How can a Non-Resident Open a Bank Account in Dubai?-In Depth Guide for Easy Process

How to open a Bank Account in Dubai UAE

Opening a business bank account in Dubai tends to come out as an easy and simple endeavor to perform. As an investor, you might demean the practice to open a bank account in Dubai for business and attempt to do it yourself regardless of the little knowledge you might have when it comes to opening a bank account in Dubai.

In fact, some foreign investors normally seek support from professional business setup consultants in Dubai, to walk them through the whole practice. Why seek an expert business consultant in Dubai?

I know this question is crisscrossing in your deeper oblongata, right? An expert consultant in Dubai is well-equipped with business nuggets that propel in the Dubai marketplace.

Get Experienced Hands For Opening a Business Bank Account in Dubai

In this case, you ought to find one who is experienced with the business environment in Dubai and understands all the protocols involved to open a business bank account in Dubai.

Note some scoffers might entice you and rob your money if you are not meticulous enough when conducting the whole process of business bank account opening.

On the flip side, the United Arab Emirates has a rich and flourishing economy. It has fashioned itself as the main cosmopolitan business center of the world.

Its advanced infrastructure, strategic location, availability of professional human resources, and non-stop support from the UAE authorities and financial institutions grab the attention of several foreign investors globally.

Lately, non-residents including Indian residents have started investing closely in the UAE marketplace.

How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai, UAE?

Almost fifty percentages of the entrepreneurs, freelancers, and enterprise proprietors presently operating in Dubai are Indian nationals. They are performing excellent well in the business marketplace of the UAE.

Nevertheless, setting a company formation in UAE may be thrilling and tough for ex-pats. Therefore, there are lots of critical factors and matters concerned in the business setup ways that could appear tough to lots of individuals globally especially for the newbie’s entrepreneurs.

So, one of those essential concerns is opening a business bank account in Dubai or other parts of the UAE. If you’re an Indian citizen proceeding to open a financial institution account in the UAE, especially a business financial institution account in the UAE, then this article is for you.

With such detailed information about opening a business account in Dubai, before digging deep into the steps involved in the process. Let’s understand the perks of opening a business account in Dubai:

Advantages of Opening a Business Bank Account in the UAE

As a non-resident in Dubai, you might wonder why you must open your business account in Dubai. To quench such doubts, underneath are the best reasons why you must open a bank account in Dubai:

  • Zero taxation on each private and corporate earnings
  • Dedicated local manager
  • Non-restrictive banking choices
  • High stage of secrecy
  • Indulgent global access
  • Effortless switch of funds
  • Mobile and Online Banking
  • Flexible funding period
  • Asset control is available

The above benefits give you trust and a go-ahead to jumpstart your processes of opening a bank account in Dubai. With tax-free benefits, it might help you plan your business without thinking about the huge taxation that other countries and cities embody when possessing a bank account with them.

Dubai gives you complete merits to start your business with little capital to lift your business off the ground.

Now you know the benefits associated with opening a business bank account in Dubai, what next, completing the whole process.

See the steps below to open your business bank account:

1. Get Your Business License

A business license is the identification of your enterprise.

It is vital to acquire a business license in the UAE so that you will begin an enterprise in Dubai and open a company financial institution account.

Without a company’s license, you’ll now no longer be capable to open a financial institution account, especially a business bank account.

 2. Acquire the Important Papers and Documents

The next important step is to make certain that your office work is organized and is consistent with the necessities asked with the aid of using the financial institution.

The files demanded in a financial institution in Dubai can vary from one financial institution to another.

However, the gist of the files required for beginning a company financial institution account is pretty comparable and is listed underneath.

  1. Opening bank account forms from the financial institution of your choice
  2. Declaration from the board of administrators authorizing the hole of company financial institution account, and the signatories approving its opening.
  3. A replica of a legitimate business license issued with the DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development)
  4. A photocopy of certificates
  5. Photocopies of legitimate passports of all of the business companions and shareholders
  6. A replica of the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)

Sometimes you may be needed to present invoices, software bills, reference letters or letters of advice from the business companions, the company’s enterprise plan, and any extra statistics regarding your mentioned enterprise activity.

3. Choose the Bank

Once your office work is completed, you may then discover a financial institution that fits your necessities.

Analyze the eligibility standards and your earnings at the same time as choosing the financial institution. The banks which offer enterprise financial institution account facilities in UAE are:

  • Emirates NBD
  • Mashreq Bank
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

4. Application Process

It is usually recommended to go to the financial institution to have a one on one assembly together along with your advisor.

Delete all of your doubts and queries concerning starting a company financial institution account in the UAE.

Once you’ve submitted your application, the financial institution will evaluation your request and tell you via email approximately the approval or rejection of your application. Upon approval, you may be the proud proprietor of your very own enterprise account in the UAE.


Getting your business bank account secured in Dubai will help you perform your business with zeal and thrive at the same time. One of the great benefits you must take into account and open your bank account in Dubai is the free taxation featured on your business account.

In addition, you’ll have to access and use a convenient mobile and online banking that you can perform business transactions in any place comfortably.

However, if you may have difficulties setting your bank account snowball in Dubai, we’ve documented critical steps such as getting a business license, presenting the important documents, and selecting the bank of your choice among others to set you on toes with others.