Is UAE Issuing New Work Permits-New Work Permit Announced

UAE Issuing New Work Permits
UAE Issuing New Work Permits

(MoHRE) popularly known as The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation recently announced new service fees for the following services in the United Arabs Emirates; issuing work permits, transferring workers, amending contracts, and prices for renewing.

Similarly, the work permit for freelancers and the juvenile work permit has also been revised.

The amendments were done by the Prime Minister of the UAE Issuing New Work Permits and Crown Head of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.  He amended a few criteria of Cabinet Resolution 21 of 2020 about service fees and administrative fines in MoHRE.

Additionally, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation will do all the revised costs for amending work permits and contracts and transferring employees from one institution to another.

If you’re wondering what the new adjustments are, as announced and issued by the MoHRE recently, you’re lucky to meet this post.  The following is a complete table with all the new fee adjustments issued to the work permit per the latest findings.

 work permit inside the country, especially those with valid residency)

(Issue) TypeNew Fee
Work permit for juveniles


AED 50
Training permit


AED 50
A work permit for UAE nationals or freelancers for two yearsAED 50
A temporary work permit


AED 50
 A part-time work permit


AED 50
 A probationary work permit


AED 50
 Work permit for residency holders


AED 50

Fees for work permits from outside the country

Several amendments were made to the work permit from outside the country.  Therefore,UAE Issuing New Work Permits if you want to know the announcement made on the fees concerning work permits in this category.  Here is a definitive guide to help you;

Issue a work permit for a project   

Category A        AED 250

Category B         AED 250

Category C          AED 250

Request for a work permit  

Category A        AED 50

Category B         AED 50

Category C          AED 50

Issue a work permit for two years  

Category A        AED 250

Category B         AED 1200

Category C          AED 3450

Additionally, here is a table for the new service fees for permit renewals, contracts amendments, and others

Type of Service Fee


Fees to renew permitsAmending a contractRequest for a transfer permit from one company to anotherIssue of a license to transfer and employ a worker from

one company to another for two years

Category A


AED 250AED 50AED 50AED 250
Category B


AED 1200AED 50AED 50AED 1200
Category C            AED 3450AED 50AED 50AED 3450

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