How to Start A Cleaning Services in Dubai; 7 Steps you Must Know in 2022

How to open a cleaning company in Dubai
How to open a cleaning company in Dubai

Opening a business in the UAE is what every investor globally is looking for. However, it is not a no-brainer to jumpstart your business in Dubai if you’re not conversant with the legal laws governing the Start A Cleaning Services in Dubai marketplace. Similarly, the cost of opening a business in Dubai differs. Some are more costly, unlike others.

Therefore, if you want to open a low-cost business in Dubai, starting a cleaning company serves you well in the UAE. How do you open a cleaning company in Dubai, you might ask, right? Unlike other businesses set up in Dubai, starting a cleaning service is straightforward. Here are the seven steps to consider when opening a cleaning company in the UAE;

  1. Register your cleaning company by submitting visa copies and passport
  2. Choose the company structure
  3. Acquire the trade name or business name
  4. Link up with a local service agent and sign the LSA agreement
  5. Conduct a market research
  6. Select an appropriate business location
  7. Complete the documentation and acquire a trade license

The cleaning business is currently in demand in the UAE. Lots of UAE residents are looking for a cleaning company to help them with their home or household cleaning duties. So, opening a cleaning company in Dubai is a good idea and a profitable business as well. On top of that, cleaning services have a low starting capital; you need not have advanced cleaning gadgets and profound skills to start a cleaning company in Dubai.

Thus, if you want to start a pocket-friendly business in Dubai, look for no other but cleaning services.  However, sometimes you might need a connection in the UAE to get your cleaning business ablaze. But if you’re a foreigner and know nobody in the UAE, worry less; we’ve documented some of the main pointers to keep you abreast before starting a cleaning company in Dubai.

Let’s dive in;

The cost of opening a cleaning company in Dubai

Typically, the cost of starting a cleaning company in Dubai might cost you 11,999AED. In this regard, the price might differ depending on the geographical location of your business, the space of your business, and the business activities.

The cleaning business is competitive and highly in demand in Dubai. Simply, most of the UAE residents are working-class and barely find time to do household cleaning. Therefore, they prefer to hire a professional cleaner to carry out cleaning services on their behalf. And so, you can decide to book professional cleaning services every day or anytime you want their services.

Therefore, cleaning services might include hourly pay. The hourly pay may again be determined by the duration of the cleaning services required in a certain task. To understand more about the cleaning hourly pay, we’ve tabled everything. Check it out;

HoursAmount in (AED)









Cost of Cleaning Company License in Dubai

Having a business license in Dubai is a must-have document before opening your business. Generally, you can apply for your trade license in the Department of Economic Development dealing with license-related issues in the UAE.

However, you can obtain your cleaning license in the UAE under the Dubai Mainland.  This might cost you approximately AED 35000 to 45000 to get your professional cleaning company license to run your business without any issues with the UAE authorities.

What are the Different Types of Cleaning Services in Dubai

Now that you are well-versed with the cost involved in opening and acquiring your cleaning business license, you’d want to select a suitable genre in the cleaning service to venture in.  Therefore, there are different types of cleaning services you can opt to specialize in in Dubai. These include commercial, industrial and residential cleaning.

So, as per the genre you are in, Dubai permits you to apply for a business license that suits the need of your business. Read on to find out more about these types of cleaning services offered in Dubai.

Residential Cleaning Services

Residential cleaning services entail cleaning services done primarily in residential places such as bungalows, apartments, and villas.  The type of services offered in these residential places ranges from bedroom cleaning, kitchen, bathrooms, storerooms, and other places in the house.

Residential cleaning requires little advanced equipment to start. As long as you have some basic cleaning skills and a few products, you can open residential cleaning services and get money from cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning involves places such as hospitals, offices, retail stores, among others. This type of cleaning is a bit different from residential cleaning because it entails heavy-duty equipment and special cleaning.

Thus, if you are looking forward to opening a commercial cleaning company, go for a commercial license for your business.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Unlike commercial cleaning, this type of cleaning business will compel you to clean places such as warehouses, factories, and industrial buildings.  These places might have special and specific requirements and equipment needed to carry out cleaning activities in these respective places.

Similarly, you might be required to have industrial solvents, special cleaning machinery, specific cleaning supplies, and chemicals to execute your cleaning task.

Note; you are needed to apply for a trading license based on the type of cleaning services you are executing in the UAE.

That said; you are free to select commercial, industrial or residential cleaning services based on your interest and grow your business. Nonetheless, how do you start a cleaning company in Dubai?

Let’s find out;

How to Start A Cleaning Services in Dubai

How to Start A Cleaning Services in Dubai
How to Start A Cleaning Services in Dubai

How to A Start Cleaning Services in Dubai

If you’re longing to jumpstart your cleaning company in the UAE, continue reading to find out what you must do to enable your cleaning company to grow in the UAE;

Step 1; Register your cleaning company by submitting visa copies and passport

Registering your cleaning business will demand you submit some relevant documents such as copies of your passport and visas to the department in charge. However, some might encounter some problems when undergoing this process, worry less, we at Vigor Company Formation Services help clients achieve their success in their business setup.

You can reach out to us anytime in case you’re looking for help in your business journey.

Step 2; choose the company structure

This is another important step to consider after registering your cleaning company in Dubai.

And so, you can select a sole proprietorship, LLC, or a civil company depending on the type of cleaning business you’ve decided to embrace. These structures come with their pros and cons. Before deciding on which to choose, you can consult a professional business consultant in Dubai to walk you through.

Step 3; acquire the trade name or business name

Having a business name is mandatory in the UAE. In fact, the UAE authorities demand that you submit at least 3 trade names for approval. One of these business names will be approved by the UAE government and permit you to use it as per their guidelines.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using bombastic names when naming your business. Similarly, the use of the abbreviation is not recommended when selecting a business name for your cleaning company. So, use simple and easy-to-remember words as your trade name.

Step 4; Link up with a local service agent and sign the LSA agreement

Immediately your trade name is approved, you should endeavor to link up with a local service agent in Dubai and sign the LSA agreement.

You can as well craft and sign the MoA.

Step 5; Conduct a market research

Market research is an essential tool you must be well conversant with. Generally, market research will help you understand your target audience, the different services that are in demand in Dubai, and who your competitors are.

Similarly, you need to carry out research in long-distance areas as well. Conducting market research will help you map out whether to specialize in long-distance services or services within your area.

Step 6; Select an appropriate business location

Based on your preferred type of cleaning services, you ought to select a location that is near commercial centers, industrial, or apartments. For instance, if you are running a commercial cleaning company, your target audience ought to be hospitals, offices, and more. Therefore, you must select a location near these facilities.

Additionally, the UAE provides three business zones for business investors including offshore, mainland, and free zone. You can select your preferred location that aligns with the need of your business.

Step 7; complete the documentation and acquire a trade license

Once you are done with the aforementioned steps, complete the documentation and get your trade license. This will help you carry out all the business activities you so wish in the UAE.