Dubai Free Visa – Rules and Regulations You Must Know Before Entering the (UAE)

Dubai Free Visa
Dubai Free Visa

The UAE is deemed to be among the most stable country economically. It has a sunny climate which attracts most foreigners from different countries to visit Dubai. Additionally, the advanced infrastructure in Dubai spearheads business setup in the country.  The free zones in UAE, to be precise, offers several advantages to the investors, making Dubai a city sought-after for starting up a business or company.

And, so, when setting up a business in UAE free zones, the first document you’ll be compelled to acquire is a Dubai free visa. With Dubai free visa, you’ll be eligible to conduct your business activities in UAE effortlessly. However, when applying for the Dubai free visa, you’ll have to follow some steps including the rules and regulations. So, what are the rules and regulations for Dubai free visa?

The following are the rules and regulations concerning the Dubai free visa in UAE;

  • The visa is valid for 3 years.
  • Business proprietors looking forward to setting up a business in UAE can obtain a residency visa by selecting either an investor visa or employment visa. This type of visa is also valid for 3 years.
  • Dubai’s free visa application is strictly done through the Immigration Department (GDRFA).
  • It is easier to get a UAE residency visa if you are employed by a free zone company in Dubai. This type of visa is still valid for 3 years.

The Dubai free visa is issued out by only the GDRFA but not the Ministry of Labor. In most cases, if you fail to implement the rules and regulations set aside by the UAE authorities, your visa application process might be rejected or canceled.  Nonetheless, each visa type has its own requirements every UAE resident and foreigner ought to follow.

Therefore, in this article, you’ll not only learn about the Dubai visa rules and regulations but also how you can check your Dubai visa-free zone visa status, what is Dubai free zone visa is, how to identify if your visa is a free zone and how you can cancel your Dubai free visa in case something strange happens.

Let’s dive in;

What is Dubai Free Zone Visa?

Dubai free zone visa is a document issued by the GDFRA to entrepreneurs who want to start their business in free zone areas or companies. There are different UAE-free zones one can opt for a business setup. However, every free zone in UAE has its set policies that govern its marketplace.

For you to set up a business in any of the free zones, your business model must align itself with the rules and regulations of that free zone. Additionally, Employment Visa Dubai the first step to setting up a business in UAE free zone is applying for a Dubai Free zone visa.

Having the UAE free zone visa can also permit you to acquire UAE residence via an investor visa or entry permit.

Therefore, you must apply for the UAE free zone visa to be eligible to carry out your business in any of the free zone companies in the UAE.

How to know if Your Visa is a Free Zone?

To check your visa status in the UAE will solely depend on the purpose of your visit to Dubai. There are several visa types issued in the UAE strictly based on your intent into the country. So, to know if your visa is a free zone or not, all you need to do is to confirm your residence visa validity passport number and expiry date.

Similarly, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) in the UAE provides the residents with this service via their website. You can just enter your passport details in the portal to check your visa status, whether it is a free zone visa or not. Additionally, you can confirm your visa validity in this government portal.

In the same vein, if you’re allowed to enter Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah, you’re allowed to check your visa validity via the (FAIC) government website.

On the other hand, if you have a Dubai residence visa, you’re allowed to check if your visa is a free zone or not via Amer-GDRFA in Dubai.

How to Cancel the UAE Free Zone Visa?

Typically, when you want to leave the UAE permanently, you’ll be required to cancel your visa officially since you are no longer a UAE resident. In addition, you can’t cancel your visa on your own in Dubai. Your sponsor or the company supporting you must call off the visa first before you take any action.

However, when the organization you are working with decides to cancel your visa, the ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation must be involved in the entire process. Additionally, the employees must also sign the application form to confirm their acceptance, and then apply to the GDRFA to apply for the cancellation process.

Similarly, the work permit of the employee must also be canceled. For this to happen, the company ought to submit the employee’s letter indicating he has received all the salary to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Generally, visa cancellation must be done via the GDFRA.

So, how do you cancel your UAE free zone visa?

There are two ways you can implement to cancel your visa in Dubai. You can either go by the online portal or through the registered typing centers in UAE. Therefore, when canceling your visa, you’ll be required to submit the following documents;

  • Original ID card of the sponsor
  • Original passport of your sponsor
  • A cancellation form having the sponsor’s sign

How to Check Dubai Free Zone Visa Status?

Here are the steps you need to follow to check your Dubai Free zone status. The UAE authority provided an online portal and the use of GDRFA apps which UAE residents can use to check their visas. Below are the procedures when using the GDFRA application;

  • Open the application and choose the “services” label
  • Click on the type of visa you want to check and then select “ Residence Inquiry”
  • Insert your details including your first name, date of birth, nationality, and visa code
  • Confirm your details and then click Inquiry.