Complete Guide on How to get Investor Visa

investor visa Dubai UAE

Entrepreneurs looking to invest in business opportunities may want to try their luck in Dubai due to their booming economy, which continues to improve with every year that passes. The country serves as a business hub in Asia, a location where organizations of various sizes continue to thrive. If you’re planning to put up a start-up business in the UAE, you must aim to apply for an investor visa Dubai UAE to help make your dreams come true.

Complete Guide on How to get Business Investor Visa

Whether you’re a foreigner or a local in Dubai, the government makes sure to meet your needs by implementing business policies to provide everyone a chance to earn a profit in Dubai. More details about this visa can be found here as per the legal announcement by the law.

Documents You Require To Begin Your Venture

Part of learning how to establish a business in Dubai is knowing the documents you require to begin your venture. Keep reading below to understand what you need to do before you’re given the signal to open up your business in the UAE.

Fill Out Your Application Form

The first thing you must do is apply for an investor visa at a nearby typing center to ensure your application is free from errors in any way. If you wish to work with a partner, so long as they own at least twenty-five percent of the company, you can seek a partner visa.

However, before you proceed to a typing center, to avoid delaying your application, you should already bring the needed documents and other supporting records that can verify your identity. As far as your partner visa application is concerned, you can look forward to its approval via email once the immigration department allows it.

Request for a Change Status

After submitting your investor visa application, you should move on to requesting a change status. You must first wait patiently until the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDRFA) approves your request.

Once they give you the signal through email, you can undergo the procedure at an authorized typing center. If you wish to focus on your priorities, you can hire a business setup company to do the job for you and let you know once things go according to plan.

Perform the Medical Exam

One essential requirement for obtaining an investor visa that will allow you to put up a business in Dubai is to get a medical exam done. Make sure to accomplish the medical typing before qualifying for the medical evaluation next.

Only when you’re done with the medical typing can you drop by a medical center depending on your appointment and move forward with undergoing the medical test held by the authority. You should always strive to book an appointment beforehand to avoid the hassle.

Acquire a Valid Emirates ID

If you wish to keep potential issues at bay, you will have to get a valid Emirates ID to protect yourself while doing business in the UAE. After your medical exam, you can pursue the Emirates ID typing for the next step.

Regardless of whether you aim for a golden visa or other kinds of business permits, you must have a legal Emirates ID to ensure the validity of your transactions. Based on the type of application you’re aiming for, you may be asked to provide fingerprint verification along with other business records.

 Get your Dubai Visa Stamped

The final step of your investor visa application is receiving a stamp to verify the authenticity of your record. All you have to do is look for an authorized center to obtain the necessary authorization for your visa.

After submitting your request, the immigration department will text you regarding the status of your request and whether they approved or rejected it. You must also keep in touch with the authority to arrange for pickup or delivery so you can receive your passport no matter the outcome.


Running a business in another country involves numerous documents. If you’re a foreigner interested in starting a new life in the UAE, beginning with putting up a business, you will need an investor visa to make your dreams come true. Following the steps above will push you to become one step closer to opening a start-up company in Dubai, whether alone or with a partner to work with you. For best results, you should speak to company setup consultants to help you fulfill your desire to own a business in Dubai.

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