Everything You Need to Know about New Green Visa Dubai in (2022)

UAE Employment Visa
UAE Employment Visa

Do you know you can enter Dubai without getting any sponsorship from friends, family, or company? Currently, UAE authorities have devised means to permit individuals from all walks of life to come into their countries without seeking company or sponsorship. Therefore, one of these strategies structured in UAE is the implementation of a new green visa in Dubai. 

And, so, you might be wondering what does this new green visa Dubai entails, right? Don’t worry, we’ve documented everything you need to know about green visa UAE which includes the following;

  • What is Dubai green visa?
  • What are the advantages of a green visa card in Dubai?
  • What are the requirements of the UAE Green Visa?
  • Who is eligible for a green visa in UAE?
  • How to apply for “Green Visa, just in a few seconds

This is a new type of visa that was announced by the UAE government recently. And, since Dubai is a land for everyone, a lot of professionals and investors are looking forward to knowing exactly what the card is all about. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai soon, it is better to familiarize yourself with a new green visa card, upfront.

Therefore, in this article, you’re going to get every detail about the new green visa Dubai and several aspects surrounding this new initiative.

Let’s dive in;

What is Dubai Green Visa?

The new green Dubai visa is the recent initiative by the AUE authorities set to allow more investors and individuals to come into their country. Therefore, this is an upcoming legal document grouped under the resident visa, which permits foreigners to support themselves while in the UAE. 

Other types of visas such as employment, resident among others restrict foreigners or investors to sponsor themselves while coming to Dubai. In addition, some visas demanded that you should earn a certain monthly salary for you to support your family or spouse. Thanks to the new UAE green visa which renders such requirements useless. 

And, so, these new legal documents have it that you need not associate yourself with any employer or the UAE company to get yourself in Dubai. What a golden card to have?

In addition, an individual with this visa is permitted to seek employment without a company’s approval. However, it is important to know, since this new green Dubai visa is a new initiative, the UAE authorities haven’t revealed much about it.

What are the Advantages of a Green Visa Card in Dubai?

One of the outstanding benefits of the new green visa card is the ability to permit individuals from different backgrounds and nations to come to the country. You can, live, work or do anything to support yourself in the UAE. 

Apart from that, other additional benefits that come with the card include;

  •  A grace period of one hundred and eighty days. 
  • Individuals can support themselves without company or employer’s sponsorship
  • Once you have the card, you’re free to sponsor your parents and children aged 1- 25 years
  • Offers more freedom and flexibility to workers

It is evident having the card makes you flexible in the country, unlike the employment visa card. The AUE authorities simply launched this card to strengthen their economy and attract professionals and high investors. 

Also, with the new green visa in Dubai, foreigners are allowed to stay and work in the country. An employment visa comes with a certain period of your stay in the country which when not updated might lapse without your notice. 

So, you can take a bold step and apply to green visa UAE and have the bonuses it comes with compared to other types of visas. Therefore, how do you apply for this new green Dubai Visa?

How to Apply for “Green Visa, just in a few Seconds

Under the “Projects of the 50” recently announced by the UAE government to strengthen the economy and attract more people into the country. One of its core legislative amendments is a restructuring of the residency system. And the entry includes the pronouncement of the Green Visa, enlarging the eligibility of the Golden Visa and the Freelance visa which gives freelance space for their online jobs.

The green visa presented by the UAE authorities simply ties a difference between the residency and the work permit. Earlier on, the UAE had linked the residency visa for foreigners with employment in Dubai. However, the green visa gives individuals the guts to support themselves. 

If you’re planning to get a green visa, how can you apply to get one in Dubai? 

Let’s find out:

The UAE green visa card application is done mainly through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website. (https://smartservices.ica.gov.ae/). In the same vein, at the Golden section services in the portal, anyone eligible for the new green Dubai visa can submit a nomination request, in case you are not nominated to receive the card. 

Note; the UAE government is yet to announce the solid application steps for the new green visa card. 

What are the requirements of the UAE Green Visa? 

When applying for a visa such as a residency visa, the authorities compel you to come along with different documents for attestation. The original Emirate ID, copies of the passport photos among others are some of the important documents needed for verification. 

What about the UAE green visa? 

The card is designed to offer foreigners huge benefits that they cannot hesitate to apply for in UAE. Unfortunately, since this is a new legal document launched recently in UAE, there is not sufficient information concerning the requirements needed for one to apply for this card. 

Therefore, immediately the UAE discloses the fundamentals behind the entire process, it will be easy and available for everyone interested to apply for it in Dubai.

Who is Eligible for Green Visa in UAE?

This is another important aspect to know regarding the new green visa card in Dubai. Unlike the other visa types, the green visa is designed for specific people. If you are looking forward to applying for this type of card, continue reading to know if you are eligible for this visa card in UAE. 

The following individuals can apply for the new green visa card in UAE;

  • Graduates and Top students
  • Investors
  • Business people
  • Highly-qualified people
  • Entrepreneurs

It is also important to note this visa is designed specifically for individuals who are looking for jobs in UAE. Nonetheless, for freelancers, you can send your application to the federal visa for freelancers. Therefore, once the UAE government discloses every bit of this card, it will be publicized which professions are added or are the best to apply for this visa.

How Much Does Green Visa Cost in UAE?

Ever since UAE announced the green visa card, currently, the most frequently asked question on the internet is how much does a green visa card cost in UAE? If you are among those asking, don’t worry. The UAE government is yet to disclose the exact cost that comes with this new green visa application. 

This is a new legal document currently launched to boost the UAE economy after its shake by the pandemic.

Final Thoughts 

The UAE Green visa card is essentially structured for the boost of the UAE economy and other sectors in the country. This is their strategy to get a lot of professionals, investors, doctors into their country to stay and work there. 

Though the cards have several advantages to the foreigners, the authorities are yet to disclose every information about this new legal document.

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