Everything you need to know about Getting an Alcohol License in Dubai

license in Dubai
license in Dubai

Are you looking forward to starting a bar and restaurant in Dubai? Dubai permits both foreign and UAE residents to start any type of business in Dubai. That means; you can start your liquor business in Dubai without any tussles from the UAE authority. Nonetheless, you might be asking if you need a license to consume or purchase alcohol in Dubai, right.

Good news, in this article, we’ve shed light by compiling everything you need to know about getting an alcohol license in Dubai; and some of the key things before starting your liquor business in the UAE. The following are the main pointers you’ll familiarize yourself with about getting an alcohol license in Dubai;

  • How much does it cost to get a liquor license in Dubai?
  • How do I register for a liquor license?
  • Where to buy alcohol in Dubai without a license?
  • Can residents buy alcohol in Dubai?

There is no offense to consuming alcohol in Dubai, especially if you are a tourist or UAE resident. This was according to the new amendments regulation passed by the UAE authorities concerning liquor consumption in Dubai.  However, if you want to purchase alcohol and drink at the comfort of your home, the rules has it you must have an alcohol license to execute your purchase.

All the tourists and UAE residents are commanded to have an alcohol license before purchasing liquor in Dubai. Additionally, other pertinent rules to have on your fingerprints when purchasing alcohol in Dubai include the following;

  1. Individuals who consume alcohol must exceed 21 years
  2. No Muslim faith is allowed to drink alcohol in Dubai.

Generally, the UAE has strict rules each individual within Dubai and it’s environ are supposed to comply with. Therefore, you can’t be allowed to drink alcohol if you are less than 21 years in Dubai. If you are found violating their rules, you might be passed through severe punishment or be subjected to legal repercussions.

Additionally, there are no slim chances given when it comes to religion.  All Muslims in the United Arab Emirates are not permitted to drink alcohol unless otherwise. And so, you can be put behind bars if found violating the stipulated rules in Dubai. As if that is not enough, home brewing alcohol is featured as a violation of the authority rules and regulations concerning liquor consumption in Dubai.

Sounds tricky, right?

Worry less, if you are not bounded by the above policies in Dubai, you can start your liquor business or purchase alcohol whenever you want provided you have an alcohol license. Therefore, before you purchase alcohol or start a liquor business in Dubai, how much does it cost to obtain a liquor license in Dubai? Let’s find out;

Alcohol license in Dubai
            Alcohol license in Dubai

How much does it cost to get a liquor license in Dubai?

Obtaining your alcohol license in Dubai will cost you roughly AED 270 per year.

Apart from the cost of a liquor license which is calculated yearly. You will receive rewards after obtaining your alcohol license exceeding AED 1,500. Thus, these rewards include the following;

  1. Travel discount vouchers and dining as well
  2. In-store discounts
  3. The loyalty program
  4. For every successful referral, one would get a 100 AED voucher to spend in-store

Nonetheless, the UAE authorities dealing with license-related issues in Dubai permit you to choose your license restrictions. Meaning, if you’re not comfortable with the 270 AED, which is calculated yearly, you can go by the monthly license limits.

This option makes you more flexible to execute your liquor business operations and connect with other big brands in the UAE. However, this monthly limit is subjected to final verification by CID.

Therefore, getting an alcohol license in Dubai has been made easier. Thus, you’ll be required to submit some relevant documents needed for your liquor license in Dubai to be approved. Thus, how do you register your alcohol license in Dubai? Continue reading to find more;

How do I register for a liquor license?

Different states have different alcohol license regulations each individual ought to adhere to before starting a brewery, bar, liquor store, and restaurant. An alcohol license is simply a document that will permit you to carry out your liquor business in any state while following their liquor laws regulating the business.

Thus, it is prudent to seek the help of a professional lawyer in Dubai experienced in liquor-related issues in Dubai.  Several states prioritize liquor licenses to anyone willing to invest in the liquor business.

And so, to register your liquor license, the following documents are a must-have when submitting your license application form to the relevant authority;

  • Acknowledgment of laws
  • Applicants name
  • The site and name location of the business
  • Applicant’s fingerprint
  • Right of occupancy of the premises
  • Arrest disposition of the applicant
  • sketch of the premises and Zoning of the building
  • Details of the officers, stockholders, and partners

Additionally, an Emirate ID card in Dubai is all you need if you want to apply for an alcohol license in the UAE. So, if you hold an Emirate ID, go directly to the MMI store, or African + Eastern. Immediately you present your card, your liquor business license will be processed immediately by the staff in those departments.

Also, if you are looking forward to starting a liquor business in any state, it is recommended to understand the local laws and states regulation that govern the liquor license applications and the entire process.  Yes, you’ve now registered your alcohol license in Dubai, what next?

Where to buy alcohol in Dubai without a license?

Not everyone in Dubai will have the chance to apply for an alcohol license. Thus, some might opt to look for places to consume or buy alcohol without a license. If this is you, we’ve interrogated some of the UAE residents from different platforms including Quora to get their views on the subject.

Follow along some of the comments we retrieved from Quora to help you know the best places you can buy alcohol in Dubai without a license. In addition, some have aired out the repercussion of these practices if found, check it out;

“Yes, you can. You can buy it at the duty-free shop when you come in from an international flight. You can also buy drinks at hotel bars, pubs and nightclubs. Make sure you keep your receipts for all these alcohol purchases.”- By Biang Ster

“Well, as of yesterday you can!!! As of 8 November 2020, alcohol was declared LEGAL, for non-Muslims. Traditionally, you would have to travel to Barracuda in RAK or The Windmill in Ghantoot or Oscars bottle store to avoid using a license. No more, it has all been loosened up – except if you are Muslim.”-By Robert L Hill

What are the consequences if found purchasing alcohol without a license in Dubai? Read on to find out what Vishal a Dubai resident had to say.

“Possibly, but means inviting trouble for yourself. And big trouble, Police won’t consider this a simple case. A heavy fine will be levied upon you. In case of severe crimes, you will be fined/jailed and then deported, never to be allowed to enter in Dubai ever again.”-By Vishal Raj

Can residents buy alcohol in Dubai?

Yes, all residents are permitted to purchase liquor in Dubai. However, you must hold a liquor license in Dubai to buy alcohol. An alcohol license in Dubai allows anyone willing to start a liquor business or buy alcohol in Dubai to do so without problems with the UAE authorities.

Final Thoughts

You can easily start an alcohol business in any state provided you are well conversant with the states and the local rules and policies governing the license application and process as well. Therefore, you won’t be allowed to buy or start a liquor business in Dubai without an alcohol license. It is easy now to get a liquor license once you have an Emirate ID card.

Thus, if you are looking for detailed information about liquor licenses in Dubai, look for no other article; we’ve narrowed everything you need to know in this article. Nonetheless, in case of any problem feel free to consult Vigor Business Setup and Company formation to walk you through the entire process of getting an alcohol license in Dubai, just in a few seconds.

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