8 Tips for Successful Poultry Farming in Dubai

8 Tips for Successful Poultry Farming in Dubai
8 Tips for Successful Poultry Farming in Dubai

Are you into poultry farming? You may want to try your luck in Dubai. Poultry farming earns you a decent income through selling layers and their products, broilers, and even ornamental and game birds for environmental aesthetics and tourism purposes (with appropriate licensing, of course).

 Whether you are interested in specializing in one or all of the aforementioned products of the practice, poultry farming is bound to make you good money provided you do it right. Like any other business, there will always be plenty of competition in this industry. However, with a Successful Poultry Farming in Dubai goal-oriented mindset, you can always ensure you stay a step ahead and build a booming business with satisfied clients.

This article, therefore, seeks to equip you with useful tips on how to establish and run a successful poultry farm in Dubai.

Here are some of the tips to consider before starting your farm.

  1. Sufficient capital
  2. Convenient Location
  3. Target market
  4. Business branding and approval.
  5. Legal licensing
  6. Health and safety certification by relevant authorities.
  7. Quality and basics
  8. Poultry market experience.

1. Capital

The foundation of every business lies in the capital. You need to have a solid business plan that will ensure the type and size of poultry farm you intend to start will conveniently fit into the capital you have set aside for it

You need enough money to buy live poultry stock, enough feeds to sustain them daily, proper feeding, hatching, and processing equipment for layers and broilers respectively, and well-structured and comfortable housing facilities.

You also need enough money to meet all the necessary legal requirements of the Dubai Municipality. You have to Successful Poultry Farming in Dubai ensure your capital is proportional to the farming business you intend to establish. If not, you need to scale down your business plan and start small.

2. Location

Choosing the location of your poultry farm is quite vital to the success of your business. You need to ensure that there is enough space to set up the size and type of poultry farm you have in mind, be it indoor grade or free-range poultry farming. The topography should also facilitate proper drainage and waste management.

It is also quite advisable for your poultry farm to be located within easy reach of your target market and regular clients for easy delivery. You therefore probably need to establish your poultry farm close to bustling urban and residential areas, or near restaurants and other foodstuff processing establishments that require poultry products.

Your designated location should also ensure the security of your poultry stock from potential theft and vandalism, as well as safety from common poultry predators such as coyotes, snakes, mongoose and birds of prey. This will save you from running into unexpected losses.

After picking your desired location, you need to get it evaluated and approved by the Dubai Municipality Environment Department for Poultry Farming in accordance with the UAE’s environmental regulations.

If you are unsure about where to set up your business, it would be worth it to spend a few more Dirhams to hire an experienced expert to advise you accordingly.

3. Target market

Your target market determines what your poultry farm will specialize in. if you supply restaurants and eateries, then you will need to focus on broilers, mostly chicken, or turkey and geese depending on the consumer’s preferences. Fast food joints and coffee shops offer egg-themed recipes such as omelets and egg rolls, so if your target market is one or more of these establishments, you will need to rear layers.

Breeding, hatching, and selling chicks to prospective poultry keepers can also prove quite profitable.

Furthermore, you can establish a poultry farm geared towards rearing ornamental birds such as peacocks and parrots Best Cake Shop to Buy From In (Dubai) for sale to bird enthusiasts seeking to grace their residences and establishments with these graceful exotic birds.

Game birds also make good poultry farming stock with proper licensing if your target market is exotic bird watching reserves, which are a booming business in Dubai with thousands of tourists and bird-watching fans flocking the city all year round.

4. Business branding, registration, and approval.

To run a successful poultry farm, you need to establish a brand name around which you will build your business and market your products. This is essential to maintain a stable market. Select a brand name that is unique and relevant to your line of agri-business, and will immediately tell potential clients what you do.

Once you have chosen an appropriate brand name, you should seek approval by registering your business with Dubai’s Department of Economic Development. After this, you are free to pick a site to locate your farm and have it inspected and approved by the Dubai Municipality’s Environment Department.

5.  Legal licensing

Every legitimate and credible business venture needs to have a legal license or permit to operate within its jurisdiction. To start and carry out successful poultry farming in Dubai, you need to be in harmony with business market policies.

The Dubai Municipality will issue you a legal poultry trading license or permit once you meet all the requirements. This will enable you to freely conduct poultry farming and trading within Dubai’s mainland and all the way to the Free zone.

6. Health and safety certification

You will be required to pick a professional veterinary doctor with credible Health Authority qualifications to approve and certify your poultry business in Dubai. Ensure your equipment and housing facilities meet all health and environmental hygiene requirements. Also, ensure to accordingly vaccinate your stock where necessary.

7. Quality and basics

For your business to be stable and your products to be the best in the market, you need to pay attention to the quality of each detail in the basics. Get good quality breeds of the specific birds you want to keep and build good housing facilities with proper drainage, enough roaming space, and proper protection from harsh weather conditions. Also, get good quality feeding, hatching, and processing equipment.

Last but not least, get a consistent, reliable source of good quality and sufficient poultry feeds. Proper care of your poultry stock results in abundant, good-quality output for a satisfying market.

8.  Market experience

If you are not well experienced with the Dubai poultry market, you should not rush into a large-scale investment in the practice, even if you have the capital for it. It is always advisable to start small. You can then start gauging the profitability and expanding your business gradually with the growing demand.


Poultry farming is a very profitable business anywhere in the world if it is practiced correctly. There is a wide variety of products to offer Successful Poultry Farming in Dubai the market with poultry farming, ranging from different types and breeds of broiler and layer birds, eggs, dual-purpose birds, and ornamental and game birds among others.

With Dubai’s great inter-racial population as one of the world’s dream cities and tourism destinations, business is sure to be booming all year round for any shrewd poultry farmer. All you need to do with enough capital is pick the right location for your choice poultry farming idea, get it approved and legalized by relevant authorities, and begin your business with utmost attention to product quality. Remember, do not rush into poultry farming, instead start small and grow with the demand.