Get Your Kiosk License in Dubai, UAE: 2023 Guide

A Guide to Getting Kiosk License in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a global city and business hub for both the middle east and the western world. Every entrepreneur dreams to do business in this region. This is because Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have incredibly business-favoring environments and regulations.
With tax exemption regimes to different jurisdictions, you can bring any of your business idea into reality. One of your business ideas can be a kiosk business in Dubai.
With its strategic location in the Middle East and its vibrant economy, it is no surprise that Dubai has become one of the most popular places for entrepreneurs to start their own mall kiosk businesses.
If you are also looking to start your kiosk business in Dubai, we have covered all the aspects of this business in this blog.

The kiosk business in Dubai 

The kiosk business in Dubai is a booming industry. This business has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to the city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, excellent infrastructure, and favorable taxation policies.
A kiosk business is basically a retailing merchandise entity installed in public and shopping malls.
Kiosks are small retail outlets that offer a variety of products, services, and information to customers in convenient locations throughout the city.
Most kiosks in Dubai shopping malls are
Kiosks offer customers a wide array of items such as groceries, clothing, electronics, and accessories in addition to providing access to banking services, internet cafes, and other amenities.

The types of kiosk business in Dubai 

Dubai is a city of modern marvels, and one of the best business opportunities found here is kiosk businesses.
These are small, compact stores that provide an array of services and products to customers. Kiosks can be found in malls, restaurants, airports, and even outside on the streets.
Popular types of kiosk businesses in Dubai range from clothing shops to electronics stores, beverages kiosks, and jewelry stores to souvenir stands. Food kiosks are also popular as they offer quick meals and snacks on the go.
There are also many kiosks offering IT services such as photo printing, digital marketing consultation, website design, and much more. No matter what your needs may be, you will likely find a suitable kiosk business in Dubai that meets your requirements.

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The process to get a kiosk license in Dubai 

Applying for a kiosk license in Dubai is not as difficult as it may seem. Getting a kiosk license in Dubai is different from the world. Here you have to get a license from the DED, department of economic development. The DED is responsible for granting all types of licenses to kiosk business owners.
The steps to get a kiosk license in Dubai goes as:

1: Choose a mall for your kiosk

The first step to setting up a kiosk business is to start the research of finding the right place in Dubai to showcase your products. There are different malls in Dubai and each mall attracts a different type of audience. So, you have to find such mall that is suitable for the products that you are planning to showcase in kiosks.
For instance, if you are setting up a souvenir kiosk, the target audience would be tourists. So, you have to choose a mall that most tourists would love to visit. Dubai mall is one of the top attractions in Dubai.
After finding the right mall, now you have to speak with the management of the mall to see which space is available. The mall management will offer you a quote based on your asking.

2: Choose the company name

Once you have found the place, now you have to choose a trading name for your company. The name has to follow the UAE naming conventions such as the name shouldn’t be blasphemous, or offensive. It shouldn’t be taken before and it must be available in the DED to be taken.

3: Apply at the DED

Now you have to apply for your kiosk license in Dubai at the Dubai department of economic development (DED). There are four types of licenses based on the different types of business.

  •       Commercial license
  •       Professional license
  •       Tourism license
  •       Industrial license

To find which license would be better for your business activity, take our assistance at Vigor corporate services. We can help you with a smooth kiosk license application and acquisition.

4: Required documents submission

The application form for a kiosk license requires you to provide certain documents with it. The required documents are:

  •       Passport copy
  •       Emirates ID if you have
  •       Tenancy contract for the kiosk
  •       Local sponsor’s passport copy
  •       Completed application form
  •       Signed memorandum of association (MOA)

5: License acquisition

Once you have submitted all the documents with the application now you have to pay the fee voucher. Once the fee is paid. You will recieve your kiosk business license in Dubai within 3 to 5 working days.

6: Visa processing

You need employees to manage your kiosk business setup in Dubai. And everyone except the UAE nationals requires a visa to live and work. Based on your license, and business activities you can sponsor visas for your family and employees.
Once all documents are verified and approved, applicants will be issued a Kiosk License that is valid for one year.
The license can then be renewed when it expires. With these steps completed, businesses can begin operating their kiosks in Dubai without any issues.

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Benefits of starting a kiosk business in Dubai 

Opening a kiosk business in Dubai can be a great way to get into the thriving business community of the city.

  1. Great for different tests: if you have a business idea but first want to see the market perception, then starting a kiosk gives you an opportunity to experiment and test your idea before executing it.
  2. Low investment: Kiosks are low-cost, easy to set up, and can provide a wide range of services and products to customers. They offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get into the market quickly with minimal start-up costs and overhead. Compared to other retail businesses, kiosk business setup in Dubai requires very minimal investment with 100% profit repatriation.
  3. Lease flexibility:  most malls in Dubai have a flexible agreement for their kiosk contract offers which are also negotiable as compared to regular retinal points.
  4. Seasonal products: all the kiosk or small stall owners tend to adapt those products that they can sell on different festivals, events, or specific seasons such as Christmas, and Eid.
  5. Demand: kiosks have been in the market for a long time which also means people like the experience of shopping at kiosks. There is also huge demand in the Dubai malls for kiosks. If you want to set up kiosk business in Dubai, make sure your products are offering a wide range of variety to cater to different types of customers in Dubai malls due to the high percentage of cultural diversity.
  6. Easy maintenance: as opposed to traditional retailing stores, maintaining the kiosks is comparably easy. Not only the kiosks are made of cost-effective materials such as timber and plastic, but you also do not have to worry about other matters such as deep cleaning, plumbing, and electricity management.
  7. Visibility: Kiosks are highly visible forms of advertising for businesses, allowing them to reach more customers and gain more recognition within the city. Kiosks also help businesses establish a physical presence in Dubai that allows them to build relationships with local customers.
  8. Experimentation: Kiosks provide an ideal platform for entrepreneurs to experiment with new ideas without facing high risks or large investments.

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Final thoughts on kiosk business in Dubai 

One of the best business prospects to set up the kiosk business in Dubai. There are malls in different parts of Dubai and every mall in Dubai allows you to set up kiosks.
This is also one of the great business opportunities for small business people. If you are worried about setting up your kiosk business or company in Dubai, get in touch with Vigor business consultants in Dubai who can assist you with all the processes of establishing a kiosk business in Dubai.