Protecting your Business Legally in UAE

Complaints Business Dubai
Complaints Business Dubai

The Trade Compliance Handbook published by the Trade Compliance and Trade Protection Sector (CCCP) of the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism provides guidance on doing business in Dubai in accordance with the laws in order to protect them. , do not cause violations that could result in fines or complaints from consumers or merchants.

We have a complete manual which can be sent over immediately if requested from us which outlines all the guidelines.

The manual is intended as a reference for dealers on:

1. Laws, regulations and requirements applied in Dubai

2. Create a premium shopping environment for merchants and consumers

3. Reduce the number of non-compliant commercial establishments.

4. Protection of intellectual property rights

5, Protection of commercial agencies

6. Business protection

7. Engage in commercial activities

8. Provision of offers and sales

9. Organize raffles and give away prizes.

The guide also provides detailed information on the steps to file a claim by one company against another infringing company. Merchants can file complaints against any business in mainland Dubai by providing the necessary evidence and documents through the website.

For the complaint to be accepted, the offender must be approved by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism and the claimant must attach documents to their complaint. The ministry also accepts business complaints it receives from outside the UAE.

The Business Protection Department of the Ministry of Economy and Tourism in Dubai handles business complaints against other businesses (B2B) and tries to settle the dispute out of court. It only accepts commercial dispute types, including:

  1. Complaints about additional charges for a service or product

2. Non-compliance with the policies of an agreement with the law

3. Non-compliance with the conditions of after-sales service, activity, tariff, contact and guarantee of the company.

The Department does not accept complaints in tourism, real estate, insurance and banks or cases related to cheques and fraud.


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