Top Amazing Facts you didn’t know about DED Professional Trading License in UAE

DED Professional Trading License in UAE

DED professional trading license is one of the most important factors every start-up business investor in Dubai ought to consider. This license comes with lots of benefits, especially for the upcoming foreign investors in Dubai. So, if you want to execute your business activities both in social network accounts and online, then, DED professional license is what you are looking for. And, in this article, we’ve expounded more on the top amazing facts you didn’t know about this type of license in UAE.

In general, to get acquainted with DED professional trading license in UAE, the following are the most important items to deem fit;

  • What is a DED trader license?
  • How much does the DED trader license cost?
  • What is the difference between a trade license and a professional license?
  • How to get a DED professional license in UAE?
  • Who is eligible for DED professional license in Dubai?

So, primarily, you can get your DED trading license by visiting their website, That’s to means; this type of license is issued online. Thus, to get your DED trade license you can enter your details such as username, password, address details, your social accounts, and business activities on their website. However, if you have an account with you need not fill in all these details. 

And, so, DED provides different types of licenses in various businesses in the UAE. Therefore, if you are looking for a license for your trading activities, look for no other than a commercial type of business license. Similarly, an industrial license is issued to those companies dealing with manufacturing activities. And, for professional activities, go for a professional license. 

Above are the basic license types issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Nonetheless, in this post, we’ve nailed down the top facts about DED professional trading license in UAE which includes;

What is a DED trader license?

DED trader license is the type of license which aims at enabling new investors in Dubai to perform their business activities across a social network or online platforms. So, the main objective of the DED trader license is to direct upcoming investors to embrace the right business path for their company growth.

In the same vein, this type of license is issued to professional investors or any skilled individuals with a degree in a specific field. That means; DED trader license has got some policies to be adhered to before it is issued out to individual holders.

How much does the DED trader license cost?

First and foremost, a DED trader license is a license that can be acquired by a business individual living in Dubai. The license might be accompanied by the individual company’s trade name. 

So, you can obtain it via their website or in “Invest in Dubai” channels where you’ll be charged a fee of AED 1070. These fees include the innovation fee, license fees, and knowledge fees among others. On top of that, Dubai Chamber membership fees are ranging from AED 250-300.

What is the difference between a trade license and a professional license?

A trading license is far much different from a professional license. However, the majority of business start-ups don’t know where their differences emanate from. You’ll find people taking trading and confusing it with a professional trading license. And, so, here are their differences;

Professional license is typically issued to service providers such as craftsmen, professionals, artisans, and more. On the other hand, an industrial license is provided to companies that have confined themselves to manufacturing activities or industrial processes. Lastly, if your company has narrowed down itself to any kind of trading adventure, then you ought to apply for a commercial business license.

How to get a DED professional license in UAE?

Getting a DED professional trading license might seem daunting, especially to the new investors in town. Nonetheless, if you find any difficulties in applying or processing your valid documents for your license, you can always seek help from a professional business setup consultant in Dubai. 

They’re experts based in Dubai with various skills in the Dubai marketplace. And, so, a business setup consultant in Dubai can walk you through all the models to acquire your DED professional trading license.

However, if it is something you can do, then you must present your required documents for authentication. Also, the documents presented must be aligned with the nature of your business. 

So, here is a list of documents always needed when applying for a DED professional trading license;

  • The form of application
  • Copies of expatriates business proprietor/ passports
  • Emirate’s ID copies
  • Visit Visa copy

Therefore, to get a DED professional license in Dubai, you must pay a certain fee which also includes things such as local fees, professional license fees, service agent fees, authority cultural fees, market fees, and trade name fees. 

Having a DED professional trading license allows you to have full ownership of your business in the UAE. So, if you have a trade license you’ll be mandated to collaborate with the UAE nationals unlike possessing a professional license in Dubai.

Generally, the only thing you’ll require when having DED professional trading license is consent with a local service agent, who usually is paid yearly. But, you’ll still retain your business ownership. 

Who is eligible for DED professional license in Dubai?

Needless to say, every commercial business in UAE needs a trading license to operate in the Dubai marketplace. Thus, DED has devised a technique to separate and facilitate proper licensing options.

However, the most important thing is to select the trading that resonates with your business activities. So, if you have a company and possess certain skills, you’ll be termed as a professional in your business field. 

Thus, in Dubai, the following are the business and industries that need DED professional trading license;

  • Beauty salons
  • Accountants and Financial advisors
  • Healthcare and medical services
  • Advertising professionals
  • Management consultancies 
  • Entertainment artists
  • Information Technology Services 
  • Architectural Consultants
  • Accounting and Auditing Companies
  • Teachers and Educational professionals
  • Printing and Web Design Services 
  • Medical representatives
  • Business Consultants 
  • Lawyers and Legal Advisors

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DED professional trading license is a must-have license if you want to venture into the Dubai marketplace. This license comes with lots of merits that might help you in your business journey. However, you may find your business is not eligible for this type of business. Worry less; there are other trading licenses in Dubai you can take and jumpstart your business journey effortlessly.