshore company formation in Ras Al Khamiah, Offshore company formation in dubai and many more.

Our Dubai freezone company formation specialist will guide you to choose the best freezone as per business activities and ensure you get the right trade license for your business setup in Dubai. We offer a wide range of company formation packages to help you start your business in Dubai. From formation of attorneys to bank account opening and business registration, we can assist you 24/7. Our business setup packages include assistance with name choice, choosing a legal form and registering your company in the appropriate governmental HR and municipality related offices. The package also includes consultation on company structure, commercial use contracts, and bank account opening.

Being the best Business Consultant in Dubai, we always think and provide the best possible solution for our clients! At Vigor Corporate Service, we offer a wide range of business set up services to all Offshore Companies in UAE. 

Our passionate team of professional business consultants, legal advisors, expert PR officers and financial advisors made us eligible to deliver outstanding and legitimate business solutions to our clients. Hence, we could support aspiring entrepreneurs across the UAE to build better business effectively and successfully. 

Here, at Vigor Corporate Service, we ensure that they get maximum benefits from our side with 100% satisfactory results.

Our Mission & Vision

The Vigor Corporate Service Dubai is a legitimate Business Consultant in Dubai that leverage their clients with comprehensive business support and solutions all over the UAE. Our mission is to focus on customers and support them with all business requirements on time. So, they get our expertise every time. Our company strongly believes in long-term clientele satisfaction. 

What do we offer?

Vigor Corporate Service offers companies to set up virtual office space, Smart desk Dubai, meeting room, co-working space and far more. Our specialized areas include:

Branches of Companies Dubai

Dubai is the most dynamic part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when it comes to business opportunities in this region. The UAE is one of hottest business and investment destinations in MENASA that offers multiple incentives for overseas companies and investors. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to start a business in Dubai. Vigor Corporate Service Dubai is a group of registered professionals dedicated to bringing the aspirations of ambitious entrepreneurs and SMEs to fruition in a timely and market-oriented manner. We also believe in assisting you with not only your company’s written work and documents, but also in providing you with the resources you need to grow, promote, and expand your business. We take care of company setup procedures as well as bank account opening procedures, so our clients can focus on their core business activities. Our multilingual team has created a network of partnerships with reputable lawyers, accountants, service providers and bankers who work closely with our clients to ensure that all administrative processes are handled properly, always keeping them informed throughout the process – from one-off procedures to complex ongoing services.

Since company inception, Vigor Corporate Service in Dubai has successfully handled thousands of clients with a wide range of offshore company formation and registration procedures. From the banking and legal paperwork to the client’s office space and services required by the client, Vigor business setup consultants has everything under one roof. Our commitment is to fulfill 100% of our clients’ needs by ensuring that all administrative processes are executed flawlessly and as per the law. This dedication towards quality service at affordable cost has positioned Vigor Business Setup as a leader in international business consulting. Our offshore company formation services are ideal for anyone wishing to diversify their business into other regions. Vigor company formation provides full support and services for UAE business setup and company formation, Dubai business registrations, company bank account opening in Dubai and other real estate services. As one of the leading company files service providers in UAE, Vigor is proud to boast a team of professional experts that are proficient in over 10 languages allowing us to support and advise our clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We are a local business setup company in the UAE that is authorized and approved by many government organizations.

We assist іnvеѕtоrѕ and families relocate to the UAE with through employment or business. We hаvе helped соmраnіеѕ and startups to establish a solid presence іn thе UAE & аbоvе. Wе specialize іn thе management оf thе lаrgеr family buѕіnеѕѕs аnd еmрlоуmеnt visa application process fоr families. Our focus is on immigrifiсаtiоn, residency and company formations in the UAE and beyond. Our main stream of business is education related services that help families and individuals with a high net worth (family offices), companies and startups to have a solid presence here in Dubai and abroad. Therefore, we can also help with the acquisition of properties by providing real estate consultancy services.

We have 20 years of experience in business setup and are licensed by the Dubai Government. The key to our success is our strong desire to achieve customer satisfaction. We understand that it is often difficult to relocate and feel alone in a new country, so we make every effort to make your move smooth and effortless, and ensure that you are happy with your decision to come here. We can assist you throughout the residency visa and trade license issuance process. Our services are all inclusive аnd will аvоіd уоu having to search fоr lаwуеrѕ and business setup and company formation consultants оn your оwn. Costs for setting uр a business in UAE are gravely reduced down to a minimum while at the same time our residency visas give you a раrtnеr for the rеmаіnіng years.

Vigor Corporate Service

We established the Vigor Business Center with a core intention to help newbie entrepreneurs with Business setup in Dubai. Business set up undergoes loads of complicated, intimidating process and hindrance that are indeed time-consuming and agitating. Considering that ground, we understand the need for an expert consultation provider to ease your path with the right support and guidance.


