Should you invest in Cryptocurrency; 3 Reasons 100 Investors wish would’ve Known Earlier

invest in Cryptocurrency

Ever come across the word XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum among others to invest in Cryptocurrency? These terms might be challenging, especially if it’s the first time you’re reading them. Nonetheless, to some, they’re popular terms and sources of income as well. In one term, they are known as cryptocurrencies. Sounds familiar, right? Cryptocurrency is a hot word these days used for investing. Also, you can refer to them as digital assets individuals use for investment. 

So, the big question is, should you invest in cryptocurrency this year?

Yes, there is no harm in investing in cryptocurrency if that’s where your heart is. Simply, crypto is soon gaining profound acceptance among other popular financial institutions. Also, investing in crypto generally enhances innovation and can protect investors from inflation.

Therefore, in this article, you’ll acquaint yourself with the top three reasons 100 investors wish would’ve known earlier before investing in cryptocurrency. However, before that, we’ve expounded much on some of FAQs about crypto, so that you can get a scholarly view of what crypto is and if it is worth risking. Thus, here is what you’ll learn; what crypto is, how to store cryptocurrencies, different types of cryptocurrencies and whether or not you should invest in crypto.

What is Cryptocurrency? 

In simple terms, cryptos are digital assets individuals normally use as an investment to purchase items online. To mention: you trade real currency such as dollars to get tokens or coins of a certain genre of cryptocurrency. 

Since investors are mainly concerned with these digital assets, how are they stored? Glad you’ve asked. Let’s find out;

How Do You Store Your Cryptocurrency?

If this is your first time diving into this field, I bet you’ve never heard of the term ‘digital wallet’ right? Therefore, a digital wallet primarily is like an app where you buy your coins. Additionally, vendors sell their coins also through this digital wallet. 

So, this wallet is designed in a way that it can accord you a private key if you want to invest in Cryptocurrency. This is usually a code that you’ll be compelled to enter so that you can digitally sign off your activity or purchase. When this is done successfully, it gives proof that the practice was authentic. 

In addition, crypto uses something entitled Blockchain technology. For the techy guys, this seems familiar. However, if you aren’t a tech aficionado, worry less, we got you covered. Therefore, Blockchain technology typically refers to a long receipt that maintains its growth when the exchange of crypto is ongoing. 

Similarly, this technology accounts for all the transactions that have happened in a certain currency.  

That’s said; now you know how these digital assets are being stored.  Let’s expound a bit on the different types of digital assets to help you make a justifiable decision whether to invest in them or not. 

Different Types of Cryptocurrencies You Must Know

One of the popular types of cryptocurrency known by almost everyone is Bitcoin. This doesn’t indicate it is the only digital asset to invest in. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the globe you can take a look at. In fact, Ethereum is somewhat the competitive digital asset that the majority are subscribing to. 

Here are the top contenders you must know apart from Mooncoin, Litecoin, Chainlink, Polkadot, and more.

  • Bitcoin

Bitcoins are the mainstream digital assets to be known globally. It’s widely known because it was the first crypto and it has been there for edges. In addition, it was launched in 2009 by an unknown person. 


Even though the business is rocky, bitcoin seems to be the most adorable in the marketplace than the rest. It is seen to have more strength, unlike the other digital assets. 

  • Dogecoin

These assets started in 2013 and are now the hottest cryptocurrency to invest in. Dogecoin was named after a dog. This was after a meme that was running about dogs and the creator of this digital asserts name them after a “Doge” meme.

Therefore, depending on the type of digital asset you want to invest in; there will be no shortage of crypto to choose from.

  • Tether (USDT)

Usually, the majority of investors who adore Tether (USDT) are worried about the profound volatility of other currencies. Similarly, it is a stablecoin, which means it is laced with fiat currencies such as Euros & US dollars. 

Therefore, this indicates that this mode of currency ought to be more consistent than other types of digital assets. 

These are not the only types of crypto you can embrace; there are tons you can invest in. Talking of investing, is it worth it to invest in cryptocurrencies? Continue reading to get more information about a crypto investment.

Should you invest in Cryptocurrency?

Every business has its pros and con. That means; when you rest on digital assets investment, you must be prepared for any outcomes, whatsoever. There are risks involved in this type of business since a lot of its data is not known in the first place. 

So, let’s discuss the pros of crypto investments.

Advantages of Crypto Investment

  • Enhance innovation

Apart from investing in digital assets they also give room to the use of innovation such as (Defi), a new digital finance application. Therefore, such innovations in a country are capable of inventing new wealth.

This application can be used to reduce the transaction cost of other traditional financial applications, for example, the cross- border remittances. Moreover, apart from streamlining traditional applications, digital asserts are opening and expanding the global rich of new markets, especially in nonfungible tokens.

  • Protect Investors from Inflation

Ultimately, this is one of the best reasons why you should invest in digital assets. The fact that the value of a product can go up, can lead to huge benefits. And, Bitcoin is among the currencies that normally experience great inflation. 

So, having the high inflation of Bitcoin is an eye-opener for most investors and psyches them up to invest more in this business. In addition, it is a channel that is not issued by any central bank or backed up by government authorities establishes compelling ways to hit the currency hyperinflation today.

  • Crypto is soon gaining profound acceptance among other popular financial institutions

Even though crypto investment seems to be an odd way of becoming rich, a lot of its near-term value will be grounded on the supply of the asset and its demand. Thus, currently, cryptocurrency demand is widely seen and therefore is soon gaining a profound acceptance in other popular financial institutions. 

As recent research by Fidelity suggest that some institutional investors are planning to purchase crypto in the future. In fact, Bank of America issued its approval to accept digital assets as an asset plan.

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