Employment Visa Dubai-Definitive Guide (2022)


Are you among those who have received a job invitation to work in UAE? With all the remarkable features the UAE has, it is everyone’s dream to stay or work in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, Employment Visa Dubai  when oscillating into another country, you’ll be compelled to choose what type of visa you’ll need, and UAE is no exception.

Therefore, if you want to work in Dubai, it goes without saying an employment type of visa is one of the main documents you’ll be required to apply. This document will permit you to work and manage a few activities in the UAE.

In this article, we’ve done the hard part and documented everything you need to know about employment visas in Dubai. Here are the main elements to keep an eye on when it comes to employment visa in UAE;

  • Reasons why an employment visa in Dubai might be rejected?
  • How long does a work permit in Abu Dhabi take?
  • How do I know if my employment visa is under process in UAE?

As you apply for your employment visa in Dubai, you might encounter some strange things in your visa application process. For instance, your visa might be rejected, delayed, or take quite some time to be processed. Usually, it normally takes roughly 3 to 4 working days for your visa to be processed in Dubai.

However, some technical issues might happen when applying for your employment visa in UAE.  So, in this article, you’ll get to know some in-depth information about the entire process concerning visa application and processing in UAE.

Let’s dive in;

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Reasons Why an Employment Visa in Dubai Might be Rejected?

Visa application in Dubai is easy and simple. However, when applying for your Dubai’s Visas Medical Tests, your application process might be accepted or rejected. So, you must be ready for any result issued by the authorities dealing with visa-related issues.

Employment Visa Dubai

Similarly, in some instances, your visa application might be rejected even after submitting your correct details to the relevant authorities. Therefore, what are some of the things that might make your employment visa in Dubai rejected?

  • Unclear passport copy
  • Wrong passport name and other details
  • Having issues with the Ministry of Labour
  • Having an expired Labour card
  • A different signature on the application
  • Having an expired work permit
  • Found in illegal activities inside UAE
  • Unsuitable educational certificates
  • Outstanding fines to be paid
  • Unmatched professional information
  • A medical test fail
  • Wrong applicant information

Above are the main reasons why your employment visa might be rejected by the UAE authority. In case your visa application is rejected and you are compliant with the above credential, you can seek help from any reputable authorities dealing with visa-related issues in Dubai.

How Long Does a Work Permit in Abu Dhabi Take?

Generally, an employment visa in Dubai takes roughly 5 business days for the Ministry of Labour in UAE to process, complete and issue an employment permit.

Typically, when you want to reside in Dubai, you’ll first be required to apply for a UAE resident visa after which an employment visa will follow suit, especially if you want to work in UAE. Therefore, this work permit is always valid for a period of 30 days when you first receive the card.  Nonetheless, you can extend the visa for another 30 days depending on the employment contract at hand.

So, after your employment Dubai visa is approved by the Ministry of Labour in UAE, the card, therefore, serves as an entry permit. Thus, allowing you to enter into the country, especially on the basis of employment.

You must be aware the UAE employment visa application procedures normally takes place only after you enter the country.

That means; immediately you enter the UAE after being approved by the MoHRE, your company or employer must start the application process for your residence visa from the GDRFA where you’ll be recruited.

Therefore, once your details are approved, the GDRFA will attach your card (employment visa) to your passport and you’ll be issued an Emirates ID, which will have a life span similar to that of your visa. In addition, you’ll obtain a Labour Card, which notifies the UAE authorities you’re permitted to work in the country.

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How Do I Know if My Employment Visa is Under Process in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates has provided the expatriates with an easy and faster way to either check or confirm their visas including employment visas. Once you’ve submitted your documents, you’ll want to know if your application process is successful, right.

Therefore, if you want to know your visa application process or expiry date, the following is the best method to go by;

  • Go to https://smartservices.ica.gov.ae/echannels/web/client/default.html#/fileValidity
  • Once the portal opens, click the “Passport Information” tab
  • Choose “Visa option” when the tab opens
  • Insert your passport expiry date and number
  • Choose your nationality from the drop-down menu
  • Before you click on the search, confirm the captcha checkbox

If you’ve provided the correct information, the display page will show all your visa information. Here, you can confirm the status of your visa, the expiry date and other information related to your visa.

So, through the e-channel system, the authorities have managed to reduce the use of paperwork. Moreover, the process is simple and faster for anyone who wants to confirm their visa details in UAE.

The online method gives all nationalities a chance to check their visa status irrespective of where they come from.

Final Thoughts

During your visa application, your result might be rejected or accepted. Sometimes your visa application might be rejected even after submitting the correct documents. Also, it may take longer for your visa to be processed.

Therefore, there are always reasons behind your visa rejection. For instance, having unclear passport copy, wrong passport name, having issues with the Ministry of Labour, an expired Labour card and an expired work permit.

However, if you’ve presented the correct documents and your employment visa is rejected. You can always visit the Ministry of Labor’s office or seek direction from a professional Dubai consultant in the UAE.

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