How To Start a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai Like a Professional

How to Start a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai, UAE

Starting a medical equipment trading company in Dubai can be a great business opportunity. As one of the world’s most vibrant and prosperous cities, Dubai also wants to thrive in the medical and healthcare industry with the aim to provide the best hospitals and clinics for diagnosis and treatment facilities to their patients.
To make it possible and keep the standard high, Dubai needs top-notch quality medical equipment to be used in hospitals and clinics.
Such needs open doors for medical equipment trading businesses in Dubai and the UAE and encourage medical professionals to start medical equipment trading companies in Dubai, and all around the UAE.
To become a successful medical equipment trader in Dubai, you must have an in-depth knowledge of the local market, and business setup, understand the requirements for obtaining the necessary licenses in Dubai and develop relationships with trading medical suppliers and customers.
With careful planning and dedication, starting a medical equipment trading company in Dubai can be a profitable venture.
In this blog, we have covered everything you need to know about the medical equipment trading business in Dubai, UAE.

Why you should start a medical equipment trading company in Dubai, UAE? 

Since the outburst of the pandemic, the need for medical devices and medical equipment has surpassed all the previous records. Not only the hospitals and clinics are in need of quality medical equipment, but rather every household is now keeping a first aid toolkit in their home to deal with emergencies.
If you start your medical equipment trading company in Dubai, you are not only tapping into the most lucrative business rather, helping people by providing them with high-quality tools and equipment.
Beyond that, why you should open your medical trading company in Dubai, UAE, because Dubai is an international hub for trade, providing easy access to some of the world’s largest markets. Its developed infrastructure makes setting up and running a business much simpler than in other parts of the world.
And due to the strategic geographical location, there are no restrictions on imports or exports from Dubai. This means that any medical equipment trading company can take advantage of the commercial opportunities available in both regional and global markets.
Starting a medical equipment trading company in Dubai, UAE is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to enter this lucrative industry.

What are the documents required to launch a medical equipment trading company in Dubai? 

Launching a medical equipment trading company in Dubai requires a few documents.

  • You will need to register your business with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and obtain a trade license. Fill out the application provided by the DED to must register your medical equipment trading company in Dubai.
  • Write an authorized letter to the UAE ministry of health and prevention to get authorization for the import of the listed medical equipment and devices.
  • Create a detailed profile of your medical company including all your business activities of medicines trading and rest.
  • Must submit the list of the medical devices you want to manufacture or import to Dubai, UAE
  • Submit the manufacturing license of the company from whom you want to import the medical tools
  • Get a medical warehouse license which will be issued by MOHAP
  • Submit the license of the pharmacist who will be looking after the medical warehouse
  • Submit the trading license of the warehouse space you will be used for healthcare facilities.
  • If you have product minor variation certification, submit that
  • Include catalog and related information including pictures of each tool you will be importing in the invoice
  • Get product registration certification and good manufacturing certification also known as GMP
  • Lastly, submit the product quality check certificate to the UAE government to establish a medical equipment company in Dubai mainland as an LLC or any other zone of the UAE.

The procedure to start a medical equipment trading company in Dubai 

If you have decided to start a medical equipment trading company in Dubai, the process of obtaining a medical devices commercial license in Dubai can be quite a complex process, as there are several regulations and guidelines to comply with.
Working with Vigor business setup consultants can make the process of opening the medical equipment trading company easy. We will take care of all the essentials and obligatory regulations to make sure all goes smoothly.
Here is the process to follow to set up your medical equipment trading company in Dubai.

LLC formation

Before you start importing and distributing medical equipment in Dubai, you need to register your company as LLC at the department of economic development (DED). Where you will be asked to list down all your business activities and the nature of the business.
Once that is done, now you have to get your company registered with UAE customs to ship medical devices. They will give you an import and export code for use.
Then get your trade name approved by the DED.
Remember your trade name has to be different and comply with all the UAE’s authority name regulations.

MOH registration

For all the medical products or devices you are planning to distribute, get them registered with the ministry of health (MOH). After registering the medical products, you must follow the legal procedure to avoid any penalties or license cancellation. Keep all the clearances and approval along with you before setting up a medical equipment trading company in Dubai.

Local distribution agent

Collaborating with a UAE national local agent will help you as they will take all the responsibility of getting approvals from MOH and getting your medical equipment trading company in Dubai. So, you can easily carry out all the imports of the medical traded items.
The local agent will hold all the rights to the distribution of the equipment in Dubai and all around the UAE.
With all these steps taken care of, you can start trading medical equipment company in Dubai with confidence.

Medical equipment trading company in Dubai 

Getting medical equipment trading license in Dubai and starting a medical trading business in Dubai is quite easy. However, the paperwork required can be overwhelming for medical professionals who are not aware of UAE laws and regulations.
This is why working with leading business setup consultants like Vigor can help you a lot. Contact us now for more information or get to know the process of getting started with your medical equipment trading company in Dubai and the UAE.