10 Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai To Invest In 2022

10 Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai To Invest In 2022
10 Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai To Invest In 2022

Are you looking for some of the most profitable business ideas in Dubai or want to invest big in Dubai? Then you need to know exactly what to invest in. Dubai boasts of one of the best economies in the world, supporting thousands of business ventures by both local and foreign investors. Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai very low tax rates on investments, the city is a very profitable place to establish your business. Also, as an overseas investor, the geographical position of the UAE gives you easy access to some of the world’s target markets for your trade commodities.

Starting a business company in Dubai is quite easy even for foreign investors due to the UAE’s simple and affordable company incorporation process. Provided you obtain a residency visa, all you need to do is follow the standard setup procedure required by the Emirati law.

If you have enough capital to start big time investment in Dubai, here are some of the most profitable business ideas you should give much consideration as the most likely to deliver impressive ROI.

  1. Import and export
  2. Oil trading
  3. Health Sector
  4. Consultancy
  5. Hotels and restaurants
  6. Beauty and jewellery
  7. E-commerce
  8. Real estate
  9. Tourism and travel
  10. Construction

1.Real estate

The real estate business in Dubai is a booming venture with a steady and high-demand market. The city is home to millions of local citizens as well as a mixture of foreign residents from all walks of life that are in Dubai for scholarships, business or various public and private employment opportunities. This creates a high demand for residential and commercial properties.

As a big-time investor in Dubai, trying your hand in real estate property development is a highly recommendable idea that guarantees a high rate of success.

However, the real estate market in Dubai is also quite competitive, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the real estate field and all its cultures and policies before venturing into investment.

You may also need to dig a little deeper into your pocket to employ the services of qualified consultants and reputable property management agencies to ensure smooth success.

2.Tourism and travel

Scores of foreigners jet into the UAE all year round on vacation tours. As one of the prime global tourist destinations, Dubai makes quite a fortune annually from the tourism sector. As an investor, you may also consider grabbing a generous bite of this lucrative pie by investing your assets in tourism and travel agencies. Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai a tourism and travels company that offers services such as elaborate tour guide services and comfortable and convenient transport to designated tourist destinations among other services would give you good value for your money.


With the booming real estate market and steadily expanding economy of Dubai, investors are rushing to establish and expand properties in the coveted city. You can opt to jump on the band wagon as an investor by taking advantage of this competitive demand.

Starting a construction company in Dubai holds very lucrative prospects. With proper services, you could be swarmed with an overwhelming number of contracts in no time, as investors rush to build residential and commercial establishments.

Your companies could include architectural designs, site surveys and planning as well as professional building construction.

Alternatively, you can decide to capitalize on this demand by taking up contracts to supply building material, machinery and equipment or simply start a handyman business hiring out construction experts.

4.Import and export

The import and export business in Dubai is a lucrative business to invest in. The UAE exports a variety of products amounting to a total net worth of over 30 billion USD. These include, of course, refined petroleum, gold and diamond jewellery, boilers, nuclear reactors, chemicals, electronic and medical equipment among others. On the other hand, Dubai imports motor vehicles, machinery, foods and chemicals among other things.

Starting an import and export business in Dubai will be an advantage due to the UAE’s perfect geographical location. The country’s time-zones overlap with some of the world’s best market destinations, allowing you to establish efficient services in the sector with easy access to prime export markets and import sources.

Furthermore, the success of your investment is guaranteed by Dubai’s friendly incorporation process and lenient tax rates.

5.Oil trading

The UAE is known for its abundant oil reserves which played a big role in initiating the infrastructural development and growth of cities like Dubai and neighboring Abu Dhabi. Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai reputation makes Dubai a choice source of oil and gas imports for many countries. However, the UAE government has many restrictions concerning trade activities that involve local oil reserves.

You can, nevertheless, still make a killing in the oil trading business by importing and exporting oil and gas from and to overseas sources. At the same time, you can establish a chain of businesses supplying and retailing oil and gas products such as refined petroleum products.

6.Health sector

You can make quite a fortune in Dubai by investing in the health sector. This can take up many forms. The country, for one, makes good money exporting medical apparatus, and you can take advantage of this by opening a business that deals with manufacturing, supplying or exporting procured medical equipment.

Also, the robust population of the city provides a stable market for quality medical services. Some tourists also routinely require medical checkups as a standard procedure while most of them may develop medical complications due to climate change. As an investor, you can reap from this demand by establishing renowned medical facilities with qualified medical experts. You can as well buy shares in or partner with big names in the health sector.

Dubai also earns a fortune from health tourism as one of the leading health benchmarking destinations globally.


With Dubai’s success in business and technological progress, you can easily tap into the juicy economy by providing quality consultancy services in any field requiring the same. Legal consultancy firms such as tax and VAT consultancy companies, for instance, can make you good money with proper qualifications and necessary requirements, as the demand for them is high since VAT regulations were introduced in the UAE back in 2018.

8.Hotel and restaurant chains

This is a guaranteed success business venture in Dubai with proper planning and management. With droves of tourists visiting Dubai annually, food and accommodation is a basic necessity that is in high demand. Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai excellent dishes and comfortable hotel accommodation suites for individuals and families is a very profitable business idea to consider in the sprawling Emirati city.

9.Beauty and jewelry

Dubai is a city that supports a dream, flashy lifestyle. Most residents naturally want to look the part. With valuable beautification skills such as hairdressing and make-up artistry, you can open and expand a beauty parlor that will be a great success. Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai enough capital, you can diversify this business and even train others for a fee. You can additionally make good money crafting and selling gold and diamond jewelry among other valuables to tourists and local residents.


E-commerce ventures enjoy an impressive success rate currently in Dubai. The upside is that it costs way less money to start, and you don’t need to deal with taxation or rental charges. Made popular with the outbreak of the Covid-19 global pandemic, E-commerce is the model future of investment in Dubai.


Dubai is any investor’s dream location. With the perfect geographical location for easy access of import and export markets and favorable tax rates for high profit investment, Dubai is home to many local and foreign investors. The company startup and incorporation process is also quite affordable and speedy, especially when you work with our professional business consultants.

There are plenty of lucrative business opportunities in Dubai and the UAE in general, and it all boils down to your capital and your niche. Decent Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment strategizing and business management also count for successful establishment. You need to study trends, policies and cultures in the market before venturing to invest. It is also advisable to employ relevant and qualified consultancy services.