Mainland Company Formation

Vigor Mainland Company Formation Services guides you in establishing your onshore company in Dubai, UAE.  We manage all responsibilities and the challenges of setting up a mainland company and give you detailed information on how mainland company formation works and how best you can serve the Dubai market. We help you raise the profitability of your business by simplifying the complex process of mainland company formation in the UAE until your onshore company is successfully established.

Mainland Company Formation In Dubai, Uae

Mainland companies are known to be the most advanced companies in Dubai, UAE. Mainland companies are onshore companies licensed to operate within the boundaries of Emirati jurisdiction that come under commercialized geographical regions. A mainland company or business is established by people interested in the local (Dubai) market.

A mainland company is licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the related emirate to do business in the local market as well as outside UAE without any restrictions. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a government body that is responsible for the supervision, support, setup, and functionality of economic development.

Benefits Of Setting Up A Mainland Company In Dubai

Some benefits of setting up a mainland company in Dubai are:

  • Exemption from corporate and personal taxes.
  • There are zero restrictions in processing legal documents.
  • Flexibility to rent/lease an office anywhere.
  • Opportunity to do business in any part of Dubai, UAE.
  • Ease in acquiring office space at cheap costs.
  • There’s no requirement for minimum capital and maximum capital. 
  • There’s no requirement for the professional service agent to avail of professional licenses.
  • No annual auditing is required from investors.
  • There are no limitations in getting employment visas.

How Do I Start A Mainland Company In Dubai?

Company Formation in Dubai

Setting up a  Dubai Mainland company can be a viable and profitable investment option for investors and companies as owning a Dubai mainland license can help you enjoy 100% freedom and flexibility to grow and operate your business. Dubai Mainland business setup also allows you to extend your business’ branches to other parts of Dubai and across the UAE.

To open a mainland company, your company has to:

  • Be registered with DED
  • Meet the legal requirements set by the government
  • Obtain a Dubai mainland license in the commercial category, industrial category, or professional category.
  • Be located within the commercialized areas that have been covered under the jurisdiction of the Emirati Government.
  • Meet the Government policies.
  • Pay the corporate tax.
  • Establish a real office and have a UAE shareholder. 

Incorporation laws of Dubai mainland company formation necessitate 51% of the total share of a commercial company to a UAE citizen. The remaining percentage (49%) goes to the foreigner. Regardless of the capital invested to start up the company, this law applies to any mainland company.

However, this law does not apply to:

  • Locally owned companies
  • Free Zone businesses
  • Businesses that have total foreign ownership
  • UAE national – GCC partnership firms

What Are The  Mainland Companies?

Limited liability company

An LLC  can be private or public and is subject to very few incorporation requirements. It can be easily set up by 2(minimum)-50(maximum) partners who will be responsible for the shares in the company’s capital.  

It is a widely used method because, through this, the investor doesn’t have to disclose the assets or accounts.

The arrangement of the fee is the part of legal fees which you sign with any guarantor for LLC company formation in Dubai.

Foreigners who want to establish a limited liability company are required to have a minimum of 1 partner who is a UAE national that will hold a minimum of 51% of the paid-up capital.   LLC company permits flexible profit-sharing among locals and foreigners. The UAE national can be given a fixed fee every year with a percentage of profit or the business yields.

Without a UAE Local sponsor, you will have to consider other options like :

  • The branch of a foreign company
  • Having a free zone company 
  • A company owned by  a GCC national
  • The representative office of  a foreign company

Private shareholding company

A private shareholding company can be set up by foreign investors in partnership with a local company or entrepreneur. A private shareholding company is composed of no less than three persons. Private shareholding

companies cannot invite the public to buy their shares. The minimum share capital for the establishment of a private joint-stock company is 2 million dirhams. (US$544,959). The chairman and majority of the directors of a private joint-stock company must be UAE nationals.

Joint-stock company

This is also known as the public shareholding company. 

Others include sole establishments and civil companies.

How Do We Assist In Mainland Company Formation?

At Vigor Mainland Company Formation Services, we ensure that you have legal financial, and operational control. We also protect your shareholder rights in mainland companies be it in an LLC company, a private shareholding holding company, a joint-stock company, or others. We are professionals in mainland company formation and we make the complex procedures easier and coordinate all necessary documents and permits on time. 

We provide you with services that will give you all the documents needed to protect your company. 

Our commitment at Vigor Mainland Company Formation Services is to provide you with the best platform for your business set up so your mainland company formation will be catered by seasoned business consultants, top-tier business technologies, and business processes.

We help you save time and cost of Dubai trade license, making sure that your mainland company license in Dubai, UAE, conforms with the Dubai Economic Department. We assist in MOA drafting and legalization.

We are a mainland company setup consultant that provides business consultation for obtaining a Dubai mainland license and we give guidance on how to start your business in the most profitable locations in Dubai. 

Contact us today and get effective facilities and consultation that offer total managerial assistance, dedication, formation, in-house expertise, seasoned company formation professionalism so you can successfully start your mainland company.