Resident Visa UAE

Resident Visa UAE
Resident Visa UAE

The Resident Visa UAE is a permit that allows foreign people to live in this country for a long period.. Foreigners with the United Arab Emirates Visa can work, study, invest and enjoy all the privileges of living in this country. Read about how to get the Dubai resident visa, what it gives you, and other details in our latest article.

What Is Residency Visa In UAE?

If you are thinking about moving to UAE, you should know that Resident Visa in UAE is a permit that allows foreign people to live in this country for a long period. There are also residence visas based on your marriage, work, or family reasons, as well as permanent residency which allow people to become full-fledged citizens of UAE. The general rule is: it’s better if you know somebody living in UAE and ask them about their opinion about it first before applying for any permits.

Resident Visa UAE is divided into several types. There are student, family, investor, and work visas based on your preferences. It’s important to understand that each type of residence visa has its criteria and may not be available for everybody. For example, in case you want to live in Dubai on a residency visa based on your family reasons or marriage reasons, you must find an employer who will sponsor your application during your stay. If you wish to apply for a residency visa in Dubai as an ex-pat employee yourself, there are certain steps you need to take first such as applying for an employment license before being allowed by immigration authorities to get your residence visa.

How Many Years Is Resident Visa In UAE?

The length of your Resident Visa UAE depends on your nationality and length of stay 1-year visas are issued to tourists, 2-year visas are issued to investors or ex-pats working in UAE companies and 10-year visas are issued to retirees who can prove they have at least 800,000 AED roughly $225,000 in a bank account. If you want to live in Dubai permanently, you’ll need a certificate from your employer stating that they will sponsor you while your 10-year visa is valid. At renewal time after 5 years, you’ll need to get an employment letter that states that your employer will continue sponsoring you until you reach retirement age.

 The law states that, with one exception, you must be living in Dubai for at least 2 years to apply for an ownership certificate. The purpose of these certificates is to prove you are a legitimate resident and not a tourist passing through. However, there are certain situations where you can get an ownership certificate before that time frame has passed for example, if you purchase a Resident Visa UAE with the property through a company or as part of a business expansion program. To obtain one, bring your passport and address proof of utility bill, evidence of property purchase copy of sales contract, and a letter from your employer stating that they will sponsor your visa until you reach retirement age. Include any applicable residency fees when submitting your application.

How Can I Get Residency In UAE?

When applying for a Resident Visa UAE, you’ll need to provide evidence of your ability to sustain yourself financially. This is often an important requirement for applicants coming from lower-income countries, who must present evidence that they have enough funds available to continue supporting themselves if their application for a work visa or visit visa gets rejected. It’s also not uncommon for people wishing to live in UAE temporarily whether because they are studying abroad or are just visiting on holiday to be asked by immigration officials to demonstrate that they have sufficient income or sponsorship from third parties before being allowed entry into uae business visa. Having adequate financial resources will help with all kinds of visa applications, but it’s particularly important if you plan on immigrating and establishing permanent residency in UAE.

 The various categories of residency visas are available to those wishing to come to Live in UAE permanently. There are five main types of resident visas, visit visas, work visas, residence visas, tourist visas, and resident visas. Depending on your employment status and country of origin, you may be eligible for one or more of these resident visas. The most common type is a visit visa also referred to as a tourism or business visit visa which allows someone coming from abroad to enter the United Arab Emirates for a specified period on either a temporary or permanent basis. This type is commonly issued as an entrance permit for people coming from non-Arab nations such as France or Italy who wish to enter into UAE temporarily for pleasure activities such as tourism, business trips, and medical treatments.