UAE Commercial License

Commercial License

Any investor planning to set up a trading business in Dubai need to furnish a commercial license in Dubai. This official commercial trade license will enable and facilitate them to buy and sell goods and services domestically and internationally and ship anywhere in the world legally. The Commercial License in Dubai serves as the major trade authorization mechanism for setting up or running a business. It is a requirement in Dubai that all new trading businesses must hold a valid commercial license. To acquire this license, you must have a set-up business in your name, acquire an office or retail space in the Emirate of Dubai and register with Department of Economic Development Dubai. Complying with these requirements allows one to buy and sell goods and services with complete legal protection. This applies only to new companies; companies already operating in Dubai can convert their licenses through the process of renewal. Open your door to the world of trading with Commercial License in Dubai, a business license in Dubai which allows one to buy and sell goods. To set up a trading company in Dubai, one needs to incorporate a business entity in Dubai. A company name registration in Dubai, Company formation in Dubai, and Commercial license in Dubai is needed to obtain the trading license. To get it, you will need to acquire a commercial license in Dubai.

All business owners and traders need a trading license or active trade license to do business in this location. The commercial license in Dubai is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and each person is allowed to have only one company. Obtaining a commercial license will require some documentation and procedures. A commercial license gives you the authority to operate a business in Dubai. It is issued to a trader or a trading company by Dubai Municipality. Any individual or company intending to set up a business in Dubai must acquire a commercial license. When applying for the license, you will be asked to submit certain documents which can include bank statements, trade references, and original passport among others. Applications are reviewed by the relevant departments of Dubai Municipality, depending on the type of business activity before issuing their decision. The most important requirement that must be met is the submission of an application containing all relevant information like the name of business, place of residence and nationality.

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