EJARI Tenancy Contract

What is the meaning of Ejari and what is ejari ?

Ejari will provide a legally binding electronic record of approved tenancy contracts. Landlords are encourage to register their property under Ejari to ensure that they comply with the Ejari law and can be listed on the official Ejari Commercial database available through our website. Ejari (Electronic Jordanian Tenancy Agreement Register) is specifically designed to facilitate the registration of tenancy agreements signed in Jordan. Ejari is managed by RERA, and the registration process takes typically only a few minutes online. All RERA approved agents can register your flat/property on your behalf through Ejari in exchange for an upfront fee. An Ejari slip is also provided so that you or your landlord can register the agreement at the local RERA office. The regulatory system ensures that the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants are clearly demarcated in a private rental agreement signed between them. The land use bill also recognizes such private rental agreements for residential buildings as legally enforceable documents.

RERA, Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority, hopes to bring existing rental contract activities into a legal structure with the introduction of this regulatory mechanism. Furthermore, by registering a rental contract with Ejari, both parties gain access to a similar mutual awareness and information of the contract, which is useful in the event of a disagreement. Historical data on property properties and landlords can be found in the Ejari regulatory system. On request, tenants may look up historical data to see the rental history of a particular property or landlord (past renewals, transfers, cancellations and terminations of previous contracts). Such details are crucial for a tenant dealing with a new landlord. When it comes to property management firms, EJARI Tenancy Contract aims to be a reasonable scheme that protects the interests of both landlords and tenants. This method is also intended to monitor the payment of the agreed-upon rental price when it is made in advance. Upon completion of the registration system, a rent receipt is issued.

Can I do Ejari Online? Can a tenant register ejari online?

This web-based platform establishes a standard for registering rental contracts, making life easier for people and saving them time and money. This framework is critical in establishing and sustaining a trustworthy regulatory culture in Dubai’s real estate industry. Some of the key points and advantages this system brings forward are as below:

  • The landlord or the tenant can easily get access to the historical data of the rental ownership and prices in Dubai.
  • You will get an automated and onlince receipt which shall help you keep a record.
  • The terms and conditions mentioned are fairly simple hence it is easy to understand and protects both parties rights incase of any disputes. The format is standard and a copy in English and Arabic is easily available as well.
  • Ejari is required and mandatory for renewal of residence visa for your spouse, family or any other dependants.
  • You will require to provide a copy when connecting any utility to your home such as Internet, Landline and so on.
  • If you wish to bring any staff to such as cleaners, maid, or domestic worker, the copy is easily available for you and is mandatory.

The basic details of agreements are entered during the Ejari registration process, which is a simple process possessing little information or knowledge. These include specifics about the house, the rental company’s name, and information about the landlord, such as a copy of his or her passport, as well as the agreement’s terms. The agreement is given a new barcode after it is entered into the system and signed, which serves as a guide during the contract’s existence. When a lease contract is signed, both the tenant and the landlord are responsible for registering Ejari. The operation, however, is completed by the occupant or tenant, who is also responsible for the cost of getting a new Ejari or even renewal of EJARI Tenancy Contract.

What are some of the documents required to process my ejari online?

  • Your passport copy and a copy of your valid residence visa.
  • Emirates ID which a local Identification provided by the government of UAE.
  • The original tenancy contract which is signed by both parties.
  • Copy of title deed of the rented property which is usually provided by the landlord.
  • Recent utility bill such as Dewa bill (for renewal) or new connection deposit receipt (in case of a new contract)
  • The passport copy, preferably color copy of your landlord from who you are about to take the lease.
  • For commercial entities, copy of the trade license is necessary to ensure the connection is for commercial purposes.
EJARI Tenancy Contract
Can one person hold 2 ejari?

Multiple names cannot be registered on the Ejari registration system, so families or bachelors sharing an apartment in Dubai might not be able to add their names to the tenancy contracts.

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