Becoming a VAT/TAX Professional- Here is what you need to know


Several entrepreneurs need the service of tax professionals that provide corporate tax services to enable them to focus on their business activities. They require tax consultants who understand business needs such as Vat in UAE and can offer real solutions to problems. Here we will be walking you through how to be an efficient tax preparer. You can read more about UAE VAT Value Added Tax and Tax Laws.

What is the job of a tax preparer?

  • Tax preparers collect the personal data of the customers’ needed to file the return. They also choose the most urgent forms.
  • They receive all information on receipts, revenues, records, taxes, and documents.
  • Tax preparers prepare all documents as soon as they can while identifying all tax-saving deductions and credits.
  • They file all forms for federal and state tax reports, search for errors, assemble all forms, ensure they are duly endorsed, and provide the mailing envelope required by clients intending to file paper returns.

What are the things I need to know before establishing a tax business in Dubai?

  • Dare to be unique and consistent in your chosen area of specialization.
  • Be professional about everything related to your business. Your workplace must be designed and decorated in a professional manner.
  • Be open to learning. To be able to serve your clients adequately, you have to be an expert at what you do. Learn continuously to be at the top of your game. This could include taking online courses.
  • Broaden your business scope. The tax season does not last all year round but this should not be a reason for you to be in operations only at certain times of the year. Learn other skills, offer other services. The skills could be financial services or consulting services. This helps to build your brand and draw clients to your brand.

What is the process of establishing a tax consultancy in Dubai?

  • Get solid knowledge and adequate skills about tax services in Dubai. Know all information, hone your skills and study your competitors to enable you to implement the right policies for your company.
  • Get a business licence. You can get a business license by applying to the Department of Economic DEPARTMENT(DED). Acquiring a business license is crucial for your business to operate successfully.
  • Formulate a business plan. The business plan helps you make the right decisions for your business, save time and cost, assess your ideas and risks. The business plan also helps you to estimate costs and projected profits. Ensure that you research properly before formulating a business plan.
  • Start your business. You can start by networking with family and friends. Place advertisements and ensure that your dealings with clients are transparent and outstanding to retain clients and develop your brand.

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