Business Setup in Dubai Production City Freezone

Dubai Production City, most commonly also known as International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) is one of the biggest Freezone areas that house films, media, movies, and its related business activities in the UAE. Sprawling over an area of 43 million square feet, it is conveniently located at the heart of the Dubai commercial zone. Dubai Production City Business Formation is a prominent business hub that helps the publishing, printing, and packaging industries thrive both globally and locally.

Dubai Production City (DPC) Free Zone Company Formation

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Dubai Production City is a holistic community that offers an enterprise, retail, and residential lifestyle, as well as the region’s first dedicated community aimed at advancing the production industry’s growth. The Dubai International Media Production Zone benefits from free zone privileges and laws that make business activities easier, as well as a vibrant community that supports and nurtures the media production industry. Business Setup in International Media Production Zone [IMPZ] can be used to open a free zone limited liability company (FZ) or (FZ LLC) or a branch office of any other international business corporation/entity. 


Dubai Production City (DPC) Free Zone Company Formation Activities

 Other areas of business and activities that could also be covered are as below:- 

  1. Digital and newspaper printing of Dubai Production City Business Formation.
  2. Commercial and industrial printing for Company Formation in DPC.
  3. Business Support services for media and production-related activities. 
  4. The online publishing house and electronic content management in Dubai Production City (DPC).

Business Setup in Dubai

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