How to Get a Personal Trainer License in Dubai, UAE: Simple Steps to Follow

Personal Trainer License

Dubai has the fastest-growing health and fitness industry in the middle east and the world. With hundreds of health clubs, gyms, and specialized boutique studios, Dubai offers amazing opportunities to personal trainers who have the qualifications and market experience.
If you also looking into the fitness field and want to start a personal trainer business in Dubai, do not wait. Get your personal trainer license in Dubai with the right guidance and start your business right now.
Here in this blog, we will explore the personal trainer business in Dubai in detail covering all the aspects such as how to get a personal trainer license in Dubai, the benefits of a license, and more.

Steps to obtain a personal trainer license in Dubai, UAE

Like any other business license, obtaining a personal trainer license in Dubai, UAE is not difficult. You just have to make sure that you are following all the legal formalities rightfully and have all the required documents.
If you need help from someone who can walk you through the registration process, get in touch with Vigor corporate services. We have an expert team of consultants who can take all the burden of registration and paperwork and will do the work with more efficiency and quicker.

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Step 1: application submission

The first thing that you have to do is to select the right business activity for your license that suits your business plan. With that, a company name. The name you choose for your business make sure it is in compliance with the UAE naming regulations. Make sure the chosen name is available and it is not offensive or blasphemous. If all things are good and according to UAE law, you can receive your personal trainer license in Dubai within a few days.

Step 2: e-channel services

Dubai offers faster e-channel services that make the hassle of paperwork disappear and now the application for registration is the easiest. You can now easily apply for your entry permit as well. The permit will be valid for 2 months only, but you can apply it online.

Step 3: status change activation

After receiving your entry permit, now you have to change your status. Activate that option. Depending on your passport, you might have to exit and re-enter the city before changing your visa status.
You require to apply for a residency visa and acquire an emirates ID to form a personal trainer company setup in Dubai as you cannot open without having an address or a stable residency visa.

Step 4: Registration

You will need to register with the Dubai Health Authority, which will issue your official license. Once registered, you can then apply and a become a personal trainer in Dubai and work in any licensed gym. It is also important to obtain First Aid and CPR certification before beginning your job as a personal trainer in Dubai.

Step 5: Examination

You also pass an exam conducted by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). By attending workshops and seminars offered by accredited fitness centers you can stay updated on the latest trends in fitness and exercise science.
With all of these steps taken care of, you are ready to start your career as a freelance personal trainer in Dubai!

Step 6: gym or training premises

Your type of business requires an actual workplace to operate. You need to find and lease out a suitable space for your personal trainer business setup in Dubai. Get tenancy contract attested by EJARI and submit with other documents.

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The cost of opening a personal training business in Dubai

Opening a personal training business in Dubai can be a costly endeavor. Depending on the size of your workplace, and location, the cost of opening a personal trainer can cost from 10,000 to 20,000 AED. However, there are several additional costs as well.
You will also need to pay for any necessary renovations as well as equipment such as weights, cardio machines, and other fitness items. With all this, you will need to acquire any special certifications required by the government of Dubai in order to operate your business legally.

The fitness industry regulations in Dubai for a personal trainer business

The fitness industry regulations in Dubai are highly regulated and require that all fitness centers comply with the health, safety, and hygiene standards set by the government. All fitness centers must have a valid license, which is issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention. The facilities must also be inspected regularly to ensure they meet these standards.
A personal trainer must have legitimized diploma, degree, or certification from a world-renown institute. All trainers and instructors must have the necessary qualifications and skills to train. As the REPS UAE certificate is necessary for all training professionals.
Personal trainers must be affiliated with a licensed gym before practicing professionally with their clients in the UAE.
The UAE’s general authority of youth sports and affairs issues the license of personal training and with this license, you need to acquire a residency or employment visa.
If you already have the qualifications and member of the REPS in your country, simply check the website of UAE’s REPS website to see if the UAE government recognizes your certification of training or if you are allowed to professional practice.
There is no need to worry as most international personal training diplomas as recognized by the UAE’s REPS.
The UAE’s general authority of youth sports and affairs has two conditions regarding personal trainer applicants. First, all the applicants must meet the local government’s REPS qualification requirements.
The second is for those applicants who want to study or get training in the UAE to get a higher or more advanced personal training diploma or certificate.
The applicant needs one skill at least of level 3 diploma in personal training or a similar REPS-recognized course. So, the applicant can step into the professional training business.

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The benefits of opening a personal training business in Dubai

Opening a personal training business in Dubai is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the city’s booming fitness industry. There are several advantages of starting a personal trainer business in Dubai.
With the highest number of ex-pats in this country covering more than 85 percent population, having a personalized training business can bring countless opportunities and benefits.

The high demand:

The fitness industry is already gigantic but according to recent reports, it has the ability to cross 600 million USD by 2025. Though the market is huge it doesn’t mean it is saturated. Rather with time, the need is going to increase. The city has an ever-growing population with diverse backgrounds, which provides an ideal client base for personal trainers.


As times are changing, many people are shifting to a healthier lifestyle. And to do that people need help who can guide them and help them reach their fitness goals.

Profit margin:

Dubai is known for its tax-free environment which can be beneficial to start-up businesses.  It offers one of the best tax regimes to businesses and individuals. If you open a business in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE, you do not have to pay any income or corporate tax. With 0% personal tax and business people and investors can enjoy 100% profit repatriation on zero capital investment.
All these advantages make Dubai an ideal place to open a personal training business.

Final words on personal trainer licenses in Dubai

The UAE has streamlined the application process for personal training businesses in Dubai. The process of getting a personal trainer license in Dubai can be tricky if you are new to the UAE business climate. Working with Vigor company formation specialists can help you begin your personal training business in Dubai in no time.