What are Dubai’s Visas Medical Tests Rules?

Dubai’s Visas Medical Tests

UAE authorities have devised strict medical test rules each foreigner must pass through when applying for a Dubai visa. Therefore, the authorities ensure all foreigners are screened and verified that they are free from any transmittable diseases. The dubai’s visas medical tests rules is compulsory for all the non-UAE residents staying in Dubai. So, what are tests needed for one to qualify for a Dubai visa in UAE?

For any non-local person to get a Dubai visa, you must pass through the following medical tests in UAE;

  • Liver functioning test
  • Women pregnancy blood test
  • HIV test
  • Syphilis test
  • Hepatitis B test and C
  • A history of your past and current medical information

As the UAE country is known for its lucrative and relaxed environment. The majority of individuals from all over the globe are looking forward to visiting Dubai. Some come to invest in UAE because of a tax-free business environment, and others as tourists. Whichever way, you must apply for a visa to get an entry permit into the country.

Therefore, you must pass through the Dubai medical test when you are applying for a new visa or renewing your existing UAE visa. This Dubai medical test is normally conducted to check for various diseases including leprosy, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, pregnancy, and syphilis. So, all medical tests are scheduled to be performed in governmental medical facilities. In case your test is conducted in private medical facilities, you are free to question the test or consult for more information.

What are Dubai’s Visas Medical Tests Rules

Nonetheless, the UAE authorities cannot permit anyone found positive after the medical test results are out. You’ll be deported back to your country and your visa application canceled with immediate effects. Also, the UAE authorities dealing with types of UAE Visa medical-related issues cannot allow any medical results taken from your country.

Therefore, in case you are planning to go for Dubai medical test, below are the procedures to note for medical fitness test;

Steps For Medical Fitness Test In the UAE

When you arrive at the UAE airport, the following things might happen. First, if you’re coming to work for a company in UAE, the company will guide you on the whole process you need to undergo to check your medical fitness. For instance, Dubai’s visas medical tests rules the company will direct you on when and where you’ll be going for your medical checkup, the pro arrangements about every step among others.

However, in case you land at the UAE airport on your own, you’ll be compelled to perform a few things listed below;

  1. Collect all the relevant documents needed for your medical fitness test. These documents include; Original passport, copy of visa page, approved visa permit, recent passport photograph less than 3 months old. A government health card.
  2. In case you want to renew your visa, you’ll be required to come along with your Emirate ID card or Labour card, or any card issued by the UAE authorities.
  3. Employment offer or contract is always mandatory
  4. Visit the relevant medical test centers in Dubai.

Some of the health medical centers you can pay a visit to in Dubai include Airport Medical Clinic, Al Bada’a Health Center, Al Khawaneej Health Center, Al Lusaily Health Center, Al Mankhool Health Center, and more.

Medical test in UAE is so crucial and need attentiveness when executing the whole process. Now that you’re familiar with some of the medical tests you need to pass through in Dubai, let’s dive into the commonly asked questions about Dubai medical test.

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What Type of Medical Test Disqualifies you to Work in the UAE?

As a UAE resident or an employee in Dubai, you must pass through some medical fitness tests to get your Dubai visa. So, the following are the major medical test you must be screen in Dubai;

  • Hepatitis B
  • Tuberculosis

Therefore, if you test negative for the above diseases, you will be permitted to obtain your Dubai visa. However, once you’re confirmed positive for Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS, you will be disqualified to work in UAE.

In addition, those UAE residents who get TB scars in their X-rays will be automatically disqualified to work in UAE. And, so, the government will deport you back into your country.

How Can you Fail Immigration Medical Exam In UAE?

The main purpose of an immigration exam is to screen certain types of diseases in an individual. And, so, it is not a physical examination on the entire body of those looking forward to stray in UAE.

Therefore, one can fail the immigration medical exam in UAE due to the following reasons;