Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (KIZAD) Freezone

The Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (Khalifa Port FTZ) is a cutting-edge trade, logistics, and manufacturing platform. The success of KIZAD’s onshore structure and the advantages of an offshore free zone commitment to change the face of doing business in the region. The Khalifa Port FTZ has a low operating cost atmosphere and a meticulously built setting that makes doing business simpler than ever. Investors who choose the Khalifa Port FTZ benefit from a variety of company start-up facilities, including executive offices and versatile workstations/dedicated desks, as well as streamlined business registration and business licensing processes.

Khalifa Port FTZ is home to a diverse range of investment sectors, including titanium, automotive, engineered metals, port logistics, food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, polymer converting, and other industries. A flexible master plan is also in place, capable of hosting more industries in the future from a land-use standpoint. Khalifa Port FTZ is expected to be the future center for trade, logistics, and manufacturing, and is poised to change the way business is done in the area, integrating the legacy and prosperity of KIZAD’s onshore system with the conventional advantages of an offshore free zone. There are 3 main kind of business license available within KIZAD freezone which can be setup with great ease:- 

Industrial License

Permits import of raw material, manufacturing, processing, assembling, packaging and export of intermediate and / or finished product and such other industrial activities as are published in the Industrial License (Category List).

Trading License OR General Trading License

Import, export, distribution, stocking, and warehousing of goods and items listed on the License, as well as other trading activities as specified in the Trading License, are all allowed (Category List).

Service License

Permits service activities such as management and economic consulting services, marketing services, logistical support services such as cargo and freight forwarding, restaurants, retail food outlets, catering services, travel agencies, etc. as are published in the Service License (Category List).

Kizad Freezone conveniently offers you to open a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and a Branch Company as well. The Company is a limited liability company with a paid-up capital of AED 150,000 or such higher paid-up capital as may be provided by law. Individuals, corporations, or individuals and corporations may own a limited liability company. A branch company may apply for incorporation if it has a valid registration and license outside of the Khalifa Port FTZ. A branch company may be registered as a subsidiary of a UAE company or as a subsidiary of a foreign company.

Vigor Company formation and business setup services provides a smooth and efficient registration and licensing procedures to ensure most licenses are approved within a week of receipt of a completed application, payment, and all necessary documentation. Vigor Business Consultants are assigned to all applicants in order to provide assistance. Licensing, visa approvals, and other services are all managed through this single point of touch, which ensures a smooth and productive operation.

Contact us today for a free consultation for company formation in Khalifa Port Free Trae Zone (KIZAD) and our representatives can guide you over phones or in a meeting at your convenient place. 

KIZAD Freezone