A Step By Step Guide on How to Start A Business In Dubai

How to Start A Business In Dubai
How to Start A Business In Dubai

Are you thinking of investing in a business venture in Dubai? As one of the dream destinations in the world currently, Dubai has seen rapid development over the past three decades from a small fishing oasis to a majestic city under the sun. How to Start A Business In Dubai the United Arab Emirates city is home to millions of residents and tourists living in, visiting or working in the UAE. This offers a diverse market for practically any business idea you may have in mind.

Dubai is a great place to establish your business. The UAE has quite favorable tax rates that cover even expatriate investors as long as you have a residency visa. Their company incorporation process is also accommodative and affordable.

Whether you are starting a small business or a corporate empire, there are some basic steps you need to follow to get started smoothly in Dubai. This article walks you through the basics, which include

  1. Pick your niche
  2. Have enough capital
  3. Choose a company name
  4. Register with the DED
  5. Get relevant licensing and permits
  6. Get additional paperwork
  7. Pick a strategic location
  8. Conduct aggressive marketing and promotion
  9. Identify competition and strive to offer better

1.Pick your niche

Picking your niche simply entails identifying which business is best suited to you. There are endless business opportunities with a ready market in Dubai. You need to identify what skills or expertise you possess. You should also consider what you have a passion for or interest in. How to Start A Business In Dubai is important, as it is way much easier to make progress in business if you are doing what you actually love, and success will come effortlessly that way.

Choosing a business idea that you are not well suited for or interested in will be detrimental to your career, as you will most probably end up under-delivering to your clients to their disappointment.

2.Have enough capital

This is just common sense. Much as you may have the perfect business idea in mind, it means nothing if you cannot get enough funds to implement it. While picking your niche, also consider options that can be realized with the funds at your disposal. If you do not have enough capital to start big, you can just start a small-scale business and with time, if you are shrewd enough, you will grow bigger.

3.Choose a company name

This would often be a task you can accomplish anywhere else in the world without giving it much thought. However, in Dubai, you have to give it that much thought. You have to adhere to some stringent rules while choosing your company brand in the UAE. Blasphemous words are prohibited, and so are initials; you are only allowed to use your names in full on your company brand. While at it too, ensure your choice brand name is available for registration, and check that it does not infringe on any other known or registered brands.

4.Register with the DED

Your next task is to get your company registered by the Dubai’s Department of Economic Development. This is done once they have approved your brand name and evaluated your business idea and your intended business site.

5.Get relevant licensing and permits

Every legal business venture in the UAE is required to obtain a trade license or a business permit from the relevant authorities, in this case the Dubai Municipality. How to Start A Business In Dubai license enables you to freely conduct your business anywhere within Dubai’s Mainland as well as in the Free Zone without having to rub shoulders with the authorities.

6.Get additional paperwork

In addition to mandatory license and permits, you may need additional documents to run your business depending on the nature of your business. For instance, commercial dog breeders may need special authorization to rear certain banned dog breeds such as the American terrier. Night clubs require additional permits to play loud music and operate at odd hours.

You need to find out what extra documents you may be required to have before running your business. In addition, insurance is required for every business running in the UAE.

7.Pick the right location

Strategic positioning is an important factor when it comes to the success of your business. You need to be stationed where you can easily reach your target market. If you plan on starting a gift shop, for instance, your target market is mainly tourists so your business should be established close to tourist attraction sites and monumental places. How to Start A Business In Dubai your business involves retailing oil and gas products, then you need to be strategically located along the highway for efficient stopovers.

Identify your target market and determine where to establish your business venture to be within easy reach of your potential clients.

8.Conduct aggressive marketing and promotions

If you are just starting out, then you should spare no boundaries to be conspicuous and put your business out there. Start with advertising your business on ground. Put up signs on your shop, office or any other venture that are eye-catching and interesting. Your sign should bear your brand name and clearly point out what it is you do. You can also put up directing sign-boards by the road to persuade passing travelers to take a stopover and check out your establishments. How to Start A Business In Dubaiyou can, get flashing symbol lights if your business operates well into the night. This will help draw curious customers to your business establishment.

Online marketing is also important, especially if you do online deliveries. Have an eye-catching front page for your website, if you have one. Also ensure there are clear directions to your establishment available on your page.

Additionally, for first time business launching, try to offer irresistible customer incentives but be shrewd enough not to run losses while doing so. This way, you will attract as many potential customers or clients as possible who may remain your regulars.

9.Identify Competition and strive to offer better

In a huge metropolis such as Dubai, you have one in a million chances of monopolizing a particular business. There is always bound to be competition, probably even right next to you or directly opposite. Naturally, people will always go where they get value for your money.

In business, you need to identify all your direct competitors. If they are doing better than you, simply determine why, and use that as a stepping stone to scale your business to stay above competition and pull majority of the customers to your business.


Setting up your business in Dubai is quite easy and affordable, especially when you partner with Vigor Business Set Up in Dubai and due to the UAE’s simple company incorporation process. The Emirati government supports both local and foreign investors without much fuss.Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai To Invest In 2022 operate as an overseas investor, you need to obtain a residency visa which gives you the authority to nominate others for one with a valid trade license.

The steps for starting a business in Dubai are simple. All you need to do with enough capital is identify the most appropriate business to establish, come up with a brand that conforms to Emirati naming conventions, register with the DED and obtain your trade license and any other additional documents required by the nature of your business. You are then free to conduct your business anywhere within the confines of your permit. Try setting up your business in Dubai today and enjoy favorable tax rates.