How to Check Dubai Visa Application Status Online


A Dubai visa is one of the items you need to have while residing in the United Arab Emirates, especially for the expatriates in the country. Moreover, not only does the card ascertain your legitimacy as a UAE resident, but it can also help you in different aspects needed in UAE such as land leasing, accessing government facilities and financial institutions. 

So, whether you’ve applied for the UAE visa or want to check its expiry date, UAE authorities have provided an online portal you can use to check your visa status easily. 

Therefore, how do you check the Dubai visa application status online? Below is how you can confirm your UAE Employment Visa Dubai  status online. 

  • Go to the portal:
  • Choose the language to use after the portal has opened, click English as your preferred language
  • Choose the type of visa or residency you want to check. This will depend on the visa type you have
  • Enter your passport details such as passport number and expiry date
  • Choose your preferred nationality from the menu on the portal
  • Before you select search, confirm the captcha checkbox

Once the details you’ve submitted are valid, the page will show all the information on your visa including the date of Dubai residence visa expiry. This method can also be used when you want to check your Dubai visa status online using your passport number.

Additionally, in case you’re not familiar with the above method, you can simply use the GDRFA portal to check your visa status online.

Therefore, you can check your visa status online via the GDRFA in the following ways;

How to Check Dubai Visa Status Applicati0n Online Via the GDFRA Portal

GDFRA popularly known as The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in UAE is responsible to handle and give feedback to all UAE-related visa concerns, queries, applications, and rules. 

Currently, UAE is the only separate country that permits residents to check their status online.

So, below are the step-by-step procedures on how you can check your visa status online via the GDRFA portal?

  • Go to the link;
  • From the menu, choose “Residence Validity” on the GDFRA portal as your UAE inquiry service.
  • Insert your residency file number according to the year of issue. 
  • Enter your first name as indicated on your passport and then your gender
  • Enter your exact date of birth following the format dd-mm-yyy
  • Confirm your captcha code and submit your details

Your UAE visa details will then appear in green, just below your submission form after submitting your correct details. The following are the details you’ll see after submission, your name, UAE visa expiry date, date of birth, gender, and nationality. 

Similarly, to simplify everything, the GDRFA launched an app to help the ex-pats in the UAE find an easy time to check their visa status online. 

Thus, if you don’t prefer using the GDRFA website, you can download the application and follow the following steps to use it;

How to Use GDFRA App to Check UAE Visa Status Online

  • After installing the app, open and select the “services” label
  • Click on the “Residence status/Entry permit”  and opt for “Residence inquiry” 
  • Enter your personal details such as first name, visa code, date of birth, and nationality
  • Confirm your details then click “ Inquiry”

Similarly, after submitting your details, the page will show a green tick with your visa information. These might include your full name, visa expiry date, visa number, and the type of your visa.

When visiting the app next time, you don’t need to sign up again. Just simply open the app and check your visa application. 

Note it is a must to have your passport details for every process to confirm the validity of your UAE visa. However, it is not a must you carry your passport. You can master your details and present them when needed. Or you can keep a scanned version of your passport or photo at least in your phone or wallet. This might save your time in case your passport details are needed and you don’t have the original copy at hand.

Apart from that, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that might help you when checking the validity of your UAE visa status online;

How do you check if your Dubai Visa Application is approved?

Checking whether your Dubai visa has been approved or not is important because it keeps you on your toes on how your approval status is. Since having a visa is so crucial in Dubai, you can check your UAE approval status by using the following means;

  • Visit website
  • On the website, enter your Emirates ID number, Passport number, nationality, and the type of your passport. 

After submitting your details, you’ll get instant verification to confirm your Dubai Visa Application verification. 

Final Thoughts 

The UAE authorities devised simple and easy ways to help expatriates in UAE to apply and check their visa status by using online means. Just by a mere press of a button, you can know your UAE residence visa without moving from one place to another. In most cases, what you’ll be required to carry along is your passport number and other documents you’ll be required to submit in the specified online portal you’ll be using.

Therefore, if you want to check your Dubai visa status online, you can either use the GDFRA website or the app the GDFRA app they launched for the UAE expatriates to use. Nonetheless, in case you find it difficult to check your status online, you can seek any professional Dubai consultant to guide you.