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Types Of Visas And Entry Permits in UAE
Types Of Visas And Entry Permits in UAE
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The government of Dubai has established Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) in 2000. This center provides a physical market and financial infrastructure that is needed to initiate a hub for global commodities trade.

This center encourages, assist and facilitate the trade across a range of different goods from gold, diamond and high-cost metals to food items and industrial materials. This is a home for major multinationals. It links more than 18000 businesses to the magnificent services and prime infrastructures.

Mission of DMCC

The mission of DMCC is to establish Dubai as the global doorway to the middle east. It is for the wide range of trade all over the world. DMCC registers and licenses companies with several activities. DMCC issues three types of licenses to the companies: trading, service, and industrial. There are no taxes and duties and no public disclosure of information.

You can enjoy the energetic Dubai community, unconventional infrastructure, magnificent services, an outstanding choice of facilities. Here you can discover endless business opportunities that can boost your business from beginning to a profitable venture.

Dubai is considered the most esteemed free zone to set up a business, live and thrive. If you want to enjoy world-class infrastructure, considerable choice of facilities, regulatory frameworks, and networking events with world-known companies, it is truly the best place to set up your business in UAE. You should just start your business with the right tools and support. DMCC  LOGIN  will give you the best-customized business setup packages. It will also provide you with the latest information about all ongoing offers. portal DMCC proposes you a variety of best facilities and it will assist you on the whole way of company formation. After obtaining the business license, it will also ensure professional support.

Dubai Multi Commodities Center

Why DMCC is beneficial?

Dubai multi commodities center can be the best choice for your business startup.

  1. There is no income tax for businesses through DMCC.
  2. There is a flexible office solution available for your company. Freehold offices for sale and lease at competitive rates are also available for your business setup.
  3. You will be happy to know that immigration services including visas and other government permits are also available.
  4. Sector-specific clubs and informative workshops will help you to find business guidance and to tackle business problems. Regular networking opportunities through portal DMCC industry events are the best thing regarding your company formation.
  5. Training in the latest developments in trade regulations can be helpful to enhance your business venture.
  6. You can get 100% ownership for your business and also get licensing for a full range of business activities.

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Dubai multi commodities center member portal

Management and growth of a company is the surest path of success after the establishment of it. DMCC login will help you to hire and manage employees. It will also assist you to ensure that your company operations are in line and following the local and international laws.

This Dmcc portal enables you to apply online for various types of company services including company amendments, licensing, requests for approval, and NOCs.

If you have more time to focus on your company, it is best and important for your business health and this Dmcc portal will help you to efficiently manage all business activities in one convenient location.

How to set up a business on DMCC?

If you want to set up a new company or establish a fully owned subsidiary in DMCC, the process is quick, easy, and clear.

  • Show your interests
    Firstly, you should decide about your business according to your license type and learn about the documents required and the cost involved. DMCC representatives will send you access to your portal account. Now you can start your application.
  • Submission of application
    You can submit your application after completing the application form and paying the initial application fee.
  • Pay, sign, and submission documents
    The next step is to pay the license and registration fee and then signing the legal documents. DMCC will provide you with a temporary agreement and bank letter. This letter is for opening a company bank account. Now you can be done your company setup from anywhere in the world. You can easily start your business in Dubai without visiting DMCC.
  • Suitable office solutions
    Now you can sign and submit the documents for your new office space and enjoy your business. DMCC will provide you with an E- license.

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