How to Get the UAE Employment Visa in (2022): 7 Requirements You Must Know

UAE Employment Visa
UAE Employment Visa

Getting the UAE employment visa, commonly known as a work permit is simple and quite open. However, acquiring visas in UAE requires you to present certain documents for attestation. Therefore, in this article, you’ll get to know the proper steps on how to get the UAE employment visa effortlessly. 

Additionally, if you’re planning to relocate to the UAE and desire to know the cost of an employment visa in Dubai plus the requirements needed, then this post is for you. Thus, how do you get the UAE employment visa this year? 

To get either a residence permit or employment visa, there are certain requirements you must follow for your visa attestation. Here are the requirements to consider that will help you get your work permit in UAE;

  • Your Passport photos
  • Original emirate ID card
  • An entry permit from a reputable ministry of labor
  • Medical screening results
  • Your company’s commercial license copy
  • A copy of your company card from the employer
  • An application form to execute the process

Usually, the bodies responsible for providing labor cards in UAE include the (MoHRE), popularly known as the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and the (GDRFA), termed as General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Your card will be issued specifically where you are employed. Generally, you must wait up to ten days to get your labor card in Dubai, which typically lasts for a period of 2 years. 

Similarly, the UAE authorities recommend all the documents submitted for attestation must be presented in Arabic including the contract of the employment you are in. 

Having said that, it is prudent to keep in mind it is not allowed to work in UAE while you are on your tourist visa. In case you get a job while you were on your tourist visa, the government recommends you Change the status of your visa before delving into the work, at hand. 

Also, the most crucial requirement needed to get your employment visa in UAE is a valid proof of your job offer from an authentic company in UAE, or simply the employment contract you behold at the time of visa application. Apart from that, everything required for you to get the Dubai permanent visa is the same as a work permit. 

Therefore, to acquaint yourself with everything about UAE employment visas, we’ve also narrowed down to some of the meaty information in this post such as how many types of employment visas are there in UAE? How much does an employment visa cost? The difference between a residence visa and an employment visa in UAE. And, how many days does it take to process the work permit in Dubai?

Let’s discuss each piece in detail;

Types of Employment Visas in UAE

There are two types of employment visas or employment contracts in UAE, especially in the private sector. This is confirmed under the UAE Labour Law No. 8. 1980. Therefore, the unlimited term contract and the limited-term contract are typically the two types of employment contracts issued in the UAE. 

The termination and provision for end of service gratuity are what brings the difference between these two types of employment contracts in Dubai. 

To know more about each type of employment visa, continue reading;

Employment Visas in UAE

Limited-Term Contract (Fixed-Term)

Here, the contract will specify or mentioned on the end date and the beginning of the employment period. Thus, it will be easy for you to know more about the duration of your visa upon getting your employment contract. If the contract isn’t renewed, the contract will automatically be canceled when the end date is due.

Similarly, as per the updated form in the UAE Labour market, fixed contracts is offered for a maximum period of two years, unlike it was 4 years back.

Unlimited Term Contracts

This type of contract is more flexible, open-ended, and popularly used in the United Arab Emirates compared to the fixed contract. Similarly, this contract can only be canceled by providing a 1-3 months’ notice or by mutual agreement. 

So, when an employee or employer end the contract, he/she is considered to have not adhered to the rules and regulation set by the two parties. And, so, one party might initiate legal action to be compensated. 

Therefore, when applying for an employment visa, ensure you are clear on the type of employment visa the company or employer is offering you. You can select the fixed type or the unlimited depending on the job agreement and your preference also. 

How Much Does an Employment Visa Cost in UAE?

The estimated employment visa cost in UAE is 7000 AED, which is equivalent to $1,900. 

Similarly, the entire cost of the work permit in Dubai will depend on the company’s size and the amount of workforce you are in. Here, companies are grouped into categories which include A, B, and C categories.

Therefore, the following is the average cost you’ll incur when applying for a work permit in UAE

  • Visa application fee with the Ministry of Labour= AED 300
  • Work permit fee = AED 1200(this figure will keep on increasing depending on the size of the company and members.
  • Deposit fund in the Ministry of Labour=AED 3000
  • Entry fee at the department of the immigration=AED 500
  • Medical fitness test= AED 450
  • Emirates ID=AED 300
  • Stamping= 500

So, when applying for your employment visa in Dubai, you must pay for the above fees and pass through a medical checkup before the visa is issued.

However, to be allowed to work in UAE, the organization employing you must satisfy the following UAE employment visa rules;

  1. The permit of the company must be authentic
  2. The company should be free from any law infringements
  3. The work employed should tally with the organization’s standards. 

The Difference between a Residence Visa and an Employment Visa in UAE

UAE authorities honor and demand you must have both types of visas in their countries. Nonetheless, residence and an employment visa come with different benefits upon issuing. 

To where their difference lies, let’s jump right into it;

Employment Visa 

This visa type is also called an entry permit in UAE. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship Customs, and Post Security is responsible for issuing this document. Therefore, an entry permit primarily permits foreigners or visitors to enter and stay in the country for a specified duration. 

Similarly, this document may be provided electronically or in a physical form. Usually, the party or company sponsoring the foreigner has to cater for the entry permit transaction fee through the offline channels and the GDRFA’s. 

An employment visa always has the start and the end date of the contract. This helps an individual know the duration of his/her contract in the organization. However, the period of stay for entry permits is different because they’re of various categories. 

Residence Visa

A residence visa differs from an employment visa in terms of when they are issued out in the country. You’ll be provided with a residence visa after you’ve already entered UAE using the entry permit.

In this case, only sponsors who have met the GDRFA’s standards are solely permitted to apply for the foreigner’s residence visa. Moreover, this visa type demands a person pass through security and medical check to be fully considered by the UAE government. 

Also, depending on the type of residence visa you’ve applied for, the period for your stay might differ from others. It be could be 1, 2, or 3 years. One of the benefits of the UAE residence visa is the eligibility to travel to different parts of the world freely within the validity duration of the visa. 

Summary of the major difference between a residence and an employment visa

Issued byEmployee to their familyCompany/organization to their workers
Duration of stay1,2, 3 depending on the type of visa2 months or as stated in the employment contract
Who pays the entry feeIndividuals themselvesThe company sponsoring the worker


How Many Days Does it Take to Process the Work Permit in Dubai?

After submitting all your documents to the relevant authority in the country, the entire process might take between 2 to 7 business days to get your employment visa

However, in case you failed to submit the required documents, it might take a while for your permit to be processed. The government might require you to resubmit or check if you did the correct submission process. 

Final Thoughts 

UAE is among the top countries every investor or tourist long to visit. The country is characterized by lots of remarkable things such as a sunny climate, a stable economy, and improved infrastructure. Nonetheless, for you to get into Dubai, you must be well equipped with the basic requirements needed for you to enter. 

In case it’s an employment contract, you’ll be needed to present your Passport photos, original emirate ID card, and an entry permit from a reputable ministry of labor among others as discussed in the article.

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