Company license in UAE- how to get one for your business in Dubai?

Instant License - How To Get One For Your Business In Dubai?

Do you know one of the common concerns in the mind of entrepreneurs coming to Dubai? It is definitely the instant license for the business. To get one is not an easy job for an outsider.

For your information, there are different types of common-licenses. The list includes commercial, industrial, and professional. But there are also express and specialist licenses as well.

From all the above licenses, an Instant License is a trade license. It will allow you to carry out commercial or professional business activities. You can get your hands on this license within a few minutes.

What is Dubai instant license?

It is one of the express forms of a commercial and professional license. A person can get it without the usual documentation and approvals. The key difference when applying is that you don’t have to register your name. Furthermore, you don’t have to produce a Memorandum of Association or providing your tenancy agreement.

The Instant License Dubai DED application is very simple. You only need a time of five minutes to complete the process online.

How to apply for company license in UAE?

It is best to work with a UAE company formation expert for the application. The four steps for obtaining the Dubai Instant License are as follows:

1- Selection of Business Activities

First, you have to decide the business activity you are going to perform. Ensure that the activity is in line with the list of the official Department of Economic Development (DED). You can get an instant license for almost 2000 activities as per the rule. So, you can definitely find one business activity for yourself.

2- Selection of Company’s Name

Secondly, you have to pick a company name before starting your application. But remember when selecting the name, you have to keep some important points in your mind. You have to follow set some set of rules as follows:

  • You should avoid using any kind of blasphemous or offensive language.
  • Don’t use well-known organization names.
  • Don’t write your company name in abbreviation if naming it after yourself. For instance, the name will be Richard Steven Consulting instead of R Stephen Consulting.
  • Ensure that the name you are going to select should be available for registration.

3- Create Your License Application

Now, start creating your application. You can do it online or via an e-channel portal or visit a service center. The process is very much simple and you only need five minutes because of the minimum documentation.

You have to provide the following things as part of your application:

  • Activities
  • Partner and managers
  • Trade name
  • Commercial strategy

4- Creating Visa Application

Above all, you also need your residency visa for work in UAE. You can receive assistance from agents to complete your application. Once you will be a business license holder, then you can sponsor other visas as well. It can be your spouse, parent, child, or domestic worker (housekeeper).

The number of visas you can apply for will be according to the size of your company and selected setup. For the dependent visas, your personal earnings will matter.

Documents requirement for instant license

As said early, the documents requirements are very minimal in Instant License Dubai DED. If applying via e-channel, you only have to provide your ID for the creation of an account. After that, use the account to complete the process.

If applying through the service center, you will need the following documents:

  • Copies of your passports for all the license parties that include managers and partners.
  • Copy of your residence visa and NOC (if needed).
  • Copy of your visa (If needed).

Note that, you can add different business types under the umbrella of your Instant License. This will include:

  • One Person LLC.
  • Civil Company.
  • Sole Proprietorship.
  • Limited Liability Company.

Moreover, Instant License is also available for all the activities that don’t need external approvals.

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Price of instant license Dubai

Instant License is one of the affordable ways of starting your business in Dubai. If you are new in Dubai, then add the cost of visa application and any dependents (if any).

For the exact price of the license, get in touch with a company formation expert. The expert will guide you in the right direction.


The process to get an Instant License in Dubai is very easy. You just need a little knowledge about the process and you can get the license to start your business. However, the price of the license is also affordable.

Do you still find it difficult to get a license on your own? Connect with a company formation expert. The expert will listen to your business requirement and will do the rest on your behalf!

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