We are pleased to serve our clients for years after years with the right proficiency. It helped us enhance our wisdom over time, also encouraged us to sustain our position among Dubai Business Consultants.


What makes us different from other consultants is our commitment and reliability to our valuable customers. We are highly dedicated to serving entrepreneurs with essentialities that require to make a business stand.


Customer satisfaction is what makes a company remarkable; we appreciate and value that. Thus, we made it our topmost priority and ethics and are unwilling to compromise it anyway & anywhere.


Business Solutions in Dubai, UAE

We Provide Solutions

We provide complete solutions for company registration in Dubai and other called free zones in UAE and we can also make you a representative of an offshore company or a Free Zone company. We are here to assist you using our expertise on the establishment and formation of any type of incorporated entities in the United Arab Emirates. All you need is a clear understanding of your business setup requirements. Dubai Business Setup Consultants will help in Dubai Company Formation. An Offshore company formation service that can help small and big companies to start, register and incorporate offshore business in UAE to take advantage of the free trade zones as well as the freedom from regulatory restraints. These amazing offshore companies are easy to regulate depending on the nature of your business. a company which ensures your business has a strong base with UAE companies setup at a low-cost. At Dubai Business Setup, you will find multiple options for establishing your business with the basic requirements in place. You can select from a list of Company Formation services that comprise of Offshore and Free Zone companies formation, General and Limited Liability Companies setup, Partnership Firms, Sole Proprietorship as well as Joint Venture Partnerships in UAE. We provide comprehensive business plans suitable for various sectors including real estate and construction, travel and tourism, trading and industry, IT & Technology as well as services

A Robust & Extensive Business Setup and Company formation Consultation in UAE.

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Business Consultants Dubai

Vigor Corporate Service offers a complete range of company formation solutions to your business setup ready and off the ground within a day. We aim to keep our clients well-informed though their business process and offer the best information and advice from our highly qualified business consultants. Our free consultation and guidance over the phone or in a meeting will give you a quick highlight about company information, business registration, business licensing, getting your office space or co-working office space, official corporate bank accounts, processing your partner visa, employee visa, family visa or its related business support services. Business setup in Dubai can be a daunting task once you first study the process but our business setup consultants in Dubai are well trained for over 5 years and have opened up more than 1000+ companies in the Middle East and rest of the world. Our core focus for the business setup services is to ensure your costs are at the lowest so you dedicate more time, resources and money into set up business ideas. Usually, getting a low cost business setup for a llc company formation or freezone company is a challenge but our well connected business setup consultants in Dubai will guide you for all kinds of businesses.

Our strong commitment to high quality professionalism and having well trained business setup consultants team have expertise in all kinds of tasks. We believe in being proactive when it comes to company registration in Dubai, continuous learning in freezone company services, whilst devising innovative strategies in offshore company formation.  A new business setup in Dubai with Vigor Corporate Service will provide you with a competitive edge with our support services which help is distinguish from the rest. Some of our core strengths are :-

100% Client Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on our client satisfaction, because we are dedicated to providing a bespoke service that meets each client’s individual needs and requests. Our clients include entrepreneurs from different sectors including education, healthcare, construction & real estate, water & energy, import & export, renewable energy and many more. We look forward to assisting you with your company formation needs as well. Let us help you take that first important step towards creating your wealth. Our team of experienced Business Set Up consultants is highly committed in providing the best and unmatched professional company formation services to assist you with all your business related requirements including Incorporation of companies, formation services, tax registration, residency visas, partners visas and more.

Business Setup Consultants has an enormous amount of support that can make your business setup easy, quick and totally hassle-free not only will we offer you the most competitive Dubai business set up price but also make sure you get your desired company name as well as well-selected main office address in Dubai. When you set up your business in Dubai, it’s important that you find reliable Business formation consultants to help you through the entire process. We have been assisting individuals and businesses in Dubai with Business setup and formation for more than 9 years. In this period, we have consistently proved to be one of the most trusted Business setup agents in Dubai.

Business setup Dubai is an important milestone for any business, so it’s vital that you choose a reputable Business Set Up agent to handle this for you. We work with clients to understand their specific business needs and design a structure that helps them grow profitably. Dubai Business Set Up Consultants have been in the business formation space for years and have a good knowledge base of the ever evolving government legal structure and practices. Whether you are opening a company in Dubai with 100AED investment or 10 million AED investment, you can still expect the same level of service from us as we understand every business comes with its unique set of requirements. A business setup specialist is there 24/7 to answer any questions related to the business setup. Our services also include consultation on company establishment, company formation, choosing the right type of LLC company Formation in freezone or getting a mainland license in Dubai.