Visa Rule For Divorced Women, Widows And Their Children

ISA Rule For Divorced Women, Widows And Their Children

A woman living in the UAE on her husband’s visa may get a divorce or become widowed. If this happens, the UAE government will grant her an extension of one-year on her residence visa. This extension begins from the day her husband died or the date of the divorce. The UAE government extends the residence visa extension to her children as well as long as they were on their father’s visa at the time of their father’s death or their parents’ divorce. This type of visa can be renewed once and does not require a substitute sponsor.

It is important to note that for these rules to apply, the visas of the woman and her children must have been valid at the time of the death of the divorce. Equally important to note is that the duration of the child’s/children’s residence visa must not exceed that of the mother.

How do I apply for this visa extension?

For  a residency extension, the widow or the divorcee is required to:

  • Submit an application through the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) channels for a residency extension
  • Show a proof of divorce or death as the case may be.
  • Show proof of availability of house for the woman
  • Show proof of the woman’s capacity to earn a living
  • Present medical fitness certificates for the woman and her child/children that are above 18
  • Present Emirates ID card
  • Show health insurance cards if applicable.
  • Pay the applicable fees

In addition, cancellation fees of AED100 for each old residency visa of the woman and her child/children will be levied. A one-year residency extension fees of AED100 will also be charged.

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