Types of UAE Visa/Dubai Visa Types Hard to Get in (2022)


Living, working, and studying in Dubai is easy as long as you comply with the UAE requirements. The UAE authorities will demand certain documents for you to be fully a UAE resident, especially if you want to take a long stay in the country. Luckily, you can get a sponsor or a company that might support you in your entire residency visa application in Dubai. Therefore, how can you obtain or get a residency visa in Dubai?

The following are the process involved when you want to obtain or get your Dubai residency visa this year;

  • Collect all the documents needed such as copies of your passport
  • Pay a visit to a recognized typing center
  • Submit all the documents required by the authorities
  • Wait as the typing center scan all your documents and forms
  • Documents are verified and the immigration body approves your application
  • Wait to receive either an approval or rejection message from the immigration body
  • If your application is approved, get your visa stamped by visiting the immigration department

The above steps will help you land your Dubai residency visa, just in a few days. Nonetheless, there are also other methods one can use in UAE to get a Dubai residency visa. You can always consider a simple and cost-effective method to obtain your visa.

Types of UAE Visa

That’s said; the immigration departments in UAE come devised the best way you can apply for a visa in Dubai. Nowadays, you need to visit the immigration offices to apply for any type of visa you so wish to get into Dubai. The whole process is simplified by shifting to an online way of doing things. You can now apply for your Dubai Visa Types using the authorized UAE online portals and receive your visa after intense scrutiny of your documents.

However, applicants will be needed to visit reputable typing centers. These centers are strictly responsible for documents collection and thereafter submitting the documents to the immigration departments for further processing.

Similarly, to check for the authenticity of the typing centers, applicants must look for the Amer logo when entering those typing centers. The Amer logo will help you build trust and know you are dealing with a reputable typing center when engaging in your visa-related transactions. Also, the logo justifies the typing center is approved by the relevant authorities.

To shed light on that, here are some of the approved typing centers in Dubai:

  • Top Speed Typing Al Muhaisnah
  • Emirates Secretarial Services
  • Better Mind Businessmen Services L.L.C
  • Top Speed Typing Al Rashidiya
  • Magic Touch-typing
  • UBS Businessmen Services
  • Medi Express Service
  • Royal Dream Businessmen Services and more

Apart from that, the following are the best things to familiarize yourself with when applying for the UAE residence visa;

  1. Who is eligible for a UAE residence visa
  2. What are the documents required when applying for a Dubai residency visa
  3. How much does it cost to get a Dubai residence visa
  4. The new rules when obtaining a UAE residence visa
  5. Benefits of Dubai residence visa in UAE

Let’s discuss each in detail;

Who is Eligible for a UAE Residence Visa?

There are many rules foreigners need to comply with when applying for a Dubai residency visa. In fact, the rules narrowing down to the visa eligibility will solely depend on the nationality of the foreigner.

Therefore, the following are the conditions to be met when applying to the UAE residence;

  • Must be a citizen from other nationalities
  • Anyone looking forward to an employment contract in UAE

In case you’re looking to be employed in Dubai, the company recruiting you or the employer in person ought to apply for the visa on behalf of the employee.

What are the Documents Required When Applying for a Dubai Residency Visa?

Often, there are some documents you’ll be required to submit when applying for your residency visa in UAE. UAE has different types of visas issued to foreigners by authorized authorities dealing with visa-related issues. In this case, you might present different types of documents depending on the type of visa you are applying for in Dubai’s Visas.

And, so, for Dubai residential visa, the major documents required by the UAE authorities include;

  • Attested certificates/documents
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Original Tenancy Contract
  • Your family members passport size photos
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor
  • Labour Contract for private employees and the Salary Certificate for Government staffs

In most cases, when you submit the correct documents to the relevant authorities, it will take less time for your visa application to be processed. Also, your application might be rejected if you don’t submit the correct details as needed.

So, be attentive and submit to the instructions given by the UAE authorities that are dealing with visa-related issues in the UAE.

How Much Does it Cost to get a Dubai Residence Visa?

Generally, a Dubai residency visa in UAE will cost roughly AED 100. This cost features the first-time renewal and issuing.

Similarly, the process might involve other expenses for instance the cost of medical tests and obtaining other documents needed to complete the visa application process.

The New Rules When Obtaining a UAE Residence Visa

UAE authorities are always on the move to up their services including visa applications. Earlier on, applicants would be forced to visit the immigrant offices so that they can get their visa process completed. Thanks to the technology where everything is digitalized currently.

As we are speaking, you can easily apply for your visa online and the process will be completed successfully. In addition, they have also imposed new rules when obtaining a UAE residence visa. For instance, the new UAE residence visa will do away with visa trips. That means; anyone with a residence visa will not have that flexibility to travel to neighboring countries.

However, the new rule gives the holders of an employment visa the flexibility to travel to neighboring countries. Additionally, under the current rules, those who want to change their sponsors are required to leave the United Arabs Emirates and re-enter on the new visa.