Facts about E- Channel System in UAE: Definitive Guide (2022)

E- Channel System in UAE
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With advanced technology booming around the globe, smart systems have been devised to make work easier. Not only in offices, and homes, even in the business sectors, things have been digitalized. To mention; UAE has embraced the e-channel system in its business endeavors to make registration of documents easy and faster. Generally, an e-channel system helps users with the process such as service applications, naturalization among others.

So, in this article, you’ll learn facts about an e-channel system in the UAE that will help make good use of the platform effortlessly. From our research, the following are key tidbits about the e-channel system;

  • What is the E-Channel Immigration registration System in UAE
  • Is it compulsory for all business Companies to register in the E-Channel System?
  • What are the benefits of the E-Channel System in UAE?
  • How do you register your company using the e-channel system?
  • Is there any registration fee when using E-channel?

Therefore, e-channel has shed light on the business industry in UAE. Nowadays, you need not walk long journeys or visit offices to get help when registering your company. Thus, business investors find it easy when setting up their business in Dubai, simply by using the e-channel system allocated for them.

In addition, once your e channel is successful, people are permitted to access the portal 24/7 since it’s online-oriented.  You can easily access your information about your visa or immigration details at any time at the comfort of your house. All members ranging from ex-pats, the UAE and GCC nationals, visitors, and more are allowed to register their accounts on this system. An E-channel system is fast, convenient, and efficient and you don’t want to miss getting your things done. 

And, so, below are the fundamentals you need to know about E-channel in UAE:

What is the E-Channel Immigration System in UAE?

E-channel came to be part of the UAE 2021 vision under the “smart service future vision,” slogan. This system has already been implemented in UAE helping people with the registration process of their companies and business accounts. 

Therefore, the e channel Dubai  immigration system is a system that permits users to apply for their visas, entry permits, and residence by using a single online portal, instead of visiting public offices manually. In the same vein, e-channel is out to do away with the need for print documents and facilitates an easy and efficient way of doing things in the UAE.

Currently, all RAKEZ companies in UAE are compelled to register their accounts using the e-channel system. So, if you are looking to jumpstart your business in RAKEZ, rest assured your details must pass through the e-channel system in UAE. 

Is it compulsory for all business Companies to register in the E-Channel System?

Ministry of Interior (MOI) mandated that all businesses set up with immigration files ought to register their companies in the E-channel immigration system. Contrary, if your company doesn’t have an immigration file, you might consider not using the system as of now. 

What are the benefits of the E-Channel System in UAE?

When the business model is digitalized, it comes with lots of benefits for the users and the whole population in the fraternity. So, the e channel immigration system benefits both the users and the management as well. Some of the e-channel benefits include;

#1 Speedy Process

The UAE authority is up in arms to speed up the processes related to visa application, residency, and immigration processes. Therefore, the MOI, Ministry of Interior established  as a smart service technique having a vision of speeding up the rate at which individuals apply for online services. 

By so doing, the authority is trying to make it easier for anyone applying for the visa or residency by providing everything one-channel portal. And, so, it shortens the period one could have taken to set up a business in UAE.

#2 Shape and Organize Operations 

Through smart service, the system seems to streamline, shape, and create an orderly format of getting your documents intact. Moreover, you can keenly track your application progress and receive all the notifications regarding your status. 

Contrary, the website provides immigration-related services to other organizations. That means; they can apply for their recruiter’s work and visas for their residences.

#3 Eliminates the Use of Printed Paperwork

In one way, e-channel has played a big role in eliminating the need for printing documents, by ensuring everything is done digitally. Additionally, the system accepts scanned documents that are needed during the application process. 

Also, the payment is done electronically. This paves way for transparency and accountability in the working process.  After payments are done, the e-receipts are produced indicating the entire transaction that was executed by the system.

How do you register your company using the e-channel system?

The process of e channel registration is straightforward. Even if online platforms are laced with fraudsters, this system is safe and secure. Thus, you need to follow the following processes to have a successful e-channel registration;

Step 1; Visit the portal and choose your preferred structure

This is the first step when you want to register your business successfully with the e-channel uae immigration system. When you visit the online portal, you’ll be compelled to choose your preferred structure, which can either be an individual or an establishment. 

In most cases, the free zones area registers their applicants with their free zone corporate details. Once you’ve selected your preference, click on the registration button to get you started.

Step 2; Add your business email address

Email verification is another important step that you need not miss when registering your company. Therefore, you need to add your business email address, so that you can get instructions on what to do next.

Take note that all your future e-channel information will be sent in your mail. So, make sure you enter a valid email address.

After you’ve verified your email, consider filling all the required pages needed with your correct details for approval. Immediately you are done, click next to be redirected to the next page. On the next page, according to the instruction, you’ll be required to fill in the user details. 

It is straightforward. Follow the guidelines provided on the page to get your details entered correctly.

Step 3; Complete Registration 

Upon submitting your details successfully, you’re required to click on the register button. Agree to the next instruction on the screen to complete your e-channel registration.

Is there any registration fee when using E-channel?

AED 2,200 is the registration fee needed when registering your company or business via an e-channel system.

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