A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a Dental Clinic License in Dubai

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a Dental Clinic License in Dubai
A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a Dental Clinic License in Dubai

Working in Dubai as a clinical officer or medical practitioner is not easy, especially if you are a foreigner.  The medical field is so sensitive and the UAE authorities are always alert to ensure the field is only overwhelmed with professional and certified dentists. Therefore, as much as Dubai permits investors to open private health care in the country, you must possess a valid dental clinic license to carry out health care services in Dubai.

Dental Clinic Dubai
Dental Clinic Dubai

So, how do you get a professional dental clinic license in Dubai? If you are a qualified dentist in Dubai, the following are the steps to comply with to get a dental clinic license in Dubai;

  1. Open and register yourself in the Dubai Healthcare Authority official portal as a dentist
  2. Present relevant documents such as valid educational transcript, valid passport copy, Personal details, medical fitness test, and more
  3. Go through the DHA assessment to acquire a professional clinic license
  4. You’ll be presented with an eligibility letter if your assessment is successful

Therefore, if you are looking forward to opening a dental clinic or any private health care in Dubai, you must pass through the aforementioned steps to obtain your professional dental license.  However, Dubai has several PRO services providers willing to guide you in business legal matters in the UAE.

As a foreigner, it might be somehow demanding to master all the business legal requirements of another country. And so, you can always seek help from a professional business consultant to get your deal done.

Nonetheless, the UAE doesn’t permit anyone wishing to start a dental clinic to apply for a dental clinic license. Therefore, there are certain requirements you ought to adhere to, to be eligible for a professional dental license in Dubai.  Let’s find out;

Important Requirements to apply for a Dental Clinic License

Any dentist who longs to apply for a professional dental license in Dubai must hold the following;

  • Must have degrees in DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery), BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine), or a degree from any reputable school/college
  • For the UAE graduates, the program must be certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR).
  • The dentist is needed to have finished a one-year internship for their post-graduation
  • The applicant must hold a valid license accepted in their homeland or area of employment
  • The clinical certificate must state a minimum of 3 years course duration for clinical PhD

Additionally, to be recognized in your dentist field, you must fall under the following categories in DHA in Dubai;

  • Oral Medicine
  • Endodontics
  • Forensic Dentistry
  • Dental Radiology
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Prosthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Primary Care Dentistry
  • Orthodontics

Generally, to start a dental clinic in Dubai, the UAE authorities demand you should have a professional trading license. Thus, the DED, commonly known as the Department of Economic Development is the body responsible for issuing trade licenses in Dubai.

On top of that, the dental license offered must be certified by DHA, popularly known as Dubai Healthcare Authority. The DHA is the main organ in Dubai offering a valid license to specialists, resident doctors, interns, consultants, and general practitioners.  Having known that, how do you open a dental clinic in Dubai this year?

Let’s find out;

How to Open a Dental Clinic in Dubai?

Opening a dental clinic in Dubai is one of the hardest things ever to engage in.  However, if you are certain of your medical qualification, there is no need to worry. Simply, you must pass an assessment offered by the Dubai Healthcare Authority to confirm your medical competency.

Once you’ve done your DHA assessment you’ll be granted your professional dentist license in Dubai. These and other processes might be time-consuming and difficult to accomplish at the same time. Nonetheless, if in any case, you are a qualified dentist, the following are some of the simple steps to open your dental clinic in Dubai;

  1. Select the name of your dental clinic. This trade name will later be sent to the DED for verification
  2. As an investor, you’re then required to apply to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai to get an initial go-ahead to carry out your business activities
  3. Get a professional dental clinic for your business
  4. Register your business by preparing documents such as memorandum, lease agreement, and more.
  5. The last step is to be verified by the DED and DHA in Dubai. In this step, you’ll be required to submit relevant documents to the DED and DHA, a copy of your initial approval alongside some payment for registration of your company. After this entire process, the DED will issue the dental clinic license for your business.
  6. Apply for a DHA license on the DHA portal.

Therefore, after you’re done with the above process, investors are allowed to conduct their health-related business activities in Dubai.

How much does it cost to open a clinic in Dubai?

Generally, the cost of opening a clinic in Dubai ranges from 45,000 AED to 50,000 AED.

However, different factors such as site location, demographics, and the purpose of the healthcare unit might determine the cost of your healthcare business setup. Whichever the case, Dubai seems to be the best place to start a healthcare unit because of the following reasons;

  1. There is 100% ownership of your company
  2. The city comes with lots of facilities to help your healthcare business
  3. No custom duties of goods and services are present in Dubai
  4. You are free to collaborate with other bigger healthcare services in Dubai
  5. Dubai offers a tax-free business environment for investors

Final thoughts

Opening a dental clinic in Dubai requires extreme seriousness and plan. Therefore, before starting your healthcare business in Dubai, you must comply with the DED and DHA requirements. In fact, failure to pass the assessment offered by the DHA might forbid you to obtain a professional dental clinic license.

Nonetheless, worry less; you can contact Vigor Business Setup to help you with the entire process of obtaining your dental license in Dubai just in a few seconds.

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